Should Democrats vote against the Democratic Party to protect American citizens?


Every Democrat should vote against the Democratic Party on local, state, and federal levels, because the Democratic Party wants to hurt American citizens by protecting and promoting illegals.

Illegal immigrants are hurting current US citizens by sapping their resources.  That is what more and more Americans are becoming poor, every day.  You know a relative or a friend, who has lost a job or a house.  That’s what happens when 11,000,000 people sap resources (jobs, healthcare, social services)  from America and require increasing of taxes.

The future of American citizens will be bleak because illegal immigrants are sapping American resources.  Illegals must be deported, because legalizing them will encourage more illegal immigration.  Also, Law-Breaking should not be rewarded.  Giving citizens to illegals is rewarding law-breaking.

Illegals should be deported and legal immigration should be encouraged.

Deporting 11,000,000 illegals is social justice, because this will help 47,000,000 Americans who do not have adequate jobs.  Do the simple math.  11,000,000 illegals are holding jobs illegally – jobs that poor people can have.

If 11,000,000 illegals are deported immediately, then the number of 47,000,000 Americans under the poverty line will decrease to 36,000,000.

Helping poor American citizens is social justice.  Deporting illegals is important because it is providing social justice to American citizens who do not have jobs.  They can’t fight for themselves.  It is the responsibility of the US government, the state government, and the city government to fight for the rights of US citizens by using police and US military to expel illegals back to their own countries.

This is a very important part of social justice for the poor US citizens.

It is important for every Democrat to vote against the Democratic Party to protest the policies of the Democratic Party to promote illegal immigration by naturalizing illegals.

Justice demands that illegals be moved.  This is fairness for US citizens.  US citizens should be treated with fairness.

Currently, US government is being unfair to US citizens.

Anger against the US government among Democrats and Republicans is rising, because US government is being unfair to American citizens.  US government under the Democratic Party has allowed 11,000,000 illegals to sap from US taxes.  Every sector.  Public Transportation.  Health Care.  Social Services.  Education. Employment.  Jobs.  Etc.

The righteous anger of American citizens will continue to grow and grow unless the US government (state government or city government) does the right thing and seek out and deport illegals, thereby discouraging further illegal immigration.  This is the right thing to do under the eyes of God.

Americans should vote every Democratic politician out of office in order to restore America’s finances, social services, stronger education system, stronger economic system, stronger healthcare programs, etc.

11,000,000 plus illegals must be deported, but Democratic Party politicians want to give them citizenship and advertise:  “Come to our country illegally and sap our financial resources, and we will reward you by giving you citizenship!”


Should Christians revolt against the US government to push out illegal immigrants?


Christians should be concerned about the rising poverty level in the USA.  Illegal immigrants use public services paid for by taxes by US citizens.  When a size of a small country (11,000,000 or more) are in the USA without visa (which is a control mechanism to make sure that a country is not overextended or does not have money to pay for services), then the country’s US citizens will go toward poverty, since the country will start taxing more to cover the costs of 11,000,000 illegals sapping every service from public transportation to healthcare services.

It is an essential part of Christian duty to make sure that the country acts justly and fairly vis-a-vis the citizens.  Allowing US citizens to be hurt, every day, by illegals sapping the resources needed for US citizens is morally wrong.

Every Christian must push their local, state, and national elected officials to use police and US military to push out illegal immigrants who have home countries.  They can go back to their home countries and use the resources that are there for their citizens.

US citizens should not become victims of US government-sponsored theft, perpetrated through illegal immigrants.

There are corrupt US politicians who will take bribes and other “kick-backs” to protect illegal immigrants.

It is a Christian duty to push the US government, the state government, the city government, the town government to push out illegal immigrants, using the police and US military.

Every day that over 11,000,000 illegals are here in the USA, illegally, your child will lose his or her opportunity for services and opportunities.

The reason that SNAP and Social Security and city pension funds are being cut, as well as other public services for the poor are being reduced, is due to the fact that the Democratic Party protect illegal immigration and acts unfairly vis-a-vis American citizens.

Why should a poor family of five, whose parents lost their jobs to illegals, receive less SNAP and government assistance, because 11,000,000 illegals sap from government programs that they should not be?

African-American suffering is being increased because of 11,000,000 illegals.  And this is wrong.

Should illegal immigrants be deported immediately, from a Christian perspective?


God wants law-abiding, unless the national law goes against God’s Law.

Illegal immigrants are breaking the law by being in the USA without permission.  This is morally wrong.  It is like stealing.

(1) Illegal immigrants steal jobs that American citizens can have.  There are fake ID’s that illegals can use.  A part of the reason why there is so much joblessness among African-American males is that there are more than 11,000,000 illegals taking their jobs.

(2) Illegals are stealing from American citizens who pay taxes, since taxes pay for public services that illegals use without paying taxes.  Stealing is morally wrong.  Illegals are stealing every day just by being in the USA and using American resources, such as public transportation, without visa or citizenship.  US public transportation is subsidized by the USA citizens.  Illegals do not have permission to be in the USA and do not have permission to use subsidized US public transportation.

It is the morally right thing to do to deport illegals, immediately, by using US military and US police forces.

One day that illegals are in the USA costs American tax payers more than 100,000,000 dollars (per day!).

It is irresponsible of US government not to help American citizens economically by deporting, illegally.


Are 1.3 million Americans dying of cancer, every year, because of their sins?


There are a few exceptions, but the exceptions prove the rule.

If you have cancer now and are suffering for it, then you should quietly ask yourself in the presence of your God what you have done wrong to be punished by God.

God can cause your cell to develop abnormally to be cancerous when you are adamant about opposing God or your sin is serious.  God will give you cancer, even if God forgives you for the serious sin.  God is fair.  If you have adultery but the Christian who sits next to you at church does not, then it is fair that God gives you punishment that shows that God is fair.  You must distinguish between eternal punishment and punishment on earth.  Adam and Eve went to Heaven because they are believers, but they were cast out  of the Garden of Eden and made to suffer on Earth and get physically sick and experience physical death because they ate something that God told them not to eat.  Simple as that.  God punishes on earth, even though God may let you into Heaven because of your repentance.

Examples of sins for which you could get cancer as God’s punishment for your sin:

(1) Adultery (having sex with someone who you are not married to)

(2) Having had abortion (killing your unborn child)

(3) Supporting or tolerating homosexuality in society, by voting for politicians who have open platform of supporting pro-gay marriage laws.

Etc. Etc.

God punishes believers for their sins.  This is clear in the Bible.

Even if God forgives you for your sin and you go to eternal life in Heaven, you will suffer on earth for every single sin that you commit.

God is fair to those who keep God’s Word.  God is fair to those who go against God’s Word.  God is fair.  God is just.

If you have cancer, you should quietly reflect before God what sin you committed to be punished with cancer.  If you did not repent, then you should.  But you should know that despite the fact that God will forgive you for your sin when you repent, even if you may go to eternal life in Heaven, you WILL suffer on this earth for sins you committed.

God is fair to those who uphold God’s Law.  God is fair to those who oppose God’s Law.  God is fair.  God is just.



Is opposing the Death Penalty standing against God of the Bible?


Anyone who opposes the Death Penalty (Capital Punishment) stands against God of the Bible.  And the Holy God of the Bible will punish those people who stand against the Word of God, which orders the Death Penalty for crimes, such as homosexuality.

In other words, anyone who opposes the Death Penalty not only stands against the Bible but against God Himself.

Does God forbid the Death Penalty?


The Holy Bible is clear that God demands the Death Penalty for crimes, such as homosexuality.

God’s justice is fair.  God is just.

It is important to submit to God’s Law.

It is important to humble oneself before the foot of the cross and the Word of God.

When believers do not submit to the Word of God and carry out the justice of God in the way that God demands, then God destroys those believers’ nation.

This is found in the prophecies of Jeremiah and Isaiah.

God has revealed Himself through the Bible.  This is how God wants to be known in the world.

God is fair.  God is just.

Is the earthquake in Italy punishment by God because the Vatican is not standing aggressively against homosexuality?

Earthquake is an Act of God.

God will punish nations that are not aggressively anti-homosexuality.

Because the Vatican is not aggressively anti-homosexuality, God punishes Italy with earthquake that kills many people.

God will continue to enforce His Law.

Compliance to God’s Law will be rewarded.  Rejection of God’s Law will be punished by God.

God is Who He Is.

Is America losing its Economic Power a result of Punishment from God?


America’s support of homosexuals and transgender people is why God is punishing America by taking away America’s Economic Power.

All blessings come from God.

God can take wealth away from nations, states, cities, towns, villages, families, individuals.

God always punishes nations for going away from God’s Law.

God’s Law is for all nations.  God’s morality is for all nations.

Nations that abide by God’s Law (such as killing homosexuals through capital punishment of state-sponsored court system and national laws) are blessed by God.

Nations that tolerate and promote homosexuality are punished by God.

America is being punished by God for tolerating and promoting homosexuality.

God is just.  God is fair.

God gave the Holy Bible as a guide for nations to follow.

Does the Bible show that God punishes believers for sin on this earth?


Because Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they were caused to suffer and experience death on this earth.  Read the Book of Genesis.

This is the fundamental characteristic of God.

God is God who punishes believers for every sin that they commit on this earth.

Bible is very clear on this point.

Book of Exodus clearly shows this essential character of God that is same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  God is God who punishes believers who sin ON THIS EARTH!

When Israelites (who had been delivered from the bondage in Egypt!) sinned against God, God punished them on this earth!

This is who God is.

Thus, you can be absolutely positive that for every sin that you commit, you will be punished on this earth.

How will God punish you?

(1) Physical Suffering, such as illness, disease, heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc.

(2) Emotional Suffering, such as depression, mood swings, memories that bring you pain all of sudden, etc.

(3) Mental Suffering, such as mental illness, deprivation of mental abilities, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, etc.

(4) Accidents, such as car accidents, falling down the stairs, falling from bed, etc.

(5) Death of loved ones, such as God taking your child way before her time, because of your sins.  Sins of the fathers shall visit the children, as the Good Book states.

God’s Word is clear that God is God who punishes believers for EVERY sin that they commit.  You will suffer for every sin you commit, even if God will allow you to go to Heaven because of your repentance.

Every illness should be treated seriously as an Act of God to chastise you for your sin and bring you to repentance.



Will God give cancer to people who oppose God’s Law?

God punishes on earth those who oppose God’s Law.

There is punishment on earth.

God is fair.  God is just.  God punishes and rewards on earth according to the actions of each person.

Cancer is one way God can punish people on earth for opposing God’s Law.

Anyone can get cancer, because cancer is simply abnormal development of normal cells.

When people do not follow God’s Law, God can cause your cells that are in your body to develop, abnormally.

Cancer (except for few exceptions) is punishment by God.

If you have cancer, ask yourself what you have done wrong to get cancer.

God is just.  God is fair.

God controls the cancer cells in your own body.  There is a reason why God gave you cancer.