Did you hear that Mormons are excommunicating homosexuals?

Yes.  Follow the link below:


Mormons are growing because evangelical Christian churches are failing to lead.

People can read the Bible, and they see that the Bible labels homosexuality as a crime.

People rather follow the Bible, rather than human words.  When people see so-called evangelical Christian leaders embracing homosexuals with “love”, they are turned off and they start to wander. They know that these so-called evangelical Christian leaders do not conform to the principles of the Word of God.

Churches of Jesus Christ must follow the Bible and push to illegalize homosexuality in American society and in US laws.

This is what the Bible emphasizes.  This is the will of God.

Obviously, God always enforces His Laws, even if Christians are “stiff-necked” and refuse to follow the principle of the Bible that homosexuality is a crime.

We are talking about a God who destroyed the nation of Israel, even though it was the “Chosen Nation”!  This is the God of the Bible!

Read through the Book of Jeremiah and understand how God operates in history.