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Jesus Christ taught His disciples about evangelism and Christian missions. In the 21st Century America, are we following Jesus Christ or creating our own ideas that are contrary to the instructions of Jesus Christ?

Should Christians fight for a pro-Gay country?

It is important that Christians in America not lose by default.  Do NOT relinquish power to the atheists, Jews, Muslims, or secular people!

It is important for Christians to hold onto power by any means necessary.  Voting.  Intimidation of opponents (to Christianity).  Hiring private investigators to dig dirt up on the opposition in order to destroy them politically.

By any means necessary, Christians must hold onto power and increase their power – not for their own sake but for the sake of Christ.

Why should Christ and the Bible be trampled underfoot by atheists, Jews, Muslims, and secular people?

That’s exactly what will happen if you allow it to happen.  People want power, and they are going to take it, if you let them.

It is up to the Christian majority in America to hold onto power and to increase the power of the Christian majority.  It is important for Christians to use power to make America more Christian.  It is important for Christians to use power to make the US Military more overtly Christian.  It is important to use power to make American laws submit to the Holy Bible.

It is up to the Christian majority to safeguard Christian America.

In this regard, Christians must make sure that America does not become pro-Gay.  Any pro-Gay laws or trends must be subverted and changed for the glory of God!

Should we share the Gospel with gay people?


God commands excommunication of gay people from church.

This means forbidding homosexuals from entering church or taking part in worship service.

God does not want gay people worshiping God or hearing God’s Word in church.

God does want God’s Word shared with gay people.

Romans 1 is clear that homosexuality is not only a crime but is, in fact, God’s judgment as well.

It is forbidden in the Bible to share the Gospel with homosexuals.

Why is it important for Christian children to join ROTC programs in college?

It is important for Christians to be an integral and active part of the power structures in every country for the sake of pushing the glory of Christ in that society.

An evil ruler can destroy the integrity of the Word of God for the whole country.  To ensure this from not happening, Christians should strive to be leaders of their country.  It is the duty of every Christian to glorify God and protect the Christian faith from enemies within and enemies without.

ROTC programs in colleges train officers (leaders) in the US Military.  US Military is an important power structure that must be occupied by Bible-believing Christians.

It is the duty of true Christian churches that serve Jesus Christ as LORD and King to ensure that at least 10 per cent of their youth group members will become officers in the US military.  US military is an important power structure in the USA.


Is Trump winning a large number of evangelical vote normal?

Yes, evangelical Christians are fed up with the Republican Establishment (RE) that teach tolerance of homosexuals and tolerance of Islam.

What many evangelical Christians in America want is protecting America’s cultural values, which are Christian values and Christian heritage.

America’s Christians are sick of liberal media and liberal academics trying to force Christianity out of America’s public sphere and America’s government.

Government is for the people and by the people.  And the majority of the American people are Christians.  So, evangelical Christians do not want Establishment Republicans (ER) who want to minimize Christianity in America.

Trump is not winning by accident.  America’s evangelical Christians like the fact that Trump attacks Islam and want to bar Islamic immigration.

America’s evangelical Christians agree with Donald Trump’s attack of Islam, and that is why they are voting for Trump.

Pro-Islam Jeb Bush had no chance with the American people, because pro-Islamic establishment does not understand the hatred the American people have for Islam.

Jeb Bush should have listened to the people and opposed Islam, like Trump did, then he might have become the president.

The American people do not want a pro-Islamic person as their president.  Trump’s victory is a clear proof of this.

What is it about Massachusetts educational system that produces mass murderers like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was one of the two Boston Marathon Bombing Terrorists, and he is a product of the public school system of Massachusetts.

What is it about the public school system, which seems to produce heartless, mass murderers in their early twenties?  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was born in 1993.  At the time of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was 20 years old, just like the age of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass-murderer.

Coincidence?  Or a pattern?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is described by his high school classmates as nice and friendly.

Something must have been wrong (inside) for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to do what he did.  What was it?

It is the anti-Christian ethos of the American public school system that must be blamed for producing mass-murders and heartless killers.

It is liberalism and the liberal values of the Democratic Party that supports killing of babies through abortion that is creating killers on massive scale.

What kind of people is your public school system producing in your neighborhood?  What can you expect in the next five years or ten years?


Should rich Christians use their money to advance the Kingdom of Christ in business and politics?

Money comes from God.

God gives and God takes away.  Thanks be to God.

Job experienced loss of billions of his money, death of his children, betrayal of his faithful wife, because God decided to give Satan the permission to take away.

God gives and God takes away.

If rich Christians in America do not use their money to get homosexuals fired from CEO, CFO, or management jobs in companies that they own, then God will take the wealth of these Christians away or/and punish their children and/or give them health problems and misery.

God is in complete control of the world and health of every human being.

It is important for rich Christians to use their money to advance the morality of the Bible on earth and fight that which God hates, such as homosexuality and gay marriage laws.

Money must be used to advance God’s Kingdom on earth.

It is important to get all the gay managers, including upper management, fired by using creative techniques.  Rich Christians can hire detectives to dig dirt on the gay managers and use it as leverage to get them fired, for instance.

It is important to punish politicians (by voting them out!) when they oppose Bible morality.

Does Saudi Arabia’s Objections to 9/11 Law Show Solidarity of Islam?

Saudi Arabia thinks that they can control the American people and intimidate and threaten the American Republic by flexing their Muslim muscles.

Unfortunately, many of America’s politicians are corrupt and take Muslim money and promote Islam in the United States of America.

Both Republicans (Bush) and Democrats (Obama) want to protect Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Establishment.  This shows that there is a serious problem in the United States of America with Establishment Power (EP).

It is important to vote out every Establishment politician, whether they are Republican or Democrat.

America will never ever be secure as long as pro-Muslim Establishment remains in power at the local, state, and federal levels.

You need to vote out every politician in your city (New York City, for example) who is soft on Islam.  You need to vote out any politician in your state (Senator or House of Representative member) who is soft on Islam.  You must vote for a politician who will stand against Islam (like Trump).  There is wide-spread corruption in the US federal government that seeks to protect the Muslim Establishment and this is endangering the lives of every US citizen.

Money corrupts people.  Just read through the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Amos and see how Israel was corrupted by money.

Should taxes be used to provide Christian culture for children of USA?


In a democracy, the majority rules.  The majority of American citizens are Christians.  African-American Christians.  Hispanic Christians. Asian Christians.  Asian Christians.  Christians of all ethnicity and backgrounds.

Thus, taxes paid to the US government should be used to maintain and promote Christian culture in the United States of America.

Democracy is that the majority rules.

People have the power.  People should rule.  Not a few elitist politicians who keep using the excuse of “separation of church and state” to disenfranchise the majority of the American people, who are Christians.  The Founding Fathers never intended for Christianity to be disenfranchised and destroyed by the US government.  This is clear in the Christian language that each of the Founding Fathers used.

It is important for Christians in the USA, who are the majority, to assert their right to direct US government and US policies.

Christians in America must take back the power that was stolen by corrupt politicians bent on de-Christianizing America.

Christians only have to worry about after-life, right?


God gives disease and illness as punishment for sins committed on earth.

The Holy Bible clearly shows that even though God forgave King David for his sins of committing adultery with Bathsheba, his son (love child) was killed by God as divine punishment.

Also, God took peace away from King David and allowed his son to rise up against him, so that even though King David was king, he had to run from the law.  King David feared for his life as he ran.

God punishes on this earth for the sins you commit on this earth, even though you are forgiven for your sins.

God is fair.  God is just.  God always punishes for sin, even though He forgives you for them.

Otherwise, God will not be fair.

If a girl remains a virgin all her life until marriage and has sex only with her husband until she dies, it would be unfair for her if God does not punish women who have lots of pre-marital sex, even though God will forgive them for their sins.

God forgives, but every sin will be punished on this earth by God.  God is just, and God will give the punishment He sees fit.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of wrong teachings there that is not based on the Bible.  See the video below:

This is a good example of a lot of human thoughts to change the literal meaning of the Bible.  Human ideology (theology) trying to make things sound logical, unfortunately, often go away from the Bible.

Bible says that God punishes for sin, and the Bible is right.

No amount of human mumble-jumble will change that.


Should the US Congress pass laws to prohibit US companies from going overseas?

US companies are firing American citizens in factories located in the United States of America and relocating those jobs to foreign countries like China and India.

It is lack of protection of American citizens by the US government that is increasing poverty in the United States.

There is always cause and effect.

American citizens do not lose jobs or become poor in a vacuum.

US government has failed to do what they should do?


Senators and US Representatives receive bribes and kick-backs from countries like India and China for allowing US jobs to go abroad.

Obviously, from a Christian theological perspective, each country has a duty to make sure that their citizens do not go hungry, jobless, and homeless.

Since the US government is going away from the Bible and Bible principles, US citizens are beginning to see what that means in economic means.

Bible is the truth, and the truth shall set you free.