Do you think that establishment Republicans are a failure when it comes to abortion?

Unfortunately, abortion is still legal in the United States of America, and babies are continually killed under the protection of United States law.

A part of the problem is that establishment Republicans have been a failure when it comes to illegalizing abortion.

Perhaps, establishment Republicans should not be trusted.  They appear to pander to liberals behind the backs of Republican voters.  Why else is there NO real progress on the issue of abortion.  Republican voters have waited over 30 years for some kind of legislation against abortion.

Look at the establishment Republicans failing to defund Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood makes girls who are 12 or 13 years old into social prostitutes, by handing out contraceptives and encouraging them to have sex.

And Planned Parenthood is supported with American citizens’ tax dollars.  In other words, your tax dollars support Planned Parenthood’s efforts to make your daughters into social prostitutes!

You are complicit in the guilt of the crime against God and crime against your daughters that Planned Parenthood commits, since you are allowing the United States government to use your tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood.

Can you really trust establishment Republicans?

See the trailer below for a very popular teenager movie, which stands against abortion, even in cases in which mother’s life is in danger.  This is the new generation of Americans who will rise and overtake the Babyboomer feminists, like Hillary Clinton….

Do you think that more people dying in Texas is a punishment from God?

Texas has a homosexual mayor in Houston, Texas, and Austin, Texas, the capital city of Texas is quickly becoming the gay capital of the South.

This shows that Texans have NOT done enough to fight homosexuality in the State of Texas.  Loving homosexuals is forbidden by the Word of God.

Homosexuals are not allowed to participate in the worship of Jesus Christ, because homosexuals will defile the Christian worship.

St. Paul pushes for excommunication of homosexuals.

The fact that some evangelical churches in Texas allows homosexuals to worship in the church angers God.

The important question that Texans must ask is:  Do Texans want to please God or please men?

If Texans want to please God, then Texans must illegalize homosexuality and push gays out of all positions of power and influence in the State of Texas by any means necessary to achieve this goal.

Also, Texan churches must attack secular feminism and the goal of the Planned Parenthood to make every girl in America promiscuous with sex at the age of 12 and make American girls into a type of social prostitutes.  Texan churches must verbally attack Planned Parenthood and other feminist associations that seek to push feminism and abortion in society.

It is important to please God, rather than men.

Has fanatical secular feminism entered into America’s Christian churches?

Unfortunately, the answer is “YES!”

There are some so-called Christian churches that support killing of babies, such as the United Methodist Church (UMC).  That is because the United Methodist Church (UMC) endorses abortion rights of women, because they ordain women as clergy (pastors).

The Bible clearly prohibits women clergy (ordained pastors), but the United Methodist Church (UMC) has been so influenced by fanatical, secular feminism that it ordains women as not only clergy (pastors) but also as bishops.  This is clearly wrong in light of the Holy Scriptures.

Not only that even the so-called evangelical seminaries have fallen before the feet of fanatical, secular feminism, and bow down to it as if it were a god.

Such idolatry is practiced by Fuller Theological Seminary, Calvin Theological Seminary, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, among other so-called evangelical seminaries.

America’s Christianity is in a great mess, because so-called evangelicals have capitulated to fanatical, secular feminism.

Some professors in Fuller Theological Seminary, Calvin Theological Seminary, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary support calling God the Father as “God the Mother”, saying that God does not have gender.  They ignore the Bible, which specifically tells us to God, “Abba Father”, and make up titles for God, according to the principles of secular feminism.

Obviously, you cannot trust professors of Fuller Theological Seminary, Calvin Theological Seminary, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary to be faithful to the Word of God.

These are tragic times for the United States of America and American Christianity, because so many so-called Christian theologians have compromised their Christian faith and bowed down to fanatical, secular feminism.  So many of so-called evangelical Christian pastors have given up the Holy Bible and embrace the world and love the world.

It is a great tragedy.

What is the worst thing to happen in the 2016 US Presidential Elections from the perspective of Christianity?

From the vantage point of Christianity, the very worst thing that can happen in the 2016 US Presidential Elections is for Hillary Clinton to become the United States President.

Hillary Clinton is an avowed and fanatic secular feminist.

Such fanatic secular feminism has led the country down the road of destruction.

These secular feminists want to teach 12 year old how to have sex and provide them with contraceptives, so that they can experiment with sex.  Obviously, Planned Parenthood has destroyed more women’s lives than all the wars that America has fought since the founding of the nation.  And Planned Parenthood and secular fanatic feminists, like Hillary Clinton, is the reason why so many of America’s women have gone away from Jesus Christ and Christianity.

If a fanatic secular feminist, like Hillary Clinton, is elected United States President, then you can bet that United States of America will descend more and more into chaos, debauchery, immorality, and destruction.

Hillary Clinton supports killing babies (abortion)!

Hillary Clinton supports homosexual life-style and legalizing all forms of homosexuality.

Hillary Clinton is a bad mother because she approved of her daughter marrying a non-Christian (a Jew).  A true Christian mother will not approve of her child marrying a non-Christian.

Fanatical secular feminism has fueled the rate of divorce in the United States of America and broke up many good families and brought much unhappiness to millions of American citizens.

All true Christians should not only pray that Hillary Clinton lose the elections, but they should also work hard to make sure the Hillary Clinton loses the Democratic primaries.

This is the first right step in bringing the Democratic Party back to Christian principles.  Why should the Democratic Party continue to be identified as the party that supports killing of babies and forces homosexuality onto American society?

The Democratic Party must be reformed and brought back to its Christian roots.

This must start with the overwhelming defeat of Hillary Clinton, who supports baby-killing (abortion) and gay marriage laws.

If Jesus Christ Himself prohibited divorce, why are so many Christians divorced?

It is unfortunate that America’s Christian churches have gone far away from God and the Bible.  Why do you think that the United States of America as a nation is in such a mess?

Churches are not doing what they are supposed to do!

One of the duties of Christian churches is to teach the Bible.

This is not being done in America’s churches, today, unfortunately.  Many Christian pastors do not teach the Word of God.  Rather, they try to say things that please people and the world.  They love the world too much, and that is a major problem.  They should love Jesus Christ, and NOT the world.

One of the reasons why so many Christians are divorced is that they do NOT know that it is wrong, because their pastor did not preach against divorce from the pulpit, like he should.

It is important for church youth groups and college groups to teach against divorce in Bible studies, and make sure that the church youth understand that divorce is NOT an option.

Jesus Christ Himself prohibited divorce, and this is a fundamental principle of the New Testament.

Divorced people should not be allowed to become leaders of the Body of Christ, which is the Christian church.  When divorced people become leaders of their church, this is a serious problem.

Christian parents must teach their children that it is absolutely wrong to become divorced.

For a Christian, divorce is worse than murder.  In other words, if you have a choice of getting a divorce and killing someone, you should not choose divorce.  Obviously, you should avoid both.  But divorce is a greater sin than murder, because Jesus Christ emphasized it so many times.

So divorced people can be forgiven of their sin, but they must know that their sin was greater than someone who committed first-degree murder, insofar as God (and the New Testament) is concerned.

You need to humble yourself before the New Testament.

Divorce bears the fruit of adultery, feminism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, and a myriad of evils.

No divorced person should be allowed to hold a position of leadership in a Christian church.



Did Jesus Christ ever fight racism during His ministry on earth?


Jesus Christ never fought racism during His ministry on earth.

In fact, Jesus Christ sided with the racists of His time and treated Samaritans as racially inferior people.

Jesus Christ used what would be considered today as racial slurs in calling Samaritans “dogs”.

Jesus Christ never fought racism in the New Testament and never taught His disciples to fight racism, even though racism was rampant in His society.

This shows that Jesus Christ does not want Christian churches to fight racism, today.

The biggest problem with churches in the United States and Canada is that they think that fighting racism is a part of their church mission.  This is not true.

If Jesus Christ as God wanted Christian churches to fight racism, then Jesus Christ would have emphasized that in the New Testament.  None of the early Christian churches fought racism, because they were faithful and true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fighting racism being centralized in a church is against the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Look at the problematic logic in below video that has led America away from God and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ:

The above logic (in the video) is against the Bible because God never calls racism “sin”, but this so-called Baptist pastor usurps the position of God and calls it “sin” as if he were God Himself.  This is the kind of pride and rewriting the Bible that some so-called evangelicals of today engage in.  And this is crime against God.  In other words, pastors like Rev. James C. Johnson are the problem of America’s Christianity.

Simply obey the Bible.  But some proud men like Rev. James C. Johnson are incapable of being humble and simply follow the Bible.  They feel the need to rewrite the Bible to be sanitized and acceptable for the world.  And that is not what God wants. God wants us to simply obey the Gospel, no matter how offensive it may be to the world and to your sensibilities.

If you go to a church that is more interested in fighting racism, rather than converting people of different religions to Christianity (which Jesus Christ did command!), then you are not going to a true church of Jesus Christ.  You should change your church and go to a church that is more faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Christian church should not be fighting racism.  That is not the mission of the Christian church.

The central mission of the Christian church is to convert Jews, Atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Kurds, and members of other religions to Christianity.  This is clearly stated in the Great Commission.



Is being a racist a sin?

The Bible never states:  “Thy shalt not be a racist”.

In fact, you can consider God a racist, if you see that God chose one race (Israel) to be the Chosen People.  The definition of racism is choosing one race as superior to other races.  God choosing Israel as the Chosen People is, by definition, racist.

You can see that Jesus Christ was a racist in the New Testament.

Jesus Christ says racist things such as calling a Samaritan woman a “dog”, which is clearly racist in nature.  Jesus Christ, in more than one occasion, seems to denigrate Samaritans as an inferior people.

If God fits the modern definition of “racist” and Jesus Christ fits the modern definition of “racist” as considering some races as inferior, then racism cannot be described as sin.

In other words, those who say that racism is a “SIN” are wrong and are not telling the truth, insofar as the Bible is concerned.

God is not opposed to the idea of a Chosen People or a superior race.

What the Bible opposes is hatred.  But one can think that one is superior as a race, without hating other races.

It is important not to put words into God’s mouth.  God never says that racism is sin.  So, you should not, as well!

Should I send my child to a Christian college?

These are perilous times for a true believer of Jesus Christ who want to follow the Word of God.

The United States of America as a government is continuing to issue national laws that oppose the Word of God, thereby (in effect) criminalizing Bible-believing Christians.

How Satan’s power came to dominate the United States of America as a government and the court system is understandable in light of the deviant ways America’s theologians have taken theological studies.

Queer Theology?

Feminist Theology?

Pro-Jewish/Pro-Islamic Theology?

There is absolutely no surprise why everything is so messed up in the United States of America, when you look at the chaos that pervades theologians of America.

In this light, the best thing to do is to make your child go to a college near your home and to tell your child to commute to college from home, every day.  Check up on your child to ensure that your child has joined a good Bible-believing campus Bible study group and has made some good Christian friends in college.  Make sure that your child is attending the college group at your church.

Obviously, you have to attend a Bible-believing church with your pastor having Bible studies geared toward college age young adults.  If your church does not have such a Bible study group, make sure that you ask your pastor to start one.

These are dangerous times spiritually to send your child away for college, secular or Christian.  Many college students engage in dangerous sexual activity, and many Christian youth fall away from the Christian faith, because they went away to college.

Christian parents must adjust parenting to the changing situations of the nation and the changing situations of college campus life.

Christian colleges often have professors who are not Christian at all.  In Christian colleges like Eastern (Baptist) College in Pennsylvania, there are homosexual professors. And the Bible professor, Prof. Tony Campolo, emphasize that churches should embrace homosexuality and homosexuals.

Do NOT waste your money sending your child to such a college, like Eastern College.  Not only will you be ruining your child, who will be brainwashed by someone who is clearly not a servant of Christ, you will in actually be paying tuition to lead your child away from the Bible.

In other words, you cannot trust Christian colleges in 2015-2016 America.

If you really want to send your child away to a Christian college, then do your homework. Call the college and ask the college’s official position on homosexuality and gay marriage.  Ask if there is even one homosexual professor.

Check out the names and publications of every one of the Bible professors.

Unless you are 100% sure that you can entrust the salvation of your child in the Christian college, do NOT send your child to that Christian college.

For instance, if a Christian college allow homosexual students to attend that college, then your child may experiment with homosexuality if your child falls into temptation with those homosexual students.

In other words, if you are going to send your child to a Christian college, make sure that that Christian college has zero tolerance for homosexuality and homosexuals.  In other words, the Christian college should expel any student who professes to be a homosexual. That is the only Christian college you can trust.

Zero tolerance for homosexuality is far more important than zero tolerance for cocaine/narcotics!

Are America’s Christian seminaries a great problem for America’s Christianity?

Christian seminaries are supposed to produce Christian clergy (preachers) who teach the Bible faithfully and lead the nation in the way of the Bible.

Unfortunately, in the United States of America, the majority of the seminaries have gone away from the Bible.  This is because seminary professors love the world more than they love the Bible.

Many Christian seminary professors have adopted feminism as their platform.  Unfortunately, many Christian seminary professors have accepted homosexuality and gay marriage.

These Christian seminary professors have become wise in their own eyes and think that they are wiser than Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Thus, many Christian seminaries in America endorse gay marriage and homosexuality as a way of life.  This is evident in Professor Tony Campolo of Eastern (Baptist) College in Pennsylvania.

They all start out in the right place, following the Bible.  Then, they veer off away from the Bible, saying that they have gay friends who caused them to change their views.  Some of them fall into secret gay life style, themselves, as the Senior Pastor of Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge, United Kingdom, has done.  Then, they go on to teach that God loves gay people.

Christian seminaries in the United States of America cannot be trusted, because they often mirror or follow the ways of the world (the direction of the world), instead of being the salt and light of the world.

Have you heard any Christian seminary stand against the Gay Marriage Law decision of the United States Supreme Court?

Even Christian colleges are following the ways of the world.  It is safer to send your children to a secular college near home, while having them stay in your home and attending your Bible-centered church, rather them sending them to a Christian college, like Eastern Baptist College, with Professor Tony Campolo in the Bible classes, teaching students to accept homosexuality in the church.,

Christians in America cannot trust America’s Christian seminaries, right now.  Think of these times as like the times of Martin Luther.  You would not be wrong if you assume that over 90% of America’s Christian seminaries have fallen into opposing the Bible, by following feminism, Queer Theology, embracing Judaism/Islam and denying exclusive salvation through the LORD Jesus Christ.

America needs to be right with God (The Holy Trinity).  Until this happens, there will be no peace.  There will be no security.  There will be no safety.  Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace.

Are America’s Theologians more harmful to America’s Christianity (than helpful)?


Look around you.

Look at the state that the country is in.

Look at the way that the United States Supreme Court is forcing all 50 US states to submit to gay marriage laws.

Do you think that these things would happen if the theologians in the country are following the Bible?

The situation you have in America is not different from the situation in Israel at the time of Isaiah and Jeremiah.  The nation’s theologians are serving Baal of today.

Just look at the conference papers being presented at the nation’s biggest theological conference:

Look at some of the sections.  These are “Biblical Scholars” teaching in America’s colleges and seminaries.

Can’t you see why America is in such a mess?

America’s theologians are not interested in following the Bible.  America’s theologians are the liberal force that is de-Christianizing the country, unfortunately.

In other words, America’s so-called Christian theologians are a central problem for America and America’s future.

These so-called American theologians aid and abet homosexuals and Muslims to gain power and ascendancy in the United States of America.

America’s theologians are no friend of the Joe-American who want to raise his family according to Christian value system and be free from Islamic terrorism.  America’s theologians are pushing intellectuals and politicians to embrace Islam and Judaism and homosexuals, thereby making America more and more vulnerable to terrorist attacks and de-Christianization.