Does it glorify God if you die trying to illegalize homosexuality?

The Holy Bible considers homosexuality as the greatest evil in the world.  In other words, homosexuality is more evil than intentional first-degree murder, rape, Grand Theft Auto, and any other crime that you can consider.

Just because an anti-Christian government says that it is okay to be gay and protects homosexuals, it does not mean that God approves of homosexuality.

God’s laws are not laws of human beings.  Human beings must submit to God.

Illegalizing homosexuality is the utmost priority in the United States of America, because God exists.  And God wants His Law enforced.

Is there anything worth giving up your life?

For true Christians, giving up life for Christ and His Glory (which is integrally related His Law) is worth donating one’s life for.

Will God forgive police officers who arrest anti-gay Christians in order to follow the US federal law and order from their police superiors?


Police officers in the United States of America better hope and pray that pro-gay marriage laws are overturned and homosexuality is illegalized.

Police officers follow orders.

What will you do if your superior officer orders you to arrest Christians who oppose homosexuality?

You know that you have to follow orders by your superior officer.

If you are a true Christian, then you must be willing to be fired from your job or be arrested yourself for refusing to arrest evangelical Christians who oppose homosexuality and call it “sin”.

The Bible wants homosexuality to be illegalized.  And as long as there are true Christians in the USA, there will be calls to illegalize homosexuality.

If Hillary Clinton becomes the US President, then police departments all over America will have to arrest a lot of true born-again Christians.

Every police officer in the USA should fight to make sure that Hillary Clinton will NOT be the US President.

You will be facing potentially going to eternal damnation in Hell, being fired from your job, or being arrested yourself, if Hillary Clinton becomes the US President.

It was the police who arrested Jesus Christ. Do you think the police men wanted to arrest Jesus?  They were just following orders.  They had wife and children to feed….

Should Hillary Clinton be in jail?

Hillary Clinton broke laws.  She is white.  She is wealthy.  That is why she is not in jail.

If a black man did 1% of what Hillary Clinton did, then he would be in jail.  Even if he did not do anything wrong, the black man (especially if the black man is poor) will be profiled and probably arrested (or shot dead).

It is unfair that Hillary Clinton can walk on water of American Law, whereas every black man in America are dunked to drown.

Hillary Clinton is a symbol of what is wrong with the American justice system!

Hillary Clinton represents what is wrong with America’s justice system.  White is right.  White wealth is absolutely right.  Black is wrong.  Black man is always wrong.

It is because people like Hillary Clinton are not punished and put in prison for breaking laws that shows every American – black or white – that America’s justice system is unfair and unjust.

Hillary Clinton’s “innocence” highlights the injustice against African-American men in the United States of America.

But God is fair.  God is just.



Will God punish me for every lie that I tell?


God will forgive you when you ask for forgiveness.  Saved by grace, you will not have to go to eternal damnation in Hell.  But you will be punished on earth for every lie that you tell and every sin that you commit.

God is just.  What does it mean?

That means that God punishes according to one’s actions.

Look at this Bible verse from Job 34:10-11:

“Therefore, listen to me, you men of understanding. Far be it from God to do wickedness, And from the Almighty to do wrong.  For He pays a man according to his work, And makes him find it according to his way.

Anyone who says that God does not punish (Christians) are lying to you or are ignorant of the Bible.  When is the last time that they read the Bible with a humble heart?  It is important to submit to God’s Word, whether you like what it says or not!

Is it fair for God to treat a good Christian woman who fought desire, peer pressure, and media bias in order to stay a virgin before marriage and a woman who slept around?

God may forgive the woman who slept around, and she may go to eternal life in heaven, but God who is fair and just will punish that woman on this earth according to the life she has lived.

She may have sexually transmitted disease.

She may not be able to bear children.

She may develop cancer.

She may have a car accident that makes her disabled.

God will find a way to bring fair and just punishment on this earth for what she has done.

God is fair.  God is just.

Was King David punished for his actions?

It is important to read the Bible and let the Bible speak to you.  Some preachers say that “God does not punish”.  This statement by some preachers is wrong in light of the Bible.  God does punish believers.  God punishes Christians.  This is clear from the history of King David.

King David committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband fight at the front of the line, increasing his likelihood of death.  Technically, King David did not murder him, himself.  King David just increased the likelihood of his adulterous lover’s husband dying in the battle by placing him at the front of the battle line.  Bathsheba’s husband was an officer in Israel’s army, so it is not strange for him to fight at the front of the battle lines.

However, because King David’s intention was to have him killed in war.  Such is an adulterous heart.  King David coveted Bathsheba, another man’s wife, and he acted with an evil heart to get what he wanted.

Obviously, in regards to Bathsheba, King David did physically commit adultery with Bathsheba, thereby breaking the letter of the law (and not only the intent).

Did God punish King David?

Yes.  King David’s baby with Bathsheba died, and the Bible shows that this was the punishment by God.  God could have taken King David’s life, but for many parents, it is far more painful to live with the memory of the death of their child than to die themselves.

God did punish King David.

Did God forgive King David?


The Bible says that God forgave King David and even said that King David had a pure heart.

For every sin that you commit on this earth, you will be punished according to your sin, even if God forgives you for that sin.  There is always consequences for sin on this earth.

You may go to heaven, because God forgives sins, but you will suffer on this earth for your sin.  The history of King David as recorded in the Bible is a concrete proof of this Bible Truth.

This Bible Truth is found all over the Bible from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelations.  So, think twice before committing your next sin.  You will be punished on this earth and suffer for your sin, even if you go to heaven after being forgiven of that sin.

Greater the sin, greater the punishment.  God punishes according to the (evil) degree of the sin on this earth, even after He forgives you and allows you to go to Heaven.

God is just.  God is fair.

Is it wrong to allow abortion to be legal when you personally think it is murder?

Abortion is either murder or it is not.  It cannot be both.

Abortion is murder.  Abortion is killing babies.

Killing babies cannot be “human rights”.  But unfortunately, many people in the United States of America throw the words “human rights” around for all kinds of things, which really have nothing to do with “human rights”.

Abortion is killing of babies.  Abortion is murder.  Abortion is not human rights.

There are people, even politicians, who say, “I believe abortion is murder, but I don’t want to illegalize it.”

Sometimes, women politicians (even Republicans) do not want to illegalize abortion, because they themselves had abortion before or because they are weak, due to influence by secular feminism.

But true Christian women must support illegalization of abortion because it is murder.  You cannot justify killing of babies with the phrase, “human rights for women”.  Is it okay for women to kill babies because they committed the sin of adultery and had sex before marriage?

If you use that argument, society’s crime rates will proliferate.

And that is what is happening.  Crime rates are rising in the USA.  When people throw around words like “human rights” to justify abortion (killing babies), then that sets a bad example for society.  Others can justify murder for their own reasons in their mind. This is wrong.

It is important to illegalize abortion by law.

Unfortunately, there are women in America, who want to continue to have sex outside of marriage and want to have the option of killing the “unwanted” baby, so that they can have more sex outside of marriage with multiple sex partners.  They call it, “reproductive rights.”

Murder is murder.

Just because you don’t want your own baby, it does not give you the right to kill your own baby.  The daughter that you have now could have been killed by you, if it were inconvenient for your sex life.  How can you face your daughter and say, “I want to have abortion and protect my own reproductive rights”?

A woman who wants to kill her own child has a mental health issue (mental problems).  A woman who kills her child through abortion is capable of killing her children, given the “stressors”.  Women who kill their own children through abortion should be examined for mental illness.

Is the coup attempt in Turkey proof that ISIS is expanding its influence?

It can happen to any country.  Coup attempt.

After all, the United States of America was created through the American Revolution, which was a type of coup against the civil authorities (government authorities) at that time, which was England.

Coup can happen in any country.

But with Turkey, there is something different.  ISIS has given its 5 year plan of expansion that includes parts of Europe.  What happened in Turkey could mean that ISIS has made contact with Turkey’s military leaders, who are sympathetic to ISIS cause.

After all, if Muslim civilians can be radicalized to support ISIS, then Muslim soldiers and military officers can be, too.

For Christians, events in the world point to the prophecies in the Bible.  Which parts of current events are fulfilling which parts of the prophecies in the Bible?


Is liberalism to be blamed for today’s Islamic terrorist attack in Nice, France?

Liberals want to believe that all human beings fundamentally want to do good.  Liberals, therefore, deceive themselves into believing that only those with mental illness can do evil.

Christianity teaches that all (everyone!) is born with original sin, and that is why everyone needs to accept Jesus Christ to be their personal Savior to be saved from sin and evil.

Unfortunately, in France, liberalism is ruling, and that is why Islamic terrorism keeps happening in France.

This explains why terrorism keeps happening in France.  Permissiveness proliferates Islam in France.  Proliferation of Islam necessarily proliferates Islamic terrorism.  Jihad is a fundamental part of Islamic history and is an integral part of mainstream Islam, as the history shows.

Both converts to Islam and Muslim residents (legal immigrants, refugees, illegal Muslim immigrants) pose a threat to the security of France and Europe.

You cannot secure a Christian nation when you encourage proliferation of Islam in that nation.  It is important to illegalize Muslim immigration in order to protect Christians in the country from Islamic Jihad.  US Congress needs to be brave and protect US citizens, or what is happening in France will happen in the United States of America in the future.


Did God punish Israel when God allowed the Babylonians to destroy the country of Israel?

“Therefore thus says the LORD concerning Jehoiakim king of Judah, ‘He shall have no one to sit on the throne of David, and his dead body shall be cast out to the heat of the day and the frost of the night.   I will also punish him and his descendants and his servants for their iniquity, and I will bring on them and the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the men of Judah all the calamity that I have declared to them– but they did not listen.””

Jeremiah 36:30-31 is clear.  God punishes believers when they sin.  And that punishment is some horror in this world in this life time.  God punishes on earth for the sins committed on earth.

Of course, all who do not accept Jesus Christ as personal LORD God and Savior will go to eternal damnation in Hell, where there will be eternal torture planned by God for all who go to Hell.

Any so-called evangelical preacher who says that God does not punish believers (Christians) on this earth is a liar and speaks against the Word of God.

Unfortunately, many so-called evangelical preachers have gone away from God and hold onto HUMAN THEOLOGY.

See how wrong Tony Campolo is?  Tony Sampolo, who calls himself an evangelical, is completely wrong.  God does punish for sins on this earth.  The Bible is clear on this point.  It is a tragedy of America’s Christianity that so many so-called evangelical preachers have gone away from the Bible and followed HUMAN THEOLOGY that leads them against the Bible.

Is hating someone the same as killing someone?

Sins are not the same.  Some sins are greater than other sins.

And God punishes sins, according to their level of “evil”.

Killing someone is NOT the same as hating someone.  Both are sin, but they are NOT the same.  God punishes differently for those sins.

Bible clearly emphasizes that sins are different in the way God punishes for them.  Romans 2:5-6 declares:

“But because of your hard and unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of wrath, when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed.  God will repay each one according to his deeds.

The video above shows that there is a lot of wrong teaching in America’s evangelical churches.  For some reason, some evangelical preachers have gone away from the Bible using HUMAN THEOLOGY.  God’s Word trumps every human theology.

Dangers of human theology….

The Word of God is clear.  God will punish or bless based on a person’s actions/decisions.  And each person will be punished based on the degree of “evil” of each sin.

Hating someone will not be punished in the same way as killing someone.

All sins have different degrees of liability for punishment. God who is just will punish each person differently based on what he or she has done.

And God will punish or bless on this earth based on what a person has done in this world.

Obviously, all those who do not accept Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior will go to eternal punishment in Hell.   But there is punishment on this earth for sins.

Each will be punished for his or her own actions, based on the different degree of the “evil”.

Anyone who teaches that all sin are the same are going against the Word of God.