Does God want homosexuals to be born again?

It is important to read the Bible and follow the Bible in everything, rather than use human thoughts and reasoning to justify things.

The problem is that God does not want everyone to be born again.  If He did, then He would not have created Hell.  The Bible is clear on the existence of Hell.  Everyone who rejects Jesus Christ as their personal LORD God and Savior will go to eternal damnation in Hell.  This is clear in the Bible.

It is also clear in the Bible that God did not send any missionaries to Sodom and Gomorrah to save homosexuals.  God only sent the angels to rescue Abraham’s nephew Lot and his family.  God did not want homosexuals saved.  No evangelist or prophet was sent to try to cause the homosexuals to repent, so that they might be saved.

This stands in stark contrast to Babylonians, to whom God sent Jonah the Prophet, to preach repentance.  

God is purposeful in His actions.

Now, there are human beings who want to go against the Bible and send missionaries and evangelists to homosexuals, even though God does not want it.  These people are not following the Bible.  Bible is clear in the emphasis that homosexuals must die.  God’s Law demands that nations illegalize homosexuality and execute homosexuals by capital punishment as a part of the national law.

Any preacher, TV evangelist, or theologian who opposes the Will of God as explicitly stated in the Bible has fallen away from the Holy Trinity.

It is better not to go to a church Hell-bent on “saving” homosexuals, since that church is “in error” and in a position of opposition to God’s Law, than go to that church to worship Jesus Christ.

It is important for you not to go to a church, evangelical or not, which will allow homosexuals to worship in that church, because this is against God’s Law.  That church is in violation against what God Himself wants.

People often go away from God, and this is clear from the Exodus.  Even though God delivered Israelites out of Egypt, they worshiped the Golden Calf and refused to follow the will of God, such as killing everyone in the city of Ai, as God commanded, and God executed believers for this.  

That is why everyone who exited Egypt under Moses, except for Caleb and Joshua, died in the Desert, including Moses.  God did not let them enter the Promised Land.

This is an allegory for you and your church.  If you are Hell-bent on sharing the Gospel with homosexuals, when the Bible demands execution of homosexuals by national law and capital punishment, then you too will be excluded from entering your Promised Land.

Do not be fooled.  God has God’s Law.  God expects upholding God’s Law for the nation.

God does not want homosexuals to be born again, and this is clear in Romans 1.  Homosexuality is not just a crime against God and crime against nature, but rather homosexuality is also God’s punishment itself.  

In other words, if you are a homosexual, then you are the result of God’s judgment and punishment.  You are marked for eternal damnation, and every Christian is forbidden by God’s Law to share the Gospel with you.

May you burn eternally in damnation and eternal torture for choosing to be a homosexual.

That is the will of God for you for eternity.

May those who preach the Gospel to you, knowing that you are a homosexual, also burn in eternal damnation in Hell, because they have violated the New Testament injunction against preaching to homosexuals. 

St. Paul clearly calls for excommunication of homosexuals.

God has abandoned King Saul to whom he had promised an eternal throne, and God will have no problem abandoning you, even if you had been an anointed preacher.

So, do NOT share the Gospel with homosexuals.  It is against God’s Law.