Do you think that Hillary Clinton’s actions amount to guilt in the death of Ambassador Stevens?

People in government positions are responsible for the decisions that they make.  It is important to help all people in political positions to understand that they are not masters of American citizens, but that they are there to represent and to serve the American people.

Hillary Clinton’s actions related to Benghazi is a very important thing not only for the Republicans, but also for the Democrats.  In fact, it is important for all of America’s peoples.  It relates to the question of whether government officials can act with impunity and immunity.  If Hillary Clinton is not held accountable for her actions, then it sets a bad precedent for all other government officials to act with impunity and immunity in the decisions that they make that involve the lives of American citizens.

Why is this a Christian issue?

The Bible clearly shows that God holds those in power responsible for the decisions that they make.

When Jewish leaders had Jesus Christ crucified on the cross through the manipulation of the legal process and the official court system, they thought that they were immune.  They thought that they had just stepped on and crushed a homeless vagabond, who preached to prostitutes, tax collectors, and “sinners”.  They thought that they had used their political power to crush their opposition and that they would not be held responsible for lying about Jesus Christ and producing false witnesses in the judiciary process.

But God is just.

God is fair.

God listens to the oppressed and the fatherless.  God does not allow the politically powerful to be immune from their actions.

That is why God wiped out Israel from the map of the world in 70 AD, as a testimony to the world, forever and ever, that God exists and that God is just.  God punished Israel for the crimes of its political and religious leaders.

And if you remember, when King David had a sexual affair with Bathsheba and sent her husband, the army general, to his death in a war, God sent His prophet to punish King David.

This sets a precedent in the Christian tradition that no political ruler can act with immunity or impunity.  They are all responsible for their actions.

Making sure that Hillary Clinton is held responsible for the death of Ambassador Stevens and other American citizens is a Christian issue, a matter of justice that God is concerned with.

Hillary Clinton refused to send help, when she was in a position of power to do so, even though the request was sent numerous times.  In a sense, Hillary Clinton is like King David who intentionally sent someone at his mercy to his death.

God cares about justice.

Why do you think more and more high school athletes are dying?

It seems like more and more high school athletes are dying.

As you know, the Bible teaches that the wages of sin is death.

God is in control and every day cannot occur without God’s permission.  God is absolutely sovereign over His creation.  In this regard, every death is meaningful in some way.  It shows something.

There is a serious problem with drugs among the teens in the United States, and this drug problem is growing.  There is also alcohol abuse problem among teens.

If a teen is using drugs or alcohol, then it is possible to see that his or her body is not functioning at its maximum, so that a injury could result in death (whereas it might not have if there were not drug use or alcohol use).  Drug use and alcohol abuse can destroy the strength of the body.

There is a reason why companies conduct drug tests.  A person using drugs cannot perform work at the optimal level.

In the same way, a high school athlete using drugs is susceptible.  This can explain why more and more high school athletes are dying.  Drugs are not cool.  Drugs can and do kill!

It is important to illegalize drugs.  Drugs destroy the health of the body.  Drugs can cause disability and brain damage on babies (when moms or dads use them).  Drugs often cause people to commit crimes, because they are not thinking straight, when they are using drugs.

Drugs must be illegalized.  And Christians and Christian churches must fight to illegalize drugs by American federal and state law.

Drug suppliers must be given the death penalty.  Drug use must be stamped out of American society, including from social settings of teen athletes.

Is Joel Osteen responsible for the Gay mayor of Houston?

Rev. Joel Osteen’s ministry is in Houston, Texas.  His church is a mega-church.  If it were truly salt and light of the world, then the very presence of his ministry would prevent a homosexual from becoming a leader in the city of Houston, Texas.

The fact that a lesbian became a mayor in Houston shows that Rev. Joel Osteen needs to repent.  All churches in the city of Houston, Texas, need to repent for their failure to be the salt and light of the city of Houston and drive out homosexuality and homosexuals from the city.

Look at Lynchburg, Virginia.  Because of the Bible-centered preaching of Rev. Jerry Falwell and Liberty University, homosexuals cannot get a foothold on the city.  That is what happens when a Christ-centered ministry is a salt and light of the city.

Rev. Joel Osteen does not care about God or the Bible; what Rev. Joel Osteen cares about is making people feel good.  He is a feel good guru, and not truly a servant of God.  A true servant of God proclaims the Word of God, even if it hurts the feelings of people.  Rev. Joel Osteen fails to do this.

Look at the preaching of John the Baptist in the Bible.  Just read it for yourself.

And compare John the Baptist’s preaching with Rev. Joel Osteen’s preaching.  Do you see the difference?  One represents the Word of God, but the other does not.

What kind of sermons did Rev. Joel Osteen preach against homosexuality?  Bible condemns homosexuality.  St. Paul preached against homosexuality.  Why does Rev. Joel Osteen not?

Jesus Christ condemned the Jewish religion publicly in His preaching and verbally attacked Jewish religious leaders in public.  Rev. Joel Osteen does not.  Unlike Jesus Christ who emphasized the exclusivity of salvation as coming from Jesus Christ, Rev. Joel Osteen emphasizes religious liberty.  That is not the Word of God.

With more ministries like Rev. Joel Osteen’s, which is afraid of the world and the US federal policies opposing the Word of God, American Christianity is doomed.

America needs preaching like that of John the Baptist in the Gospels.  That is Gospel preaching.

America needs preaching like that of Jesus Christ.  That is Gospel preaching.

Are TV Preachers telling people to love homosexuals being traitors to the Bible?

Bible nowhere tells us to love homosexuals.

Bible clearly shows that God hates homosexuals.  God killed everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah for the crime against God of homosexuality (and tolerance for homosexuality).

Toleration of homosexuality (or “love” of homosexuals) itself is a crime against God that will bring about the wrath of God.

Any preacher who preaches that you have to love homosexuals is not a faithful servant of the Bible, because the Bible is clear about God’s position against homosexuals.

Yes.  Any preacher who supports gay marriage laws or tells you to “love” homosexuals is a traitor to the Holy Bible and the Word of God.

We must follow the Word of God, and not words of human beings.

Martin Luther reformed the church, because the pope in Rome told people to do this and do that, and it went against the Bible.

In the United States of America, every preacher who tells you to “love” homosexuals do not respect the Bible and the Word of God that is contained in the Bible.  Bible never tells you to love homosexuals.  Jesus Christ never evangelized to homosexuals. St. Paul excommunicated (barred from church) homosexuals.

Any preacher telling you to “love” homosexuals is a traitor to the Bible and stands against the Word of God.

Do you think that feminism is destructive?

Secular feminism is the source of a lot of trouble in America.


Why is there such a great number of divorce?

In large part, secular feminism is at fault.

Who suffers from divorce?  The children.  And the women, the most.  That is the irony of secular feminism.  Because of divorce, a lot of women become lonely.  Their husbands can find younger women and marry them.  That’s been the case, since beginning of time.  But middle age women and older, who are divorced, often find themselves alone and lonely.

This sometimes results in homosexuality (lesbianism), as some divorced or lonely women seek companionship and intimacy with other women, since they can’t find men.

Look around you and see the lesbian women.  And see if this is the case.

On TV?

Rosie O’Donnell.  Ellen Degeneres.

Secular feminism has brought a lot of evil into American families and to the American society.

Just as Eve was the source of death-wrought-by-sin, often secular feminists are the source of pushing/beguiling the forbidden fruit in the American society to everyone’s detriment.

Secular feminism is a destructive force for American families, the American society, and the American children.

Look at the Planned Parenthood.  It is an emblem of secular feminism.  It kills babies and sells their body parts.

Do you think that the death of 4 University of South Carolina athletes in a car wreck is punishment from God?

As you can read from the previous blog posts, God is angry is with South Carolina for several reasons.

Confederate Flag

(1) God does not consider slavery sin, but South Carolina has used slavery to take down the Confederate Flag, and this angers God.  When God calls slavery not sin, all South Carolinians are expected to submit to this New Testament teaching or face the judgment of God.

(2) God does not like the fact that South Carolina does not fight more aggressively against gay marriage laws at the federal level and at the state level.  Silence is guilt, and God will punish South Carolina’s evangelical Christians for their silence or permissiveness about gay marriage laws by killing South Carolina’s evangelical Christians in divine judgment through weather (floods), illnesses (cancer), car accidents, terrorist attacks, mentally deranged criminal acts, etc.  Just read the Bible to see all the ways God punishes those who do not respect God’s Word and God’s Law.  It’s about respect for God.  Respect!

(3) South Caroina’s politicians are publicly standing against the Word of God and this angers God.  God will strike South Carolina’s citizens, until South Carolinians extinguish the politicians who disrespect God and God Word.  Vote them out!  Get them impeached.  Do something!

God killed the four athletes in a car accident (of course, God could have protected their lives!  He is God, after all!), because South Carolina insults God through their silence on homosexuality and gay marriage.

Homosexuals must be arrested and executed.  That is the will of God as explicitly stated in the Word of God.

Until South Carolina complies with God’s Law, expect God to enforce God’s Laws and execute South Carolina’s evangelical Christians and their children in the way God sees fit.

Read the Bible to see the ways God will do this in South Carolina.

Is Israel an evil nation?

Jesus Christ certainly thought Israel was evil.

Jesus Christ cursed Jewish cities and prophesied their destruction, and Jesus Christ’s prophecies against Jewish cities were fulfilled in 70 AD, when the Jewish nation of Israel was completely destroyed.

Jesus Christ cursed Jerusalem for persecuting God’s prophets.

Book of Acts and St. Stephen reiterated these curses against Jerusalem and the Jews.

The New Testament is clear in emphasizing that Israel is an evil nation and Jews are an evil people.

Book of Galatians clearly condemns Jews and Christians who support Jews.  St. Paul says that so-called Christians who support the Jews will go to eternal damnation in Hell and that they are preaching an another Gospel.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly condemns Jews and the Jewish nation of Israel.

You can read this for yourself in the Gospel of Mathew, the Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of Luke, and the Gospel of John.

Jesus Christ clearly emphasized Israel as an evil nation for rejecting Him.


If we are to follow Jesus Christ, then we must admit that Israel is evil.

Thus, anyone who supports Israel should be considered evil in the sight of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the eyes of God.

Do you think that God gives breast cancer to women who had an abortion?

Abortion is killing a baby.

Abortion is a very painful way for a baby to die.

Baby’s own mother killed the baby.

What do you think should be the punishment for such a horrific crime?

Hillary Clinton says that it is okay to kill babies, and Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party defends killing babies (abortion) and selling baby body parts (Planned Parenthood).  This is how evil Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are!

If a woman who had an abortion gets breast cancer and dies a very painful death after having both of her breasts chopped off, that is justice.  She had killed an innocent human being – her own child!  Dying a painful death with breast cancer is actually too kind for such a mean, heartless mother who kills her own baby inside her womb.

Are more women getting breast cancer?  Yes.

How many of these women have killed their babies?

It’s justice, if they have.

Anyone who had an abortion must repent and come to the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Confess your sins!  You are a murderer!

There is no difference between a person who committed abortion and someone who killed an innocent baby in cold blood.

Do you think that homosexuals should be imprisoned by law?

Let me ask you this?

If a person invades your house in the middle of the night, wakes you and your wife up, then drag your two little daughters who are barely in their teens, then they rape them right before your eyes, torture them, and kill them by slitting their throats with a kitchen knife that your wife uses for making dinner for your family, should this person go to prison?

Homosexuality is more evil than murder or this act described above, in the Moral Law of God.

God demands justice.

Yes, homosexuals must be imprisoned by law.

Any preacher who says otherwise is not from God and He does not support the Moral Law of God as described in the Bible.

In the Last Days, the Bible clearly explains, there will be false prophets and false teachers.

Those who support not imprisoning and not executing homosexuals by state law and national/federal law, are not in tune with the Will of God for America and for humanity.

Bible is clear on its condemnation of homosexuality as the greatest evil – unnatural abomination – that is far more evil than murder of the worse kind.

Will God hold American churches and Christians responsible for American government’s funding of killing babies?


God sees all.

God sees that America’s churches do not care about God’s Word and have become mere socializing institutions that try to make people feel good about themselves, rather than glorifying God and upholding the Word of God in American society.

God sees that American churches that meet on Fridays, Wednesdays, and Sundays do not address social issues, such as baby-killing (abortion) and gay marriage (“unnatural abomination”), with the Word of God.

Thus, God holds American churches and American Christians directly responsible for all the death of the babies that are financed by tax dollars paid by American citizens to the United States government, without any serious protest or effort to block it.

America’s churches have lost their way.  They have become “people-pleasers” rather than disciples of Christ.

America’s churches need to go back to the New Testament church and to the Gospels of Jesus Christ to see how they are to preach the Word of God and the content of the Gospel message that God wants delivered.

Christ fought society’s political, social, and religious leaders to advance the Kingdom of Christ on earth, and that is what Christ expects American churches to do.