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Does the Bible teach that women are inherently evil?

Evil is a loaded word.

Let’s just consider the picture of women in the Bible.

The first woman was Eve.  How does the Bible depict her?

Eve was a temptress who enticed Adam into sin after she herself sinned.  Does this remind you of any of your female friends?  Perhaps, your girlfriend?  Often, women play an instrumental role in leading men away from Christ and the Holy Bible.

Look at the women in TV.  Ellen DeGeneres is a homosexual and she celebrates homosexuality.  She is leading the women of America into tolerance for homosexuality, and many men are being enticed by their “Eve” to fall into this crime of tolerating homosexuality (crime vis-a-vis God and God’s Word!).  Does your wife watch Ellen DeGeneres?  If so, she is not a godly woman.  She will lead you and your family down the road to destruction.

Think about Sarah, Abraham’s wife.  God promised Abraham a son of his own, but what did Sarah do?  She laughed at God for promising Abraham a son of his own at his old age.  Abraham had faith, but Sarah did not.

Not only that, Sarah led Abraham into the sin of adultery by having Abraham have sex with Hagar, who bore Abraham, Ishmael.  Sarah was plotting her own plan, when God plainly promised Abraham a son.  This is the way the Bible depicts women.  Do you know women like that?  Perhaps, your female friends are leading you down the road to sin?  Perhaps, your wife is bypassing the promises of God, and leading you into acts that oppose God’s Word?

You see!

There is a reason why God told the churches to make sure that women remain silent in churches.  Women lead men into sin and men away from God.  This is an essential lesson in the Bible.

That is why the man is the head of the household.  Men and women are NOT equal. God never wanted men and women to be equal.

God clearly stated in the Bible that women must obey their husband.  In other words, men are hierarchically higher than women.  This is the way God wants your family to be.  Husband to be superior to the wife, and for the wife to obey the husband.  Husband and wife are not equal, according to the Bible.

How do we know?

The Bible says so.

Also, the husband’s relationship to the wife is like Christ’s relationship to the church. Christ is the head of the church, so the husband is the head of the wife.

A Christian family that does not maintain this Biblical order of husband being superior to wife is bound to end in divorce and broken marriage.  That is because a family where husband and wife are equal is going against the Bible command.

Now, you see why there is so much divorce in the United States?  American Christians have gone away from the Bible principle of what a Christian family should be.  Women are inferior to men, and wife must obey the husband, as the church obeys Christ.

Christianity is not a democracy.  Christianity is absolute monarchy with Christ as the King of kings and the LORD of lords.

Your effort to democratize the church or your family will only end up in your family’s destruction and your church going toward the world and Satan’s dominion.

Husbands should be strong in Christ and assume the superior position in the family and guide the family according to the Bible. Women must submit to the men in the church.  This is what God wants.

Those who do not want to follow God’s order should leave Christianity.  They do not humble themselves before Christ and the Word of God.  They have no place in the Kingdom of Christ or in the life-ever-after.  Those who refuse to submit to the Bible will go to eternal damnation in Hell.  That is the way God intended.

Truly Christian will recognize the authority of the Holy Scriptures and submit to it.

Do you think the flood in South Carolina is a punishment from God?

At least 5 people have died in South Carolina from foods, which is being called a “1000-year rain flood”.  See the article on CNN:


God is actually killing evangelical Christians, because evangelical Christians in South Carolina have betrayed Jesus Christ by not actively and publicly fighting gay marriage laws and homosexuality in the state of South Carolina.  God’s law demands death for homosexuals.  There is no ambiguity in the Bible about what God requires from national laws regarding homosexuality.  Homosexuals are to be illegalized, arrested, imprisoned/executed by national and state law.

Since South Carolina refuses to abide by God’s law as a state, God stands against South Carolina and residents of South Carolina.

God will continue to punish South Carolina, until Bob Jones University and South Carolina’s Christians comply with God’s law and aggressively and publicly push to illegalize homosexuality in South Carolina and overturn gay marriage laws at the national levels.

Wealthy Christian South Carolinans who do not spend their money fighting homosexuality and gay marriage laws will lose their wealth by the will of God.

All wealth used for the glory of God and for pushing God’s Law will become greater and greater, however.

Abraham in the Bible was a millionaire and became wealthier and wealthier because he obeyed God, even to the point of being willing to kill his son in obedience to the command of God.

It was also wrong to take down the Confederate Flag.  Slavery is not sin, and anyone who calls slavery sin stands against God’s Word.  The New Testament clearly defends the institution of slavery.  St. Paul sent a run-away slave back to his master and told him to serve his slave owner like he would Jesus Christ Himself.

Confederate Flag