Do you think that Hillary Clinton’s actions amount to guilt in the death of Ambassador Stevens?

People in government positions are responsible for the decisions that they make.  It is important to help all people in political positions to understand that they are not masters of American citizens, but that they are there to represent and to serve the American people.

Hillary Clinton’s actions related to Benghazi is a very important thing not only for the Republicans, but also for the Democrats.  In fact, it is important for all of America’s peoples.  It relates to the question of whether government officials can act with impunity and immunity.  If Hillary Clinton is not held accountable for her actions, then it sets a bad precedent for all other government officials to act with impunity and immunity in the decisions that they make that involve the lives of American citizens.

Why is this a Christian issue?

The Bible clearly shows that God holds those in power responsible for the decisions that they make.

When Jewish leaders had Jesus Christ crucified on the cross through the manipulation of the legal process and the official court system, they thought that they were immune.  They thought that they had just stepped on and crushed a homeless vagabond, who preached to prostitutes, tax collectors, and “sinners”.  They thought that they had used their political power to crush their opposition and that they would not be held responsible for lying about Jesus Christ and producing false witnesses in the judiciary process.

But God is just.

God is fair.

God listens to the oppressed and the fatherless.  God does not allow the politically powerful to be immune from their actions.

That is why God wiped out Israel from the map of the world in 70 AD, as a testimony to the world, forever and ever, that God exists and that God is just.  God punished Israel for the crimes of its political and religious leaders.

And if you remember, when King David had a sexual affair with Bathsheba and sent her husband, the army general, to his death in a war, God sent His prophet to punish King David.

This sets a precedent in the Christian tradition that no political ruler can act with immunity or impunity.  They are all responsible for their actions.

Making sure that Hillary Clinton is held responsible for the death of Ambassador Stevens and other American citizens is a Christian issue, a matter of justice that God is concerned with.

Hillary Clinton refused to send help, when she was in a position of power to do so, even though the request was sent numerous times.  In a sense, Hillary Clinton is like King David who intentionally sent someone at his mercy to his death.

God cares about justice.