Should Christians in the USA be aggressive in defending Christianity in society and in politics?

It is important to follow the example of Jesus Christ and the apostles in the New Testament.

Jesus Christ aggressively attacked leaders of Judaism in the New Testament in order to protect His Gospel Message (HGM) that salvation is possible only by accepting Him as Savior and LORD God.

St. Paul in the New Testament aggressively attacked leaders of Judaism in order to defend the purity of Christianity.  St. Paul used to be a Pharisee who killed and persecuted Christians in the name of Judaism (Jewish religion).   Thus, it is particularly important for the Christian churches of today to understand why St. Paul did what He did.

Christians in the USA, England, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, etc., etc. must follow the example of the New Testament.

The New Testament is a guide for the churches of today.

It is important to read the Book of Galatians and see that St. Paul states that those who defend Judaism and support the cause of the Jewish nation of Israel will go to Hell.

Have a look at the book, Galatians as Examined by Diverse Academics in 2012 (St. Andrews, Scotland).

There is a lot wrong with America, today.  Look at the growing violence.

God is allowing violence to overtake America, in every city and every town, because American Christians have abandoned the Bible as the chief authority for their town, city, state, and country.

America’s state laws and national laws must submit to the Word of God, which is the Bible.

It is important for Christians in America to fight aggressively against gay marriage laws, since homosexuality is a crime, according to the New Testament and the Old Testament.  Christians must fight to illegalize homosexuality and arrest and imprison homosexuals.

There is a reason why the Bible emphasizes homosexuality as a crime.  It is important to follow the directions of the Bible, if people want to enjoy God’s blessings in a town, city, state, or country.

Because Christians in America do NOT follow the example of Jesus Christ in aggressively attacking the enemies of Christianity, the dominion of Satan is extending into every town and countryside and the inner city.  Crime rate is rising, and the horrific nature of crime is intensifying.

Not only that, non-Christians and anti-Christian individuals are using the court system and US government resources to try to destroy Christian politicians, Christian ministers, Christian churches, and Christian individuals.

It is important for America’s Christians to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and aggressively attack the leaders who seek to destroy Bible Christianity in America, such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (who push homosexuality and gay marriage).

Jesus Christ fought against national unity.  Unity is not what God wants for America.  What God wants for America is to follow the Word of God and do the Will of God.

Jesus Christ fought against unity in His society, and good Christians who want to follow Christ as His disciples must follow the example of Christ.

Christ does not want unity in America, which allows for toleration for homosexuality and pushing of gay marriage laws through America’s official legal channels and the court system.

True Christians must fight against unity, as Jesus Christ Himself fought against the leaders of Judaism and tried to destroy the unity in his society and in his country of Israel.

Churches and Christian Schools should aggressive use the court system to sue atheists, secular activists, feminists, and other religions to protect Christianity

The American society is becoming anti-Christian.

The US government is becoming anti-Christian.

This is because Christian churches and Christian colleges are submitting to Satan’s dominion in the USA and playing “nice”.  It’s a big problem for America’s Christianity.

Jesus Christ never played nice with religious leaders of Judaism; this is clear on the Gospels.  Jesus Christ constantly attacked the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and the Jerusalem Temple priests, every time that Jesus got.  Jesus Christ played hardball with the Jewish religious leaders.

Jesus Christ proclaimed that He was the only way to salvation.  According to Jesus Christ, Judaism leads to eternal damnation in Hell.  Exclusive claim to be the Savior of the World is what got all the Jews hot and puffy in the Gospel story.  That’s why Jews killed Jesus Christ.  You can read all of this in the Gospels in the New Testament.

America’s Christianity made the mistake of not following in Christ’s footsteps.  Christ was not nice with Jews, as the Gospels clearly shows.  American Christians must follow the example of Jesus Christ, and play hardball with atheists, feminists, secularists, and members of other religions who want to take Christ out of Christmas and Bible out of the American society.

America’s churches and America’s Christian colleges must produce more Christian lawyers who are ideologically focused on protecting America’s Christianity.  In other words, America’s churches must be focused on the Christian mission.

What is the purpose of the existence of the churches?

What is the purpose of the existence of the Christian colleges?

To advance Christ in the American society and make Christ known among Americans and the World.

To advance Christ in the American society, America’s churches and America’s Christian colleges must take enemies of Christ to the courts and try to protect Christianity using every venue available to them.

One example of this is Geneva College, which is fighting the Obama Administration and the US government through the court system.

Today, the United States Supreme Court said that they will consider Geneva College’s case:

Geneva College vs. Burwell

It is important for Bible-believing Christians to become lawyers and judges in the USA.

It is important for America’s Christians to use the court system to “play defense” and protect American Christianity from other religions, feminists, secularists, and atheists, who seek to destroy the Christian church and the teachings of the Bible in the American society.

America’s Christian churches and America’s Christian schools have to be much more aggressive like Jesus Christ.

Have a look at the book:  “Jesus the Radical:  A Poetic Reflection on the Gospel of Mark”.  See how Jesus Christ was in the Gospels.

Does God punish at different levels for “more heinous” sins?


The Bible is clear that God punishes ON EARTH for sins.

Sometimes, TV preachers only think about what happens after death, and their human ideas (human theology) sometimes skews their message.

While a person lives on earth, that person will be punished or blessed according to what he does on earth.

Thus, someone who is promiscuous will get sexually transmitted disease, even if God might forgive his sins when he asks for forgives.

A person who drank a lot of alcohol and became an alcoholic will suffer the consequences of his actions, such as a broken marriage, children who veered away into alcoholism themselves, and other destructive consequences of alcoholism, even if God may forgive him for the alcoholism.

God punishes on earth for the sins we commit on earth.  This is a very important fact in the Bible.

God may forgive you for your sins, but you will still suffer the consequences of your sins.  There is divine punishment for your sins, because that is the way God designed the world and the order in the world.

This is the case with Sodom and Gomorrah.  God killed every homosexual in Sodom and Gomorrah, and God killed everyone in those cities that tolerated homosexuality and homosexuals around them.  God punishes on earth for the sins of commission and the sins of omission.  That is God.

Yes, God forgives your sins, but you will suffer the consequences of your sins.  God is just.

For instance, a woman who remained a virgin until marriage and never committed adultery outside of the marriage will enjoy divine blessings that a born-again Christian woman who used to sleep around cannot enjoy.  What can they be?

A born-again woman who used to sleep around will suffer from these consequences (divine punishments) of her sins:

(1) Memories of hurt and pain from sinful relationships.

(2) Sexually transmitted disease or other types of sexually related physical impact

(3) Broken relationships that may come back to haunt her throughout her life

(4) Her husband may not respect her as much as if she were a Christian woman who remained a virgin until marriage.  Her husband may not feel as special.  He may ask what her sexual relationships with other men were like.

These are only few examples.

There is always earthly consequences of sins.

Some sins are more evil than others in the sight of God, and God’s divine punishments for these sins reflects this.

Unless the United States of America illegalizes homosexuality and use the police force and FBI to arrest homosexuals in the United States of America, God will punish America and American citizens.

This may entail:

(1) God proliferating civil unrest and rise in crimes

(2) Weather conditions that kill American citizens

(3) Broken families and broken neighborhood relationships that destroy the American society at every micro-levels

(4) Conflict between government and people that can head toward Civil War, Revolution, or popular unrest.

(5) God allowing proliferation of terrorism on American soil

(6) God refusing to protect American soldiers in the battlefield, so that American soldiers are killed by much inferior Islamic Rebels

Bible is clear that God gives victories in earthly wars.  Read Judges 2:

And an angel of the Lord came up from Gilgal to Bochim, and said, I made you to go up out of Egypt, and have brought you unto the land which I sware unto your fathers; and I said, I will never break my covenant with you.  And ye shall make no league with the inhabitants of this land; ye shall throw down their altars: but ye have not obeyed my voice: why have ye done this?  Wherefore I also said, I will not drive them out from before you; but they shall be as thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare unto you.  And it came to pass, when the angel of the Lord spake these words unto all the children of Israel, that the people lifted up their voice, and wept.” (Judges 2:1-4)

The Bible clearly shows that God breaking his promise “never to break my covenant with you.”

Yes, God will break his promise, if you break your obligations.  God abandons Israel to Israel’s enemies, when Israel does not follow the Bible.

In the same way, God will deliver up America and the US Military for defeat against their enemies, if America does not illegalize homosexuality and arrest homosexuals.

This is the Will of God.

Are all sins equal?

Some people make it sound like telling a white lie (like, “Honey, your dress looks beautiful!” when you do not feel that truly in your heart) is the same as committing murder.

You have heard some TV preachers say, “Sin is sin.  All sin is equal.”

But that is just not true.

God does not consider all sins as equal.

The Bible is clear on this point.

A good way to look at how God views different sins as on a different level of seriousness is to read through the Book of Leviticus and the Book of Deuteronomy in the Bible.

For instance, homosexuality is an “unnatural sin” and a crime against God and crime against nature.  Homosexuality is far more evil in the sight of God than murder (killing another human being) is.

Look at the Westminster Shorter Catechism Question on this point:

Question 83:  Are all transgression of the law equally heinous?

Answer 83:  Some sins in themselves, and by reason of several aggravations, are more heinous in the sight of God than others.

It is important to remember that this principle is based on the Bible, and there are a lot of Bible passages to support it.

So, when you hear a preacher say to you on TV that all sins are equal, you know that he is lying to you or he has not really studied the Bible carefully.  Either way, his teaching is wrong.

We must follow the Bible.

Homosexuality must be illegalized and homosexuals in the United States of America must be arrested by force of law (by police officers and the FBI).  This is the right thing to do, since homosexuality is more evil than murder.

Not all sins are equal.  The Bible is clear on this point.

Will God give victory to the United States over ISIS?

Well, let’s look back at history.

Who won the Crusades?

Christians lost the Christian Crusades against the Muslims.  In other words, the Muslims kicked Christian butts in a series of holy wars that Christians pushed for as a global united alliance.

Obviously, God (the Holy Trinity) gave the victory to the Muslims, because victory comes from the LORD.

But why would God allow infidels to defeat Christian believers?

The answer is simple.

God did not want Jerusalem’s Temple Mount to fall into the hands of the Jews.  God knew that if God gave the victory to the Christians of Europe, then they would eventually hand Israel over to the Jews and the Temple Mount as well.  Then, the Jews would build the Third Jerusalem Temple.

God did not want this.

Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and His coming ends the period of the Temple.  The Jerusalem Temple is no longer needed.  More importantly, God does not want the Jerusalem Temple to be built, because it was the leaders of the Jerusalem’s Temple who decided to kill Jesus Christ in official judiciary proceedings in the Sanhedrin (Jewish Supreme Court).

Thus, God gave victory to the Muslims and ended a lot of lives of true Christian soldiers, who dedicated their lives to the worship of God and to fighting what they thought were the enemies of God.

But God’s true enemies are the Jews, who killed Jesus Christ, and the Jerusalem Temple, and not the Muslims.

Enemy of your enemy is your friend, so goes the saying.

Since Jews are God’s enemies (having killed God’s Only Begotten Son, according to the Gospels), the enemies of the Jews (namely, Muslims) are God’s “friends”, at least insofar as earthly wars are concerned.

It is important to learn from history, since history is “His Story” (God’s Story), in which God’s plan unfolds.

Those who do not learn from history will repeat it.

As long as the United States of America allies itself with the Jewish nation of Israel, which is the enemy nation of God the Father, God will give victories after victories to Muslims.

And that is what we have, today.

United States kills Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda grows in power and in land influence.  Yemen falls to Al Qaeda and US forces are left to flee and Americans abandon the US Embassy in Yemen.

United States kills Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, and Lybia is delivered (by the Holy Trinity) into the hands of Muslim Fundamentalists, who kills the US Ambassador and controls Libya as a center for Holy War against Europe and the USA.  Remember the Crusades?

ISIS is growing, because God is allowing it to grow.

Romans 13 clearly shows that all earthly authority has been given by God.  ISIS is a part of God’s plan.

What plan might that be?

Only history will tell.

But American citizens can have a good idea what is coming to American soil in the very near future.

Can you honestly think that millions of Muslims can be blocked from making the United States of America into a type of Iraq?

Since USA has committed to messing up the Middle East and creating chaos, there, logically it is safe to assume that the chaos there will spread to the USA, especially as USA gets involved in the mess more and more.

It is a global community.

Will God protect America?

Hell, no!  Not when America disrespects the Holy Trinity and opposes the Word of God, by legalizing gay marriage and protecting homosexuals by law.

God used Babylonians to wipe out the Chosen Nation Israel.  And the Bible states that God had created Babylon into a great power in order to accomplish His judgment against Israel.

Just read Isaiah and Jeremiah in the Bible.

Now, God will punish America for legalizing gay marriage and bring judgment against America’s Christians for tolerating such laws.

What manner will God use to bring divine judgment against American citizens?

What do you think?

You should certainly not rule out ISIS.  ISIS is actually a part of ancient Babylon.  Ironic, no?

Just read through the Book of Revelations and carefully read through the prophecies, with these facts in mind.

As long as America supports the Jews and homosexuals, God will give victory to Muslims, just like God allowed Babylonians to literally destroy Israel and decimate the Jewish population.

(Babylonians did not know that they were serving God’s judgment; they just thought that they were fighting wars for their own interests.  But God works in mysterious ways…..)

Is continuing floods in Texas killing people indicative of judgment of God?

The link above shows God having killed 6 people in rain/floods recently in Texas.

Texans must understand that God hates not only homosexuality, but that God also hates homosexuals.

How do we know?

Because God killed every homosexual and those who tolerated homosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah.  God hates homosexuals so much that it was not enough for Him to send them to Hell AFTER their death.  God wanted to kill the homosexuals and wipe them out from the earth.

It is important to know that God chose to execute those who were tolerant of homosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah, even if they are not homosexuals, themselves.  God hates homosexuals, this much.

Any preacher who says that God loves homosexuals is a liar.  The Bible never ever says that God loves homosexuals, so they are putting words into God’s mouth and trying to rewrite the Bible.

You do not need to listen to these lies.

The Word of God is the Holy Bible, and you can read for yourself. If you follow these liars, you will follow them into eternal damnation.

People “fall away” from Christ and His Words.

There were a lot of homosexuals in Jesus Christ’s day, but Jesus Christ never ever said that you should love homosexuals.

That is because God hates homosexuals, the people.

St. Paul prohibited the Gospel from being preached to homosexuals.  Homosexuals were excluded from Christian worship services and excommunicated.

St. Paul never ever said that his congregation should love homosexuals, because St. Paul read the Bible and knew that God hates homosexuals.

Any preacher, on TV or otherwise, who says that God loves homosexuals is a liar and insults God.

The Holy Bible is clear in showing that God hates homosexuals.

Are you going to follow the Bible or are you going to follow human words of liar preachers, who go against the Bible?

Houston, Texas, which voted in a gay mayor is under God’s judgment.  Texans must make things right with God, or God will send something much, much harsher in the way of divine punishment.

This is just warning shot from God.

Do not be fooled.  God will enforce God’s Law through His Holy Angels.

Did Jesus Christ hate the Jews?

When you read the Gospels in the New Testament, what do you feel?  Do you think that the way Jesus Christ treated Jewish religious leaders reflect a hatred of their Jewish religion?

In other words, did Jesus Christ hate Judaism or did Jesus Christ hate Judaism and Jewish religious leaders?

Certainly, the way Jesus Christ treated Jewish religious leaders (Pharisees, Sadducees, Jerusalem Temple priests) is not very loving, by any standard.

You don’t disrespect a whole group of Jewish religious leaders by calling them “Brood of Vipers”, or snakes, if you do not hate them.

It is clear from the Gospels in the New Testament that Jesus Christ hated religious leaders of Judaism.  That is clear to anyone with a 4th grade education who can read the Bible.

It is clear that Jesus Christ hated leaders of Judaism.

The question that you are asking is if Jesus Christ hated the Jews?

Well, let’s consider this:

(1) Jesus Christ cursed Jewish cities and promised destruction of these Jewish cities for rejecting Him as the Messiah.

(2) Jesus Christ calls the Jews, “The Children of Satan”, in the Gospel of John.

(3) Jesus Christ curses Jerusalem and blames Jerusalem for killing God’s prophets.  Jerusalem was the Jewish capital at that time.

(4) Christ violently trespasses the Jerusalem Temple and flips over tables and accuses Jews of making “My Father’s House” into a den of robbers.

(5) Jesus Christ promises that God the Father will kill Jews for killing Him, the Only Begotten Son of God, in the Gospels.

What do you think?  Are these loving words or loving actions or actions that reflect how much Jesus Christ hates Jews?

Happy Reformation Day!

Yes, October 31st is when Protestant Christians all over the world celebrate the Reformation Day.

God used Martin Luther to reform the Christian church.

At the time of Martin Luther, 100% of the churches in the known world had become corrupt.  Yes, this can happen.  It is possible for 100% of American churches to become corrupt.

Thus, Martin Luther had to hide out for 2 years in Wartburg Castle, because every church he went to tried to get him arrested.  Every government in the world had an arrest warrant out on him.

The world can become this corrupt, and earthly churches can become this corrupt.

Today’s American churches that tolerate homosexuals and gay marriage can be seen as corrupt, since the Holy Bible is clear about calling homosexuality a crime.

Based on the Bible, every church in the United States of America must NOT allow a homosexual to worship in the church and defile the worship to Christ.  St. Paul excommunicated homosexuals and did not allow homosexuals to worship in the church.

Bible emphasizes the homosexuality is a crime against God and a crime against nature.

Any local church in the USA which is okay with homosexuals not being arrested and charged with a crime can be considered a church that has gone against God.

Gay marriage laws are NOT okay with God.

Homosexuality is a crime, and every national and state law must make homosexuality illegal.

This is the Will of God for America.

Martin Luther shows us that 100% of the churches in the known world can become corrupt, and a reformation is needed.

This may be the situation in 2015 America.

Is USA main stream media really anti-Christian?

For centuries, Christians have pointed to the mainstream media and accused the Jews of controlling the media to de-Christianize society.  And for these Christians making attacks, it is an absolute truth that they believe in.  This was true in early 20th century Europe, and this is true in present-day USA.

Obviously, you can investigate to see if Jews control the media.  In other words, you can e-verify if this is true, by looking at the names of producers, directors, writers, reporters, and anchor persons.  Are they Jewish or have Jewish partners/spouses?  Is one of their parents Jewish?

The media has often been biased, and it is clear in the leading questions that they pose, such as:

“Social justice is important.  Protecting gay people is a social justice issue.  Don’t you support social justice?

In this type of leading questions, the mainstream media is altering the truth perception or rewriting the concept of social justice.

Obviously, the Bible calls homosexuality a crime, which must be punished by national and state law.  It is not open to debate.

But Jewish media is rewriting history and rewriting morality.

Anti-Christian stance of Jewish media is understandable, since the Holy Bible unequivocally states that Jews are guilty of killing Jesus Christ.  This is emphasized in the Gospels:  All four Gospels as the Gospel Truth!  And this truth is upheld in the Book of Acts and Pauline Epistles.

Since Jews as a people killed Jesus Christ, it is logical that Jews as a people will oppose Christianity and Christian morality.

And that is what is seen in main mass media in the USA.

There are traitors among Christians who are pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, and these traitors to Christianity have helped the Jews in America gain dominance in media and in business and in other sectors of the American society.

Pro-Gay Marriage Laws are a fruit of these betrayals by so-called Christians and so-called Christian leaders, whoa re really traitors to the Gospel Truth and betrayers of Jesus Christ Himself.

Why is it so important that Christians in the United States and other western countries fight to illegalize homosexuality in their country?

One movie that illustrates the concept of honor and duty is “Last Knights” (2015), in which Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen star.

Christians, including Christian leaders in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and other countries have forgotten that Christians are bound by a code and honor.  That code is written down in the Holy Bible, which absolutely condemns homosexuality.  We serve a master, the LORD and God Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ, who is God, executed everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah for engaging in homosexuality or condoning/tolerating homosexuality.  St. Paul has made it clear in the New Testament that homosexuality is a crime.

The Holy Bible in unequivocal about identifying homosexuality as a crime against God and a crime against nature.

The Holy Bible prescribes justice of death for homosexuals as a just and righteous punishment for their crime.

Anyone who stands against this code and against God, whose Word is in the Holy Bible, stands as a traitor to the master and LORD God to whom allegiance is sworn.

Every clergy or church leader or TV evangelist who tolerate homosexuality or “love homosexuals” are opposing the very Word of God.

The Bible never ever commands love for homosexuals.

The Bible prohibits sharing of the Gospel to homosexuals.

The Bible identifies homosexuality as a crime that must be punished by national and state laws.

Any opposition to this is betrayal of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Christ.

It would be good for Christians to watch the movie “Last Knights” (2015) as a way to understand what it means to live by a code and to serve a master and LORD Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is LORD of lords and King of kings.

Jesus Christ is NOT your slave, who must cowtow to your whim to love homosexuals just because you “feel like it”, when the Holy Bible (the Code) explicitly and unequivocally identifies homosexuals as a crime.

You are not the master, the LORD, or God.

You must submit to the Word of God and uphold the Moral Code of God as righteous and good.

Homosexuality must be illegalized in every country, and Christians must fight to see that justice is done against homosexuals.  Homosexuality is a crime, and homosexuals must be imprisoned by force of national and state laws.

This is the explicit Will of God.