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Jesus the Radical interacted with the world around Him and commented on topics related to society. Here, you can find helpful insight into Jesus Christ’s vision for a good society.

Why would a loving God make people of Flint, Michigan suffer from bad water?

God is God of love.

God is God of justice.

In the Holy Bible, God’s punishments are seen as an extension of God’s love.

When your child does something wrong, you would ground him or spank him,  Why?

Because you love him and want him to be good.

You are afraid that if you do not discipline him, then he might end up in juvenile detention or in jail.

You love your child, so you are trying to prevent worse from happening.

The Holy Bible emphasizes that God punishes because He loves.  So, God would kill several thousand Israelites, so that others who survive God’s judgement may go back to the Bible and follow God.

This idea is emphasized in the Book of Judges as is in all other books of the Bible.

Jesus Christ constantly talked about hell and eternal damnation, because that is what happens to those who do not accept Him as their LORD and Savior.

Talking about Hell is, in essence, a way to talk about Heaven.

It is important that God will punish, even to the point of killing many people in a nation, to bring the majority back to God and the Word of God.

The Bible emphasizes that God punishes because God loves.

Yes, the loving God punishes and even kills in divine punishment, so that all the people in that nation will not go to eternal damnation in Hell.

God’s punishment in Flint, Michigan, is an evidence of the love of God.

Do you think that Flint, Michigan, shows how God can punish other cities and states in the United States?

Do you think Flint, Michigan expected lead poisoning from its water?

You probably do not expect lead poisoning from your water.  So, why should they?

After all, this is the United States of America, one of the greatest nations in the world!

But Flint, Michigan’s water crisis proves that God was angry with President Barack Obama pushing gay marriage agenda.  God was angry with African-American population of Flint, Michigan, for supporting gay marriage. God is angry with African-American preachers who will bow down to Obama, rather than the Holy Bible, which is the Word of God.

Think about the last few natural disasters in the USA.

Hurricane Katrina.

Which race was most affected?



Because many African-Americans are loose on the homosexuality issue.  Since many African-Americans are pushing gay marriage laws and homosexuality, God is angry with African-Americans.

That is why God has punished African-Americans in New Orleans, Louisiana, the birth place of Jazz music.

That is why God has punished the African-American population of Flint, Michigan.

It is important for African-Americans to support God’s Word and God’s morality and oppose gay marriage laws and homosexuality.

The Holy Bible clearly shows that God enforces the Law of God.  It’s in clear print.

Was President John F. Kennedy bad for America, from a Christian standpoint?


President John F. Kennedy is the worst president in United States history, insofar as Christianity is concerned.

These are what John F. Kennedy did, from a Christian critical thinking vantage point:

(1) John F. Kennedy led the way in taking Christianity out of America’s institutions, such as the LORD’s Prayer and Bible study out of the public school system.

(2) John F. Kennedy encouraged Americans as a people to go away from the Holy Bible, by what he said and did on a day to day work as the president of the United States of America.

(3) John F. Kennedy appointed liberal elites to United States government leadership positions, who will help him to take Christianity out of America.

(4) John F. Kennedy set the tone for liberal direction of Irish Catholics in the United States of America.  Now, most Irish Catholics vote for politicians who support abortion and gay marriage.  This is the anti-Christian legacy of the Kennedy’s as a political clan.

(5) John F. Kennedy’s negative influences even impact Catholic politicians who are in the Republican Party and who are not even Irish.  The liberal direction of all Catholic politicians in the United States of America is due to John F. Kennedy having been the US President.

It was the single greatest unfortunate event in United States history that John F. Kennedy was the President of the United States of America.  John F. Kennedy proves that one man can damage the morality and the historical direction of a whole nation and lead it away from the Holy Bible.

John F. Kennedy proves that it is important to block people from the office of the United States President, who will lead the country away from God.

In the end, God will punish the whole country for electing a President who leads the country away from the Holy Bible.

Irish people should know better than any other nation what it means to be judged by a God of Justice.  In the Potato Famines of Ireland, over 20% of the country died (or had to leave their homeland) because of God’s judgement of the Irish people.

God of the Bible judges, and if you doubt that, read the Book of Revelations in the New Testament and books of Exodus, Joshua, Judges, Isaiah, and Jeremiah in the Old Testament.

Should true Christians join the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, and CIA?


To make the United States of America a Christian country, it is absolutely necessary that true Christians in America are committed to this vision.

And it is more important for true Christians to occupy important positions in US government and especially US security and intelligence agencies.

Maybe you want to be a millionaire businessman.  But for the sake of Christ and the Kingdom of Christ, you should join the FBI or NSA and work toward securing a Christian America.

Dedicated Christians in the United States have to make sacrifices for Christ.  After all, Christ died to save you from eternal damnation.  Without sacrifices by true Christians, a Christian America cannot be established.

Christ clearly commands that Christians make “disciples of all nations”.  It must start at home. The United States of America as a nation must, first, become a disciple of Christ.

You must sacrifice yourself for the sake of Christ and the Kingdom of Christ.

Do you think that Establishment Republicans attack Donald Trump because they do not want a Christian America?

There are a lot of Jews among Republican Establishment, and that is why so many Republicans in office tolerate homosexuality and gay marriage laws.  Unfortunately, Jews of the United States of America do not follow the Holy Bible and oppose homosexuality.

Jews of America are Rabbinic Jews.  This means that they go to synagogues and do not really believe in the Jerusalem Temple.  As such, the primary religious text for the Jews of America is the Talmud and not the Old Testament, unfortunately.

In other words, Jews of America do not represent Israelite religion of the Old Testament.  After the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 AD, a new form of sectarian Judaism, called Rabbinic Judaism, grew in the absence of the temple.  And this is the form of Judaism (cultic or sectarian) that is dominating in the USA.

So, it would be inaccurate historically to see Jews in America as a continuation of the Old Testament Israelites in terms of religious commitment.

Also, there are Mormons (cultic group) among the Republicans, such as Mitt Romney.  As many Americans know, Mormons support polygamy and have a very secretive religious organization.  They are growing in number because all Mormons are required to do two years of missions work for the Mormons.

Mormons certainly do not want a Christian America.  In this, Mormons in the Republican Party share the same ideology with the Jews in the Republican Party.

They do not want a Christian America.  And they will fight against a Christian America.

Establishment Republicans of today must be scrutinized with critical thinking by all Christians in the United States of America, who profess Jesus Christ as the LORD and Savior.

Do you think Donald Trump is good for America?

From a Christian standpoint, any political candidate who opposes homosexuality and gay marriage emphatically is good for America.

From a Christian evangelism perspective, any political candidate who emphasizes Christianity and a Christian America is good for America.  Any political candidate who emphasizes religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue is bad for America, from a Christian perspective, because the Great Commission of Jesus Christ emphasizes making disciples of “all nations”, which includes Christianization of everyone in the nation.  That is the goal that Christ Himself wants, and it is clearly stated in the Bible.

In other words, anyone who over-emphasizes religious tolerance and religious liberty is going against the Gospel itself.  Jesus Christ made it clear that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ alone.

True Christians must hold to the emphasis of the Gospels.

Donald Trump’s attack of Islam is good for Christianity, since Islam is a false religion.  Having more Muslims immigrate to the United States of America would be bad because it will not only endanger Christians in America (since there are terrorists among Muslims) but it will also dilute Christian culture in the United States of America.

Christian churches and Christians in the United States must be dedicated to emphasizing Christian morality and Christian culture.  This is what Christ wants for the United States of America.

Since Donald Trump proudly declares himself to be a Christian, and Donald Trump wants a Christian America, Donald Trump in the eyes of the Holy Trinity is good for America.

Is it wrong for a government to force the majority to submit to the will of the few educated?

In a democracy, the majority should rule.

Unfortunately, in the United States of America and other western democracies, a troubling evolution has taken place.  The educated elite (university professors and the media) are forcing the majority of the population to do what they want – which is a liberal policy and liberal laws that attack the Holy Bible.

These educated individuals use their education to bully the majority of the people to submission and use the police force to enforce their liberal laws, such as pro-homosexuality and pro-gay marriage laws.

The reason that the people of the United States of America are supporting Donald Trump is that Mr. Trump is exposing the media and the educated elites for what they are – tyrants bent on enslaving the majority of the nation by law and police enforcement.

For Christians, what is important is the Holy Bible.  The Christians should follow the Bible and Bible’s morality, such as opposing homosexuality and gay marriage.

The United States Constitution clearly emphasizes that the rule of the nation must be by the people.  People can assert their will through votes or through a revolution (like the American Revolution against Great Britain).  The US Constitution clearly gives the majority of the American people the right to rule the United States of America, regardless of what liberal elites and educated elites want.

Is the increasing of violence due to pro-gay marriage laws of the United States of America?

The Holy Trinity of the Holy Bible made it clear that homosexuality is a crime and that nations must punish homosexuals by arresting them and applying the Bible-ordered justice of capital punishment against homosexuals.

When nations make laws (such as pro-gay marriage laws) that protect homosexual lifestyle and gay marriage, homosexuality in that nation will increase.

Right now, the rate of teenagers experimenting with homosexuality has exponentially increased because of gay marriage laws.

God holds the nation responsible for corrupting the children by approving gay marriage and gay lifestyle by federal law.

Thus, God punishes such a nation by spiking the rate of violence in the nation.

In the past 7 days, there were several major incidents of violence in the United States of America that show a spike in violence in America due to God’s displeasure at Gay Marriage Laws:

(1) Kansas (Februrary 25, 2016):

(2) Washington (February 26, 2016):

(3) Michigan (February 20, 2016):

The rate of violence in the United States of America will continue to increase, because the Holy Trinity of the Holy Bible exists and He will enforce his law (the Holy Bible) against the American people for going against the Law of God, which demands arrest and execution of homosexuals by federal law.

Should Christian groups and individuals bring lawsuits against Jewish groups and Jewish leaders in order to protect Christian moral system in the USA?

As you know, all Jews, whether Republican or Democrat, support gay marriage laws of the United States of America.  This is because Jews in the United States of America, regardless of their political affiliation, are dedicated to an anti-Christian government that denigrates the Christian Gospel and the Christian moral system.

This is unfortunate, but true.

Just ask your Jewish friends at work or your Jewish neighbor what they think about gay marriage laws.  You don’t have to tell them what you think.  Just ask them what they think.

100 out of 100, your Jewish friend or neighbor will say that they believe that the laws of the United States of America should protect homosexuals and gay marriage.

All Jews in the United States of America are dedicated to an anti-Christian moral system.

Thus, it is important for Christian groups and Christian individuals to bring law suits against Jewish groups and Jewish individuals, particularly those in power, in order to:

(1) Weaken Jewish power in America.  Weakening Jewish power is a way to help Christianity thrive in the United States of America, since Jewish individuals and Jewish groups are dedicated to an anti-Christian American institutions and government system.  Even if you do not win the lawsuits against Jews, just the fact that you weaken them is a victory.  In other words, any lawsuit brought against Jewish leaders or Jewish groups is a victory, whether the final outcome is win or loss.

(2) Christian groups and Christian individuals bringing lawsuits against Jewish groups in the USA sends the right message that Christians in America are not willing to allow Jews to destroy Christianity in the United States of America.  It is important to show loyalty to Christ and the Bible in a public way, and Christian groups bringing lawsuits against Jewish groups is a good way to do so.

(3) Bringing lawsuits against Jewish groups and Jewish politicians and Jewish businessmen is a way to help America to become a Christian America.  How will you make the United States of America a disciple of Christ?  The Great Commission requires you to make disciples of all nations.  You must start from your home country of the United States of America.  Since Jews in the USA are standing against Christian America, bringing lawsuits against Jewish groups is a way to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Do Bible-believing Christians have a right to start a violent Revolution against the ruling government in the USA?

Well, July 4th Independence Day makes this question moot, doesn’t it?

The whole point of July 4th is to celebrate the victory of a Revolution started against the legitimate governing authority in America and replace it with the revolutionaries who won that war.

George Washington was a revolutionary war commander.

Power belongs to the people.

If Christians in America do not believe that the ruling government represents the interests of the dominant Christian population (USA citizen majority), then Christians in America have the right to start a violent revolutionary war to replace the ruling government.

The precedent for this was set at the American Revolutionary War.

So, the answer is obvious in United States history.