Do you think that Evangelical Christian Theologians have failed the country?


The duty of evangelical Christian theologians who teach in Baptist seminaries and Bible colleges is to make sure that they teach their students to follow the Bible and to go out into the world and be the salt and light of the world.

Evangelical Christian theologians should follow the Bible and lead the nation to follow the Bible.

Unfortunately, the nation has legalized gay marriage because evangelical Christian theologians did not do their job before God very well.

In the USA, Christians do not live in a totalitarian regime.  It is a government by the people.  So, when gay marriage is legalized in the USA, the citizens have to bear the responsibility.  There is no totalitarian dictator to blame.

This means that evangelical Christian theologians in evangelical Christian colleges have failed to teach the Bible properly to their students.

This means that evangelical Christian theologians failed to lead the nation in the ways of the Bible.

If you hear evangelical theologians say, “God loves homosexuals”, then you know that they are wrong.  This is the problem.

God does not love homosexuals as people.  If God loved homosexuals, God would have sent missionaries to Sodom and Gomorrah.  It is because God hates homosexuals that God did not send a single missionary to Sodom and Gomorrah.  God just wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah without sending a prophet.

God did send a prophet (Jonah) to Nineveh (Babylon) in the Old Testament to help them repent and believe in God.

God hates homosexuals and any so-called evangelical theologian who teaches otherwise is teaching against the Word of God.

This is the problem.

Look at what a Baptist theologian Tony Campolo, who is a self-proclaimed evangelical, says about homosexuals.  It is so-called evangelical theologians like him (he is from Eastern College in Pennsylvania), who help lead the country away from the Bible and toward the rule of Satan.

Can Muslims attack Paris with nuclear bombs?

Obviously, Muslims groups (ISIS, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, etc., etc.) can attack Paris with a nuclear bomb in the sense that they can acquire the nuclear device through theft, trade (with oil), purchase, alliance (sharing), etc., etc., and then use it against Paris.

Detonating a nuclear device in a big city like Paris is not difficult, and smuggling in a nuclear device is not hard to do.

Furthermore, a short-range missile fired from Libya can easily hit Paris in a very short time, and France has no way to block such a nuclear missile.  In fact, no country in the world, today, has a way to block such a pre-emptive short-range nuclear missile strike.

These things are all possible.

In other words, it is no longer in the realm of fantasy.

India has been warning that ISIS can purchase nuclear bombs from Pakistan:

If a nuclear bomb explodes in Paris, and everyone in Paris dies from the explosion, they will all face after-life.  Those who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal LORD God and Savior will go to Heaven and live forever. But those who did not accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior will go to eternal damnation and suffer eternal torment.

Will God help France defeat ISIS?

What happened in Paris is terrible.  A lot of Christians were killed.

But what we must not forget is that God is sovereign.

The Holy Trinity allow things to happen for a reason.

In the case of Paris, it should be seen through a spiritual eye.  God permitted such acts of horror to happen as a punishment for allowing gay marriage laws.

Politicians try to look at it politically.  But I assure you that spiritual reality is far more real than political ones.  Spiritual solutions will work, whereas political solutions will not.

Just look back at last two decades.

The politicians on the right and the left kept saying that they will retaliate and make their country safer.  These politicians turned out to be liars, because France is less secure today than it was yesterday.

Same is the case with the United States of America.  American citizens are less safe today than they were yesterday and the year before and the year before that.

You cannot trust the politicians to bring you safety.  Only God can give you safety and protection from your enemies.  Read the Book of Psalms!

But you have to comply with God’s Law, if you want God’s protection.  God values God’s Law, and that is why God gave you God’s Law.

Don’t trust the politicians, because they will lead your country down the path of destruction.

Trust the Holy Trinity and follow the Bible, and you will find peace and security.

Can a true Christian be a member of the Democratic Party?

Can a true Christian be a part of the Marxist Party?

Can a true Christian be a part of the Fascist Party?

Can a true Christian be a part of the Atheist Party?

You answer these questions.

Now, ask yourself, “Why did I answer the question in the way that I did?”

So, now, ask yourself if you can be a part of the Democratic Party.

It is clear to ALL that the Democratic Party supports these things:

(1) Killing babies through abortion

(2) Homosexuality and gay life style and young teens below age 18 experimenting with gay sex

(3) Opposing Christmas celebration in American society

Now, can you honestly as a Christian support these things?

More importantly, what would God say to your supporting an organization that officially is committed to these anti-Christian agenda.

Can you live with yourself for being a part of such an anti-Christian organization?

What is your reason for joining this anti-Christian organization?

For money?

So, you are saying that money is more important to you than Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Then, what do you think will be the consequences of your actions?

In other words, what will God do to you and your family for actively and willingly joining an organization that opposes Christ Himself and the Word of God?

You answer these questions and suffer the consequences of your own actions.  You and your family.


Do you think that today’s Friday the 13th ISIS attack in Paris was allowed by God because France legalized Gay Marriage?

It is God who protects a nation.  NOT the soldiers.  NOT the army.  NOT the politicians.  NOT the president.

This concept is clear in the Book of Judges in the Holy Bible.  In light of what has happened in Paris, it is important for Christians in France and around the world to read the Book of Judges.

God gives nations military victories.  God gives nations military defeats.

In the same way, it is God (the Holy Trinity) who allows terrorist attacks to succeed or fail.  Without God’s protection, anything can happen,  This is what we see from the ISIS terrorist attack in Paris, today.

When US special forces killed Bin Laden of Al Qaeda, Americans thought that the major problem was over.

But then, in the ashes of Bin Laden rose a phoenix far greater than Bin Laden or Al Qaeda; namely, ISIS.

If God chooses to grow enemies of the United States due to gay marriage laws and protection of homosexuals, then God will grow the enemies of the anti-Christian US government. There is nothing that anti-Bible Obama or the anti-Christian US government can do to stop the Almighty God, the Holy Trinity, from punishing the United States of America as a nation for legalizing gay marriage.

God has God’s Law, which God expects nations to submit to.  God will enforce God’s Laws through His Holy Angels (HHA).

France legalized gay marriage:

France protects homosexuals by law, and this angers the Holy Trinity.

Unless France illegalizes homosexuals and imprisons/executes homosexuals by the force of French law, God will continue to grow the enemies of the nation of France.

Today’s ISIS bombings is only the beginning of what the Holy Trinity has in store for France for taking an anti-Bible position on homosexuality as a nation.

As history will show, God will completely wipe out Paris and destroy France as a nation, unless the French people repent of their rebellion against God and turn back to God and the Bible and illegalize homosexuality and arrest homosexuals by the force of French national law.

Only God can give true protection, security, and peace.

Will you go to Hell if you kill one of the US Supreme Court justices who chose to legalize gay marriage and force it in all 50 states?

God is love.

Any sin you commit can be forgiven, because God is love.  All you have to do is to ask God for forgiveness.

If you kill a family of five in cold blood as a non-Christian, but come to believe in Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior, then you can ask God to forgive your sins, and you will be forgiven.  You will not go to Hell.

This should answer your question.

But it is important to recognize that not all killing is sin.  A US Soldier killing a Muslim ISIS soldier is not sin.  In fact, it is the US Soldier’s duty to kill Muslim ISIS in a war between USA and ISIS.

Likewise, from the vantage point of the Christian religion, killing enemies of the Christian religion is not sin.  It is like a soldier killing.

Not all killing is wrong,

The 10 Commandments forbids murder (unjust killing), but the Bible clearly shows that God allows killing, such as for soldiers.  Sometimes, God commands killing.  Read through the Book of Joshua and the Book of Judges in the Holy Bible.

Obviously, what is okay with God is not always okay with the world or the country you live in.  In other words, doing God’s work for God’s glory may be illegal in your country.

For instance, opposing homosexuality and gay marriage is illegal in the United States of America.  If you are a true Christian and oppose homosexuality, then you can go to prison after being arrested by the police.  United Sates of America has chosen to stand against God and the Bible on the issue of homosexuality, unfortunately.

Obviously, a Christian must follow God and the Bible, and not a nation that stands against God.

But it is important for Christians to always remember that while you keep God’s law, you may end up breaking your nation’s law.  You have to be cunning enough to evade law enforcement, when you are serving Christ and honoring Christ with your body and skill sets.

Did Jeb Bush make a mistake in attacking Hitler?

Jeb Bush says that he would have killed baby Hitler.  Here’s the article:

Many Christians were puzzled by this, because most Christians do not consider Hitler as an enemy of Christianity.  In fact, most evangelical Christians believe that God in His Sovereignty has used Hitler to punish the Jewish people for what the New Testament describes as the Jewish conspiracy to kill Jesus Christ and the Jewish success in actually manipulating the legal court system to convict Jesus Christ of a capital offense and have him killed through the official court system.

In other words, most Christians do not feel bad about Hitler having killed 6,000,000 Jews, because most Christians believe that Jews deserve it, because Jews killed Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament.

In fact, most Jewish leaders consider Christianity as inherently anti-Semitic.  The New Testament is clearly anti-Jewish.  Anyone who reads the New Testament with an objective eye cannot deny this.

The New Testament clearly accuses Jews of a myriad of evil.

Evangelical Christians believe that the New Testament is God’s Word, so it should not be surprising to the Jews that most  evangelical Christians would be “anti-Semitic” in the same way the New Testament is “anti-Semitic” to them.

Unless you rewrite the New Testament or explain it away, you cannot get around the anti-Jewish ethos of the New Testament.

In other words, Jeb Bush will not win any points by attacking Hitler, since most American Christians are “anti-Semitic”.

Jewish experts agree, and they have written volumes after volumes on this point.

In other words, it is impossible to take anti-Semitism out of Western Civilization, because it is inherently a part of the New Testament driven Christian culture that undergirds all of Western Civilization.

This explains why every European country that Hitler “invaded” willingly handed their Jewish neighbors to be sent to Concentration Camps.  Jew is a Jew to the Christian mind, and it does not matter if the Jew is the “best friend” or a lover or a cousin (by marriage or adoption).  A Jew is a Jew to the American mind, shaped by Western Civilization, and this will never change.

White Christians are anti-Semitic.  Black Christians are anti-Semitic.  Asian Christians are anti-Semitic.  Arab Christians are anti-Semitic.  And Jewish converts to Christianity are anti-Semitic.

In fact, Hitler has Jewish roots.  Many Fundamentalist Christian pastors and evangelical preachers come from Jewish families who converted to Christianity or they themselves have converted to Christianity.

Americans have been anti-Semitic.  Americans are anti-Semitic.  And Americans will always be anti-Semitic.

The difference is how the American Christians will decide to treat the Jews.

This was the situation in Germany.

Decades before the Holocaust, Jews of Germany enjoyed the greatest power, the greatest wealth, and the prettiest German women as lovers.  Then the Holocaust came, and Jews were systematically killed with the support of all European citizens, who “reported” their Jewish neighbors to Nazi authorities, freely and out of their own free will.

Read the book, Anne Frank’s Diary and see how it was.

Jeb Bush may have Jewish campaign strategists who see through Jewish eyes.  But Christians see the world through the lens of the New Testament.  And as Jewish experts throughout 2000 years of Jewish history have emphasized, again and again, the New Testament is anti-Semitic.  Therefore, Christians will always be anti-Semitic, until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which will effectively end the world as we know it.



Should Christians boycott Starbucks?

There is a reason why Donald Trump is number one so far and may likely be the next President of the United States of America.  Donald Trump understands how the American people are feeling.

Donald Trump is calling for the boycott of Starbucks because Starbucks has declared war on Christmas:

For decades, Jews and Atheists in America have declared war on Christmas.

Jews and Atheists have sued townships, cities, counties, state, government institutions in an effort to destroy Christianity in America.

It is understanding that Jews and Atheists have declared war on Baby Jesus and the celebration of Baby Jesus’s birthday.

If Jews and Atheists had their way, they would have told Mary to abort the child.  You have seen the last Planned Parenthood videos.

And we know from the Bible that the Jewish King Herod of Judaea killed babies in an effort to kill Baby Jesus.

And the Gospels of the New Testament emphasize that Jews tried to kill Jesus Christ throughout His ministry.  And the New Testament emphasizes that it was the Jews who killed Jesus Christ.  This Gospel Truth is emphasized again in the Book of Acts.

Thus, it is no surprise that Jews and Atheists of the United States of America want to kill Baby Jesus and the celebration of His birthday.

Americans want to say “Merry Christmas!” and Donald Trump understands this.  American Christians feel that Jews and Atheists are being Tyrants and abusing and manipulating the court system and the US government to forbid Christmas celebration in America.  American people’s anger is at a tipping point, and Donald Trump understands this. And it is this understanding that makes him number one in America among the Republican presidential candidates.

American people feel that Donald Trump is standing up for them, not like the other “chicken” Republican Party establishment that is eager to please billionaire and millionaire Jews and Atheists.

It is important for America’s Christians to boycott Starbucks to send a message to the Jewish billionaires and millionaires who want to use their money to destroy the celebration of Baby Jesus’s birthday.

If America’s Christians can successfully bankrupt Starbucks, then it is a victory for America’s Christians and for America, which is for the American majority, who are Christians.

American Christians must endorse Baby Jesus and the celebration of Baby Jesus’s birthday, which is Christmas.

This is an important responsibility as a Christian, if you are a true follower of Baby Jesus.

Make anti-Starbucks shirts, hats, and billboards.  Bash Starbucks on social media.  Write complaints and negative reviews of Starbucks coffee on consumer reviews.  Picket local Starbucks in your neighborhood.  Picket the house of CEO of Starbucks. Mr. Howard Schultz, who is JEWISH.  Flood Starbucks with protest letters.  Show Baby Jesus that you love Him!

Will God allow a catastrophic terrorist attack on American soil?

You have seen the news about ISIS successfully bombing a Russian plane.  There are now fears in the United States that ISIS can carry out attacks in American air ports and/or American air planes.  See the article below:

We know from the Bible that God allowed “Heathens” to kill believers, when believers went away from the Bible.  God allowed “Heathens” to destroy the Chosen Nation Israel (CNI), when the nation of Israel went away from God’s Word.

What we have, today, in the United States is a nation that has gone away from God’s Word.  Legalizing Gay Marriage and forcing Christians to endorse homosexuality by law is a major problem, because God considers homosexuality as a crime and expects Christians to oppose homosexuality and homosexuals.

Churches are to excommunicate homosexuals and homosexual couples.  In other words, Christian churches are not allowed to let homosexuals worship in God’s House (“His House; His Rules!”).

Since churches in the United States are refusing to enforce God’s laws in God’s House, God can take action.  We see in the Bible that God can use Heathens to kill believers in divine wrath and divine judgment.  Applying the principles of the Bible, American Christians can be certain that God will allow ISIS and other “Heathens” to have successful terrorist attacks on American soil, which kills, perhaps, millions of Americans.

Knowing the Bible, American Christians expect this.

See the sermons from Bible-believing preachers. This is precisely what they are preaching.

So, don’t be surprised if ISIS or Al Qaeda or other “Heathen” enemy bombs American planes, killing hundreds of American Christians, during Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The United States of America must illegalize homosexuality by law and arrest homosexuals.  Until this happens, God will never give victory to the United States of America over its enemies.

Just read the Bible and understand how God acts in history (“His Story”).  You can count on some things to happen in history based on certain factors….

Did you hear that Mormons are excommunicating homosexuals?

Yes.  Follow the link below:

Mormons are growing because evangelical Christian churches are failing to lead.

People can read the Bible, and they see that the Bible labels homosexuality as a crime.

People rather follow the Bible, rather than human words.  When people see so-called evangelical Christian leaders embracing homosexuals with “love”, they are turned off and they start to wander. They know that these so-called evangelical Christian leaders do not conform to the principles of the Word of God.

Churches of Jesus Christ must follow the Bible and push to illegalize homosexuality in American society and in US laws.

This is what the Bible emphasizes.  This is the will of God.

Obviously, God always enforces His Laws, even if Christians are “stiff-necked” and refuse to follow the principle of the Bible that homosexuality is a crime.

We are talking about a God who destroyed the nation of Israel, even though it was the “Chosen Nation”!  This is the God of the Bible!

Read through the Book of Jeremiah and understand how God operates in history.