Should Christians in the South apologize for flying the Confederate flag?

No, Christians in the South should fly their Confederate flag proudly, because Confederacy did not oppose the Holy Bible.

The New Testament is clear in defending the institution of slavery.  Just because God chose to free slaves in the South (because African-American slaves prayed for freedom and God heard their prayers), does NOT mean that God opposes slavery.

The New Testament is very clear in stating that slaves MUST return to their slave owners.

The Ten Commandment clearly shows that God does not abolish slavery.  God is NOT opposed to slavery, even though God freed Israelites from slavery.

Emancipation of one people from slavery does NOT mean that God opposes slavery as an institution.

The New Testament is the Word of God and it approves of the practice of slavery, and God is always right.

Christians have the right to fly the Confederate Flag proudly in support of slavery, because God supports slavery in the NEW TESTAMENT.

Any Christian pastor who condemns slavery condemns God Himself, who gave the New Testament to the world.

Only thing that true Christians have to worry about is:  “What does God think?”  And the New Testament is clear that God does NOT condemn slavery.  In fact, St. Paul tells slaves to go back to their slave master.

No Christian pastor is allowed to condemn slavery from the pulpit, because that would be against God’s Will as clearly stated in the New Testament.