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Jesus the Radical interacted with the world around Him and commented on topics related to society. Here, you can find helpful insight into Jesus Christ’s vision for a good society.

Are there examples of God allowing Muslims to destroy Christian cities?


God of the Holy Bible allowed Christian city of Constantinople to fall into Muslim hands.

In other words, there was a historical precedent of God of the Holy Bible allowing a major Christian city to be defeated by Islamic conquest.

God is always in control.

God wanted Constantinople to fall into the hands of Muslims and that is why it happened.


Because Christians in that city had gone away from the Bible…..

Bible says that God is a jealous God….just read the Bible.


Will God protect Europe’s Christians from Islamic terrorism?


God did not protect Europe’s Christians from Islamic Conquest during the Middle Ages.

God allows Heathen powers to conquer Christian nations, when Christians are not faithful to the Holy Bible.

Europe’s tolerance of homosexuality means that God will not protect Europe’s Christians from conquest.

Road to peace is found only in Christ.  Europe’s Christians must repent and submit to the authority of the Word of God and illegalize homosexuality.

Should the US Congress pass laws to prohibit US companies from going overseas?

US companies are firing American citizens in factories located in the United States of America and relocating those jobs to foreign countries like China and India.

It is lack of protection of American citizens by the US government that is increasing poverty in the United States.

There is always cause and effect.

American citizens do not lose jobs or become poor in a vacuum.

US government has failed to do what they should do?


Senators and US Representatives receive bribes and kick-backs from countries like India and China for allowing US jobs to go abroad.

Obviously, from a Christian theological perspective, each country has a duty to make sure that their citizens do not go hungry, jobless, and homeless.

Since the US government is going away from the Bible and Bible principles, US citizens are beginning to see what that means in economic means.

Bible is the truth, and the truth shall set you free.


What is the purpose of a prophet?

The primary purpose of a prophet is declare God’s impending punishment of a people if the people do not repent and turn back to God.

Isaiah in the Old Testament was a prophet.  Read through the Book of Isaiah and see what Isaiah the Prophet said.

As the video above shows, many Christians believe that prophecies of Isaiah keeps repeating itself in human history in cyclic ways (cycles) until the coming of Jesus Christ.

In other words, just as the prophecy of Isaiah against Damascus was fulfilled in the days of Isaiah, the same prophecy is fulfilled in the New Testament era and in the modern era.  It keeps being fulfilled.

In the same way, Isaiah’s prophecies against Israel and the Jewish people keeps being fulfilled, again and again, in history, in cyclic way.

That is why Jerusalem was completely destroyed in the Old Testament.  That is why Jerusalem was completely destroyed in the New Testament (70 AD).  That is why the prophecy of Isaiah will be fulfilled and Jerusalem will be completely destroyed again in the modern times.  Prophecies of the Old Testament keeps being fulfilled in cyclic forms.

Most Christians agree that this is true.

Prophecies of the Old Testament will be fulfilled in the modern era as well.

Prophet’s primary role is to declare the impending destruction that God will bring about as a judgment for not following the Word of God, generally as nations.

When Israel went away from the Word of God as a nation (not only as individuals!), God sent prophets to judge the nation as a whole, based on the direction of the leadership / national laws that went against God’s Law.

Laws of nations / policies of the politicians is the reason why God sends prophets against nations to declare God’s impending justice against that nation.

Just read the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah.

Judgment is of nations for nation’s policies and laws that go against God’s Word.

Prophet’s primary role is the last warning in God’s justice system, before God actually carries out God’s declared punishment.

It is the very last chance to repent and be right with God as a nation, before God fulfills His promise (declared, impending justice of God).

Do you think that a loving God would intentionally bring about great suffering of a people?

Just read the Bible.

Remember the flood of Noah?

And how about Sodom and Gomorrah?

Not only does God of the Holy Bible intentionally cause great suffering of people, God of the Holy Bible even brings about the death of many people.  Noah’s Days.  Sodom’s Days.   Clear proofs.

This was not just in the Old Testament.

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ (who is God!) clearly initiated great suffering and death of many people.

This is clear in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, which Jesus Christ promised in the Gospels to do.  God always keeps promises.

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Do new immigrants threaten jobs for existing American Christians?

Innercities have suffered poverty for decades.  African-Americans and poor whites continue to suffer poverty.

Unfortunately, more people enter the poverty line, every year, as new immigrants flood America’s cities, taking jobs away from poor African-Americans and poor whites.

World has limited resources.

There are limited jobs in cities and towns.

With Free Trade, many of American jobs are going over to China or India, further depriving American citizens of jobs.

The influx of new immigrants is adding to the continued impoverishment of American citizens.

New immigrants come to America’s cities and compete for low-level jobs that many African-Americans need to support themselves financially.

In other words, because of new immigrants, many African-Americans will not have jobs.

There just aren’t jobs for everyone.

Welcoming in Muslims, Hindus, and Jews to new cities in order to “help” them, while allowing descendants of African slaves in the USA to continue to wallow in poverty is irresponsible.

Furthermore, more and more American citizens are entering the poverty line and homelessness as many new immigrants take jobs away from African-American poor and poor whites.

From the Christian perspective, it is a duty of the United States of America government to close immigration in order to help African-American poor and white American citizens on the verge of homelessness.

Helping Muslims, Hindus, and Jews, while neglecting black Christians and white Christians will anger God in heaven.

It is important to block immigration in order to help America’s poor.  This is responsible government that takes care of its citizens.

Should the United States Congress enact laws to prohibit Islamic immigration?

There is a growing threat not only of Islamic terrorism at local scales but also of nuclear terrorism.  Washington DC and New York City are directly at risk from this growing nuclear terrorism risk.  See the below article on the possibility of Islamic nuclear attack:

A nuclear attack of New York City and Washington DC could end the United States as a country.

Is it possible for ISIS to obtain nuclear weapons?

Mathematically, yes.

Pakistan has nuclear bombs.  Pakistan is highly unstable.  There is corruption among the military establishment and the political establishment.  One or two of the hundreds of nuclear bombs of Pakistan can fall into the hands of ISIS or other Islamic groups.

Obviously, in order to deliver the nuclear attack, ISIS will need Muslims on the ground.

Increase in Muslim immigration to the USA will provide strategic networks needed to carry out an Islamic nuclear attack.

It is necessary for National Security to pass a law to block Muslim immigration to the United States.

The political establishment’s refusal to do so is endangering every single American citizen.  In 2016, it is necessary to vote out every Establishment Republican (ER) and Establishment Democrat (ED), such as Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Marco Rubio (R-FL), who are opposed to illegalizing Muslim immigration to the United States of America.

Cause and Effect.

Increase in the number of Muslims in your town will increase the chances that your town will be hit with Islamic terrorism.  That’s just simple math.

Same with nuclear terrorism.

If you pass a law to block Muslim immigration, you decrease the chance of Islamic nuclear terrorism.  It is simple math.

Islamic Nuclear Terrorism of the United States of America will directly impact you, your family, and your churches.

Is the open, inclusive policy of the United States government hurting America’s towns, cities, states, and American citizens?

Yes.  Look at this link to bankrupting towns and cities of the United States of America:

Towns and cities  do not just go bankrupt without a reason.  There is always a cause. 

Why is this important for Christians to discuss?

If your town becomes bankrupt and lays you off from your job, then you may foreclose on your house and you may go under the poverty line and suffer unemployment.  If you are a Christian (and most people in the USA are!), then your becoming unemployed or homeless will directly affect Christian churches.

You won’t be able to donate to the church building funds.  The pastor may not have adequate salary as many in his congregation become unemployed or homeless.  

What happens in your town directly is related to your job and your possibly becoming homeless.

Too many Christians in the United States of America are becoming homeless.

The cause can be related to the open, inclusive policy of the federal government of the United States of America, which is still in place under Establishment Republicans (ER) and Establishment Democrats (ER).  Your family, your children, and your Christian church is, in essence, directly under threat from today’s open, inclusive policy of the US federal government.

What has contributed to America’s decline:

(1) Free Trade:  Yes, it helps poor countries like China or Mexico to become rich.   (Now, China is number one because of Free Trade, which transferred America’s wealth to Chinese citizens.)  But Free Trade hurts American citizens.  It is simply bad trade!

Who signed the free trade agreement with China?  Bill Clinton.  It is the single cause that is directly responsible for America’s poverty, right now.

Why then do not current politicians oppose Free Trade?  Because current politicians benefit financially from Free Trade, and they rather profit off the suffering of the American people.  Foreign nations give bribes, prostitutes (“loose women”), backdoor payments, business deals for relatives, etc. to keep America’s politicians loyal to “Free Trade”.  Kickbacks can be enticing and most Establishment Republicans (ER) and Establishment Democrats (ER) could care less if you go homeless or jobless, as long as they get theirs.  It is unfortunate.  Read the Book of Amos about how such social environment came to exist in ancient Israel.

(2) Open policy toward people of other religions.  Logically speaking, if a bunch of Muslims come to your town from the Middle East as immigrants and get a job at local K Mart or Walmart, then there is less job for you and your children.  This is simple addition and subtraction.

Look at this math problem:

1000 (Jobs) – 200 (Muslims getting jobs) = 800 (Jobs left)

The city’s African-American population is 1000 (Job seekers).

1000 (AA Job seekers) – 800 (jobs left) = 200 (AA without jobs)

If the 200 Muslims were not allowed to immigrate into your town/city, then all African-Americans who are US citizens will have jobs in that area.

Do you see the simple math?

Solving the unemployment problem in your city or inner-city or rural area necessarily involves closing immigration (particularly by Muslims).

Open policies of Clinton, Bush, and Obama have hurt all American citizens, but particularly the working class whites and poor African-Americans.  How?

(1) Free Trade shipped working class factory jobs to China and Mexico.  Americans lost jobs in their town as factories moved outside USA.  No jobs in the city meant, foreclosure of houses and homelessness.  Not all can relocate; relocation costs money.

(2) New Muslim immigrants took jobs away from poor whites and poor African-Americans.  They become homeless. Some take money from the Food Stamp system.  If these American citizens could have jobs, then they would help with American cities revival, but many foreign nationals flooding America’s cities are taking jobs away from American citizens who have been in the USA since the Slavery Days.

(3) Managers who are of other religions.  Muslims, Hindus, Jews do not want to hire Bible-believing Christians.  This is a serious problem since many of America’s major corporations now have people of other religions as managers and CEO’s.


(1) Coca Cola CEO:  Ahmet Muhtar Kent  (citizenship:  Turkey and USA)

(2) Microsoft Corp:  Satya Narayana Nadella (Hindu from India)

(3) Pepsi Cola:  Indira Noory (Indian – Tamil)

The open policy of the US federal government in belittling America’s Christian population (both white and black) is actively encouraging hiring foreign nationals and people of other religions to top positions in US corporations and government positions.  That is why there is not a single evangelical Christian in the US Supreme Court.

US federal government’s hatred of evangelical Christians is showing itself in official laws and policy.  

Evangelical Christians are blocked out from high-paying jobs and leadership positions.

Do you honestly think that there are not competent evangelical Christians to be CEO of Coca Cola or Microsoft?  

The establishment is trying to block out evangelical Christians from every fabric of American life:  Government.  Education.  Business.

If you are a Bible-believing Christian, then you must fear for the future of your children.  And your future will be very dismal as well.

Regime Change is necessary.  It can come about by elections in 2016 at local, state, and federal levels, and by other means.


Is Jewish advancement in America a threat to the future of Christian children?

If you are a Christian parent, then you have some worrying to do.  But praying is more important.

But as you know, you must pray, but you must also do something.  You cannot just pray and wait around.  The Bible emphasizes faith and prayer, but also action and doing.

Joshua did not just pray, but Joshua went into fight the Canannites and occupy the land and make it God’s land.

It is important for Christian parents in all 50 United States to learn from this lesson in the Bible.

There are limited resources in the world.  When Jews who do not honor Christ advance in the United States of America, opportunities for your children (Christians) become necessarily hindered.  

In other words, there is a direct indirect relationship between Jews and your Christian children.  If Jews become more powerful, then your children will become less powerful (and may even become unemployed or homeless!).

In other words, it is your duty as a parent who loves your Christian children to make sure that Jews decrease in power in your town, village, farmland area, inner city “ghettos”, in your metropolitan areas, and in your state.

If Jews increase in power, your children will suffer in the future.

Easter reminds us that Jews killed Christ.  The Gospels of the New Testament emphasize this as a warning to all Christians – past, present, and future.

If you do not heed the warning of the Gospels, then you will find doom, both for yourself and your Christian children.

How does advancement of Jews in your town or city hurt your Christian children in the future?

(1) Jews do not like Jesus Christ or Christianity, so they will not hire or promote anyone who is a true Christian, loyal to the Bible.  In other words, if your child is a Christian, Jews will make sure that he does not get promoted.  If your child is a Christian, and there is a Jewish manager, then the Jewish manager will fire of lay off your child, at the first chance.  Jews hate Christianity. Perhaps, you were laid off by Jewish managers for your Christian faith?

(2) If a Jew occupies a leadership position, like Mayor or Governor, then this Jewish leader will appoint people of his religion to top-paying positions.  In other words, if Atlanta, Georgia, has a Jewish mayor, then Christians in Atlanta can expect their children (and themselves) to be excluded from high paying positions, just because they are Christians.  Jews hate Christianity.  Always have and always will.  The Gospels warn you about this; it is important to heed this warning, for your sake and the sake of your children and their children.

(3) Jews will push anti-Christian laws and will imprison you and your children, when you are faithful to the Bible.  Pro-Gay Marriage Laws means that all who break it can go to prison.  By the US Supreme Court passing the pro-gay marriage law to be applied to all 50 US states, you have now become a criminal in the eyes of the Law of the Land, just for following the Bible.  This would not have happened, if Establishment Republicans (ER) and Establishment Democrats (ED) blocked Jews from becoming United States Supreme Court Justices!  Every cause has an effect.  You appoint Jews to your state superior courts in North Carolina, do not be surprised if those Jewish judges have you arrested for opposing homosexuality.  This can even happen with Rev. Franklin Graham.  Opposing Jews and minimizing their power in your state is essential for advancing the Gospel.  Remember, Jews killed Jesus Christ.  You should not be supporting them in any shape or form.  This is against the Gospel!

(4) Studies show that Jews gaining power in the cities have been directly tied to African-Americans remaining jobless and in slums.  Since Jews want to occupy leadership positions, Jews do all they can to make sure that African-American children fail state exams and not go to college.  The game for the Jews is to keep African-American community down at all costs and to keep Jewish children advancing.  This is tragic for the African-American children, who want to become middle class or higher.  This is happening in all 50 United States.  There is a strategic belittling of African-Americans by Jewish leaders, Jewish communities, and Jewish individuals in every fabric of city life.  How else would you explain continued low status of African-Americans in cities?  African-Americans are not genetically inferior to Jews!

(5) If you appoint Jews into positions of power in companies, such as CEO or CFO, then these Jews will use the company to pressure you and your children into going away from the Bible.  They will use the company that they “lead” to say, something like, “We are going to pull our company out of your state, if your state follows the Bible.”  This is happening all over the United States.  You and your children will be made into slaves of Jews and Jewish power, if you do not oppose Jews and decrease their power in your town, villages, farmlands, inner-city, metropolitan areas, and in your state.

Christ Himself opposed the Jews in the Gospels for a reason.  It is important for you to follow the Bible.


Is Easter celebration about advancing Christ in our nation?

Happy Easter!

Whatever your nation (USA, Canada, Australia, etc), you must advance Christ and the Gospel in your nation.

It is important that your leaders are Bible-believing Christians who will get rid of paganism and other religion celebrations in your nation and bring about a Christian nation where the Holy Bible is respected and followed.  For, the Holy Bible is the Word of God for everyone in the world.  

Unfortunately, in the United States of America, evangelical Christian leaders have strayed away from the Bible.  They have failed to discharge their duties as the Servants of the One True God.  How do you know that evangelical Christian leaders failed in the USA?  Just look around you!  If evangelical Christian leaders had been successful, there would be an evangelical Christian President who will oppose Islam, there would be Protestant Christians in the United States Supreme Court who will fight to block gay marriage and proliferation of homosexuality through official US court channels (The Justice Branch of US Government).  Evangelical Christian leaders have failed and they must repent before God.  Evangelical Christian leaders must swear allegiance to Christ the King and promise to fight to Christianize America.

This is what is required of all evangelical Christian leaders on this Easter 2016.

Where have evangelical Christian leaders failed?

(1) Support of the Jewish nation of Israel is wrong in light of the Bible.

The Gospels is clear in showing that Jesus Christ cursed the city of Jerusalem and other Jewish cities.  Jesus Christ stood against all the religious Jewish leaders (Pharisees, Sadducees, and the Temple priests).  To support the Jewish nation of Israel is to go against the Gospel Truth itself.  Evangelical Christian leaders who support Israel based on Dispensationalist theology, which is a flawed human theology, must repent and start to oppose the Jewish nation of Israel and send Christian missionaries to the Jewish nation of Israel to convert all of its population to Christianity.

God is angry with evangelical Christian leaders who support the Jewish nation of Israel and will punish these evangelical Christian leaders and their families for generations to come, if they do not repent in light of the literal teachings of the New Testament.  Evangelical leaders must submit to the Word of God or face consequences at the hands of an “Angry God” (Rev. Jonathan Edwards).

Supporting Jewish nation of Israel hurts the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ….

(2) Loving homosexuals is wrong in light of the Bible.  Homosexuality must be illegalized by law and homosexuals arrested, according to the Bible.

Some evangelical Christian leaders make up whatever they want, just like the Pope before the Reformation, and teach it to their church members, when it comes to the homosexuality issue.  The Holy Bible never said that homosexuals should be loved.  Jesus Christ did not share the Gospel with a single homosexual.  If Christ wanted sharing the Gospel with homosexuals, then he would have given that direction.  There were a lot of homosexuals in Israel at the time of Jesus Christ.

Evangelical Christian leaders must renounce their love for homosexuals and follow Christ’s example in NOT evangelizing homosexuals.  Homosexuals must be imprisoned and executed by national and state laws.  This is what God wants for your country.  The Holy Bible is emphatic and clear on this point.  Evangelical Christian leaders must stop following their own hearts and start following the Bible.  Human heart is corrupt and corruptible.  The Holy Bible is the Truth and the Guide.

(3) Evangelical Christian leaders have failed to put Bible-believing evangelical Christians as leaders of their towns, cities, states, and the country.  In order to enthrone Christ as King, putting evangelical Christians as leaders of every position is necessary.

Evangelical Christian leaders must repent for not putting Christ and the Kingdom of Christ, first, in their preaching, in the direction of their churches, in the instruction in their Christian schools and Christian colleges.  It’s a serious problem that a not a single Christian college produced one US President or one US Supreme Court Justice.  This is not only an embarrassment to Christ and His Glory on this Easter Day, it is a tragedy for the nation, as the nation heads further and further in the direction of serving Satan and Satan’s dominion, such as by pushing gay marriage onto all of the population by coercive national law.

Evangelical Christian leaders must repent to Christ for failing to produce national, state, and local leaders who will glorify Christ by being salt and light in their positions of leadership.  It is necessary for evangelical Christian leaders to acknowledge their failure to produce Christian leaders for their communities at local levels and to recommit their allegiance and duty to Christ and to the advancement of the Christian Gospel in their communities and societies.

Evangelical Christian leaders must pro-actively raise their own children to become the United States President and the United States Supreme Court Justices.  Evangelical Christian leaders must verbally and publicly teach the children of their churches to become God-fearing and Bible-following judges of the federal circuit courts and their state’s superior courts.  Children need clear instructions for their future, and every evangelical Christian church must be clear, vocal, and strategic about producing Bible-believing leaders of tomorrow.  This is not a choice but an obligation to glorify Christ and to advance the Kingdom of Christ on earth.

Without clear instruction to Christian children, no valuable Christian leader of society or government can be produced.  You must nurture your children and the children in your churches and in your Christian schools and Christian colleges to be leaders of society and government and law (court system).

You have to gain education and go to law school to become a US Supreme Court Justice. If Christian colleges are not committed to encouraging their best and brightest to go to law schools to become a US Supreme Court Justice, that Christian college will never produce an Supreme Court Justice in 100 years!

If a Christian college wants to produce a US President, that Christian college must encourage their students to run for political office at local, state, and federal levels.

Without strategic planning, nothing can be accomplished for Christ by that Christian college, church, or Christian parents (for their children) for that sake of Christ.

Bob Jones University should be paying attention, as should Oral Roberts University and Biola University, etc.

It is a tragedy that current evangelical leaders are failing to bring Christ glory in the public spheres of the United States of America by enthroning Christ as King in every aspect of American life – including political, legal, social, economic, etc.  

Christ is King of all!