Should United States President Barack Obama be considered as evil according to Christian standards?

Do you remember when the United States Supreme Court made the ruling to force all 50 states to accept gay marriage and homosexuality?  What did the United States President Obama do?  Did President Obama condemn the United States Supreme Court for opposing the Bible and Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality?

No.  Mr. Obama “painted” the White House in rainbow colors (through lighting) to show support for homosexuals and gay marriage ruling of the United States Supreme Court.

How do you think God feels?

Yes, in in the sight of the Holy Bible, United States Barack Obama must be considered as an evil president because he stands against the Holy Bible, which is the Word of God.

Any ruler who pulls national direction away from the Holy Bible is evil in the sight of God.

Do you think that the rains in Texas are punishment from God for tolerating Gay Marriage Laws?

The Holy Bible is clear about God punishing people who do not acknowledge God and God’s Laws as found in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Both the Old Testament and the New Testament emphatically condemn homosexuality.  Obviously, since homosexuality is a crime, according to God, gay marriage is certainly a crime in God’s eyes.

As a crime, like murder, homosexuality must be punished by law (and obviously gay marriage must be punished by law).  This is the will of God.

When a nation shakes its fists against God and God’s Word, God becomes angry.  It’s about respect.  God wants respect for Himself and His Law.

When Christians do not fight for God and God’s Word, God becomes angry and punishes Christians.  In a democracy, citizens are held responsible for its nation’s laws.  God hold every US citizen responsible for USA’s gay marriage laws, and God will punish, as it is God’s nature to punish those who stand against God’s law.

God killed the very Israelites He saved from the Egyptians, when the Israelites defied God’s Law.  Just read the Book of Exodus.  In the same way, even if God saved you from your sins, God will kill you and your family, if you stand against God’s Word, by tolerating gay marriage laws of the nation.

God sees the heart, and God sees how much effort and money you are spending to fight for God and God’s Word.  If you are not doing this, then God will punish you and your family.  This is the very nature of God.

In October, we celebrate the Reformation by Martin Luther.  Even when all the Christian churches in his time were corrupt, Martin Luther alone stood against all the Christian churches in his time and called on them to follow the Bible.

It is possible for all the churches and all the theologians to be wrong at the same time.

As we celebrate the Christian Reformation and its emphasis on following the Word of God, let us not forget that every Christian must fight against gay marriage laws of the United States of America.

Those who do not will be punished by God who is God of Justice.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom….

Is the Holocaust a punishment of God of the Jews for killing Jesus Christ?

According to the Holy Bible, Jews killed Christ.

That is the Bible truth.  Early Christians emphasized this fact as truth, as can be seen in the Book of Acts.

Why would all four Gospels emphasize that Jews killed Jesus Christ if this is not true?

More importantly, the Holy Bible wants all Christians (followers of Jesus Christ) to “never forget” that Jews killed Jesus Christ, so that Gospel Truth is emphasized in the Gospels in the New Testament in many chapters.

God wants Christian churches to emphasize that Jews killed Jesus Christ.  It is a Gospel Truth that God wants preached from the pulpits.

If your daughter was brutally raped in front of your eyes and tortured and killed, wouldn’t you want justice?

Then, you understand the heart of God the Father.  God the Father wants justice for unjust death of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

So, in 70 AD, God sent in the Roman army to wipe out the Jewish nation of Israel from the map of the world.  And throughout the history of Western Civilization, Jews were constantly killed by one nation or another.

Since God is outside of time, God’s punishment of Jews for killing Jesus Christ is perpetual in time, or constant in time, and this will continue until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

You can understand why Hell is eternal.  If you do not accept Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior, and you die, then you will go to Hell and suffer for eternity, forever and ever.

This is the way God acts.

In the same way, God perpetually punishes the Jews and the Jewish nation, until the End of the Word, for the crime of killing His Only Begotten Son.

The Jewish nation of Israel has not repented for killing God’s Only Begotten Son. Jews who have not converted to Christianity have not repented for the Jewish people killing Jesus Christ.

God demands justice for the death of His Only Begotten Son.

Maybe you can say, “Ah, just forget it!  My little daughter was just raped and tortured and killed, right in front of my eyes.  Her killer should go free!  No justice is needed, here!”

But God is not that way.  God is a God of Justice.

That is why God sends those who reject Jesus Christ to eternal damnation in Hell.

God seeks justice, and God will have justice.

Given the Gospel Truth, all true Christians must accept that the Holocaust was a punishment of God of the Jewish people for killing Jesus Christ.

Just as God used the Roman army to wipe out Israel in 70 AD for His justice, God used the Nazis to wipe out the Jewish people from Europe.

It was only after over 6 million Jews in Europe were killed that God allowed Hitler to be defeated.  God’s will and justice for that generation was done.

But God’s seeking of justice will continue until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Hell must remind Christians of the nature of God who is just.

Is homosexuality a crime?

What is a crime?

Crime is generally seen as violation of law.  So, in a degenerate society with corrupt laws, certain things are not a crime.

For example, in Greek democracy, homosexuality and pedophilia were not crimes.  Some of the greatest supporters of democracy as a political ideal in ancient Greece engaged in homosexuality and pedophilia.  Same with ancient Rome.  In the Roman democracy, in certain periods, homosexuality and pedophilia were seen as “normal”.

What is normal in these two democracies were defined by their societal laws and societal practices.

The concept of crime shifts in societies, and in a corrupt society, that which may be morally reprehensible becomes the norm or “the law.”

Unfortunately, this is the situation in the United States of America. The United States Supreme Court is forcing all Americans in all 50 US states to accept homosexuality as “normal” or “legal”, even though the Holy Bible clearly condemns homosexuality as evil and as a crime.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and killed every human being in Sodom and Gomorrah because of the crime of homosexuality.

The Holy Bible prescribes death for homosexuality.  And it is forbidden to preach the Gospel to homosexuals.  Jesus Christ never preached the Gospel to homosexuals.  St. Paul espoused excommunication of homosexuals, so that they are prohibited from worshiping Christ at church.

For the whole of Christian history, homosexuality has been considered a crime against God and a crime against nature.  Any change in course must be considered an deviation from the morality that God has set.


My United Methodist Church that I have been attending for over 30 years just hired a female pastor. What should I do?

The United Methodist Church (UMC) as a Christian denomination has been, unfortunately, drifting away from God and the Bible.  You can still find individual United Methodist Church (UMC) local churches that follow the Bible and the Word of God, but that is becoming rarer and rarer.  A lot has changed in the last 30 years, and much for the worse, as you know yourself, from your own experience.

The Holy Bible clearly prohibits women from preaching from the pulpit and being ordained as clergy for the Christian church.  This is outlined in the Bible in no unclear terms.  This is the New Testament rule for the church.

You heard the saying, “As long as you are in my house, you will abide by my rules!”

Well, God has the same attitude!

Churches ultimately belong to God and are subject to God’s rules.  The New Testament clearly prohibits female pastors from preaching in the pulpit in your church (or any Christian church).

Your church is breaking God’s rules in God’s house.

How do you feel when people break your rules in your house?

So, you can get a taste of how God feels?

What do you do when people constantly break your rules in your house?

Well, so you can imagine what God will do.

God is alive.  God is not dead.  God wants people to follow His rules in His House, the church.

So, you must leave your United Methodist Church (UMC) local church and find a church with a male pastor.  You must follow God’s rules in God’s House,  This is a very simple ABC’s of being a follower of Christ.

So many churches (and even theologians) have gone away from the Bible and follow the ways of the world, like feminism.  And that is why there is so much wrong with American society and American Christianity.

Don’t be a part of the wrongs that keep degenerating America toward Satan’s Rule.

First step for you to take is to leave your church with the female pastor.  Worship services with female pastors are not accepted by God, because God prohibits female pastors from preaching from the pulpit.

Should women be ordained pastors or preachers?

Unfortunately, feminism is like breast cancer that starts with one cell and spreads to the vital organs, which eventually kills the body after much pain and suffering.

Because of feminism, America’s families became broken through divorce.  Divorce rate is at a phenomenal rate, because some women do not want to obey the Bible and obey their husbands.  Husbands are to be the head of the household and the spiritual head of the family.  Wife must submit to the husband as she would to Jesus Christ.  But because some women refuse to kneel before the Word of God, America’s families are becoming broken, and many of America’s children are growing up in broken homes and dysfunctional “families”.  This is highly unfortunate.

Christian churches in America have failed to obey the Word of God and direct the women in their church to follow the Bible.

Feminism is rampant in the USA, and it is destroying America’s families.

Many husbands of divorce are suffering because they cannot financially support themselves and pay child alimony; it’s like supporting two households with one income.  Lawyer fees for divorce is high, too.  Feminism has not only broken homes, but feminism has also financially destroyed many men in America.

America’s men are broken because of feminism, and this results in a dysfunction in the society.  Feminism is at fault.

America’s Christian churches must restructure themselves to direct the women in their churches to submit to the Word of God.  America’s Christian churches must go back to the New Testament teaching.  This is the only way to save the dysfunction of American men as the result of feminism-fueled divorce.

Feminism is spreading like breast cancer cells throughout America.  Strong spiritual chemotherapy is needed to kill the cancerous cells that is invading the body.  Even the Body of Christ, which is the church.

Feminism has crept into theology and theological seminaries, which now push ideas that are directly contradictory to the Bible.  Even some so-called evangelical Christian seminaries have caved into the feminist dogma that women should be ordained Christian clergy.  This is wrong.

The Holy Bible speaks in no unclear terms about the role of women in churches.  Women are to be silent in churches.  Women are not to preach.  Here is the Bible reference:

“The women are to keep silent in the churches; for they are not permitted to speak, but are to subject themselves, just as the Law also says” (I Corinthians 14:34).

America’s Christian denominations must forbid the ordination of women to positions of Christian clergy.  Churches are the Body of Christ, and they must follow the Bible.

It is important to fear the LORD, for the fear of the LORD is beginning of wisdom.  It is important to remember that the LORD Jesus Christ is the King of kings and the LORD of lords, and LORD Jesus Christ commands that women not preach in churches or become ordained preachers.

Women and men of the United States of America must comply with this Law of God for the churches of God and the people of God.

And let all the people of God say, “Amen!”

Should divorced women be allowed leadership positions in church?

One thing is very clear in the New Testament.

Jesus Christ illegalized divorce.

Not only that, Jesus Christ calls every divorced woman who remarries as being adulteress.  Living in perpetual adultery.

This is reinforced by St. Paul.  Christ prohibited divorce.  Divorced women who remarry enter into a state of adultery.

This is the very Word of God.

Since divorced women who remarry are in a state of adultery, should such women be allowed leadership positions in church?

No divorced woman in the New Testament held a position of leadership in church.  There were a lot of women who committed divorce at the time of Jesus Christ.

The Christian church has held the Biblical position on divorce for 2,000 years.

Today, Bible-centered Baptist churches, Presbyterian churches, charasmatic churches, and other Christian denominations prohibit divorced women from serving in leadership positions in churches and Christian organizations, in obedience to the very commandment of Jesus Christ.

The answer to your question is, “No.”

Divorced women should not serve as leaders in churches.

They should repent for their crime against God, and live the rest of their lives in contemplation of their crime against God and seek to aid in the building up of Christ’s body through silent prayer and financial support of truly Bible-centered Christian ministries.

The New Testament is there to follow and not to ignore.  Divorced women must humble themselves from the sight of the LORD.

Does Pro-Gay Christian missions offend God?

Some people keep saying that God loves everyone, even though that is not what the Bible teaches.  Human beings are adding to the Word of God and ignoring the patent commandment of God.

The Holy Bible is clear on the emphasis that homosexuals are not allowed in Christian worship services.  St. Paul’s emphasis on excommunication and his anti-gay rhetoric are patent in the New Testament.  In the Old Testament, God refused to send missionaries to Sodom and Gomorrah.  God just wanted to kill everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah because of tolerance for homosexuality.  That is who God is.

But today, America’s Christian leaders have cow-towed before the feet of Satan.  That is why they stand against the very Word of God in the Holy Bible that prohibits evangelizing to homosexuals or allowing them to be present in Christian worship services.

God will enforce the Law of God and militate against Christian leaders and so-called Christian churches that want to “love” homosexuals, against the very Word of God.

Loving homosexuals is illegal under God’s Law.

Sharing the Gospel with homosexuals is illegal under God’s Law.

God will enforce God’s Law against those who trespass it.

Don’t forget.  God wiped out the Jewish nation of Israel for its flagrant violation of God’s Law and disrespect of the Holy Trinity.

God always enforces His Law.  He is God!

Do you think that Hillary Clinton’s actions amount to guilt in the death of Ambassador Stevens?

People in government positions are responsible for the decisions that they make.  It is important to help all people in political positions to understand that they are not masters of American citizens, but that they are there to represent and to serve the American people.

Hillary Clinton’s actions related to Benghazi is a very important thing not only for the Republicans, but also for the Democrats.  In fact, it is important for all of America’s peoples.  It relates to the question of whether government officials can act with impunity and immunity.  If Hillary Clinton is not held accountable for her actions, then it sets a bad precedent for all other government officials to act with impunity and immunity in the decisions that they make that involve the lives of American citizens.

Why is this a Christian issue?

The Bible clearly shows that God holds those in power responsible for the decisions that they make.

When Jewish leaders had Jesus Christ crucified on the cross through the manipulation of the legal process and the official court system, they thought that they were immune.  They thought that they had just stepped on and crushed a homeless vagabond, who preached to prostitutes, tax collectors, and “sinners”.  They thought that they had used their political power to crush their opposition and that they would not be held responsible for lying about Jesus Christ and producing false witnesses in the judiciary process.

But God is just.

God is fair.

God listens to the oppressed and the fatherless.  God does not allow the politically powerful to be immune from their actions.

That is why God wiped out Israel from the map of the world in 70 AD, as a testimony to the world, forever and ever, that God exists and that God is just.  God punished Israel for the crimes of its political and religious leaders.

And if you remember, when King David had a sexual affair with Bathsheba and sent her husband, the army general, to his death in a war, God sent His prophet to punish King David.

This sets a precedent in the Christian tradition that no political ruler can act with immunity or impunity.  They are all responsible for their actions.

Making sure that Hillary Clinton is held responsible for the death of Ambassador Stevens and other American citizens is a Christian issue, a matter of justice that God is concerned with.

Hillary Clinton refused to send help, when she was in a position of power to do so, even though the request was sent numerous times.  In a sense, Hillary Clinton is like King David who intentionally sent someone at his mercy to his death.

God cares about justice.

Why do you think more and more high school athletes are dying?

It seems like more and more high school athletes are dying.

As you know, the Bible teaches that the wages of sin is death.

God is in control and every day cannot occur without God’s permission.  God is absolutely sovereign over His creation.  In this regard, every death is meaningful in some way.  It shows something.

There is a serious problem with drugs among the teens in the United States, and this drug problem is growing.  There is also alcohol abuse problem among teens.

If a teen is using drugs or alcohol, then it is possible to see that his or her body is not functioning at its maximum, so that a injury could result in death (whereas it might not have if there were not drug use or alcohol use).  Drug use and alcohol abuse can destroy the strength of the body.

There is a reason why companies conduct drug tests.  A person using drugs cannot perform work at the optimal level.

In the same way, a high school athlete using drugs is susceptible.  This can explain why more and more high school athletes are dying.  Drugs are not cool.  Drugs can and do kill!

It is important to illegalize drugs.  Drugs destroy the health of the body.  Drugs can cause disability and brain damage on babies (when moms or dads use them).  Drugs often cause people to commit crimes, because they are not thinking straight, when they are using drugs.

Drugs must be illegalized.  And Christians and Christian churches must fight to illegalize drugs by American federal and state law.

Drug suppliers must be given the death penalty.  Drug use must be stamped out of American society, including from social settings of teen athletes.