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Does God want to be known by what is recorded in the Bible?

Yes, God wants to understand His identity as it is revealed in the Holy Bible, and that is why God gave us the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The most serious problem that exists in Evangelical Chrisitan contexts in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries is that Evangelical Christians try to make God into what God is NOT.

For example, have you heard Evangelical Christians say that God loves “unconditionally”?

That is a lie.  God created Heaven and Hell, and the only way a person can go to Hell is by accepting Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior.  This is a condition to God’s love.

The Holy Bible clearly shows that God never loves unconditionally, but many Evangelical Christians are so FAR AWAY FROM THE HOLY BIBLE, that they project faulty identities to God the Father, who has shown us Who He Is in the Hoy Bible.

That is very unfortunate.

Respecting God the Father is respecting how God the Father revealed Himself to be in the Holy Bible.

Is it wrong to pray for wealth or success in job or work projects?

No.  Prayer is talking to your Father in Heaven.  You should pray for wealth and you should pray for success in your job or success in your work projects or school tests.

Unfortunately, there are some Christian leaders who think that wealth and worldly success are evil.  These so-called Christian leaders are wrong.  You should talk with God the Father like He is really your “dad”.  Do not children ask dad for things, like XBox, with simple faith?

It is the simple faith that will have your prayers answered.  You should pray to God that you will win the Spelling Bee Contest.  You should pray to God that small business that you opened will be successful and that you will make a lot of money through it.  You can give tithe and offerings to support God’s Word being spread throughout the world.  You should pray with a simple faith and ask your Father in Heaven to fulfill your dreams.

People who preach that you should not ask God for wealth do not understand the nature of God.  Abraham was wealthy.  Isaac was wealthy. If it were not for early Christians who were wealthy, there could not have been “house churches” where Christians gathered to worship God.  It is important for Christians to pray for wealth and work hard to attain it.  Wealth is a blessing from God, and you should pray to God for it with a simple faith of a child.

Faith is not the only thing you should pray for.  You should pray for material blessing, blessing for your marriage, blessing for all kinds of things in your life.  If you do not pray for blessing, then you will not receive it.  Jesus Christ said, “Ask, and it shall be given you.”

President Trump embodies the simple faith of a child in asking prayer for success of “Apprentice” and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 2, 2017.  You can see from this why Donald Trump is the US President.  He prayed to God that he becomes the US President with a simple faith of a child, and God granted him his prayer wish as his God the Father in Heaven.

If you pray to your God the Father in Heaven with such a simple faith, then your prayers will be answered, too.  God is God of blessing.  God is God of wealth.  And God will give you what you want if you pray in simple faith.  Ask, and it will be given you.

It is wrong to preach that it is wrong to pray for wealth.  A Christian should pray to God the Abba Father for everything, including wealth.  In other words, you must pray to God for everything, including your job and financial situation.  Those preachers who tell you not to pray for wealth or promotion in job are simply wrong, and they need to repent and follow the Bible.  Bible clearly shows that God is God of blessing, including financial blessing and wealth.