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Will God give victory to America’s enemies if US Military does not kick out all gay and transgender soldiers?

Yes, God hates homosexuals and transgender people, so if the US Military allows gays and transgender people to serve in the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Marines, then God will hand-deliver victory to America’s enemies in wars.

The Holy Bible clearly shows that God is always willing to give military victory to enemies of the People of God, when the People of God go against God’s Will.

God will not allow pro-gay nations to dominate the world, and this is clear int he downfall of Greek democracy and Roman democracy.  God hates gay people.

God does not want proliferation of democracy in the world.  God wants proliferation of Bible morality and Bible law in the world.

God allowed Babylonians to come into Israel and completely wipe out Israel’s Army and destroy God’s House, because they did not follow the Word of God.

Allowing gays and transgender people to have rights in society angers God, who has called on criminal punishment under Criminal Law of every nation for those who practice homosexuality.

If Christians in America think that God will give victory to a pro-gay and pro-transgender US Military, then they do NOT know God.  Read the Holy Bible and see how God intentionally gives victory to enemies of believers when believers go away from the Bible!

I am a Republican, and I was shocked that GOP allowed a gay man to push homosexuality at the GOP Convention. What do you think?

Everyone in America is shocked that a gay man was given platform at the GOP Convention.

This is travesty!  This is how corrupt the Republican Party has become!

Establishment Republicans are to blame.  You must protest to your local Republican Party chapter or association.  If you do not, then don’t be surprised if God punishes you personally for condoning this anti-Bible and anti-God action by the GOP at the GOP Convention 2016.  God may punish only you personally or God may punish your children, whom you love, for the “sins of the fathers.”

Number 14:18 clearly states:

The LORD is slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generations.’

Yes.  God does punish.

This is the Word of God for the People of God!

Homosexuality is the greatest evil in the world, according to the Bible.  God cares.  And God wants America to illegalize homosexuality.

Mass murderers may be “proud to be American”.  Rapists can be “proud to be American.”  That does not change the fact that homosexuality is the greatest evil on earth, according to the God of the Bible.

After yesterday, Christians should be more critical of the Republican Party.   It is important for Christians to “clean House” and vote out any Republican who is sympathetic to homosexuality in the next 2016 elections.

“Republican” does not equal “above God” or “OK to be against God’s Law”

True Christians in the Bible must purify the Republican Party by driving out every homosexual and homosexual sympathizer from the Republican Party at all cost.

Otherwise, true Christians may need to create a new political party or push for Regime Change.  We the people…

Congratulations, Great Britain! You have separated yourself from the evil yoke of European Union!

Glory to God!  So-called Conservative Party leader and the leader of the European Executive power, David Cameron (who supports gay marriage!  Shame!  Shame!) has resigned!  Yeah!

There as so many things wrong with the pro-gay voice of the current Conservative Party of Great Britain, so that they must be punished by the Christians in Great Britain.  Look at the pro-gay stance of the Conservative Party leader:

Glory to God for the fall of the pro-gay marriage leader (so-called Conservative) David Cameron, who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, yesterday (but not today!  Yeah!  Praise the LORD!)

Other countries of the European Union should also vote to leave this evil entity – the European Union which forces its member countries to support gay marriage.  Do not let European Union be your master!  You do not need to be slaves to the European Union and the Harlot Europa.

Wouldn’t defeat of Christians by Muslims be embarrassing to God?


God always prefers the destruction of His people who go away from God at the hands of their enemies to protecting His people when they oppose the Word of God.

That is why the First Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in the days of Prophet Jeremiah.

God prefers that Chosen nation Israel’s enemies (Babylonians) destroy Israel that has gone away from God, rather than protect them just because they are “the Chosen People”.

That is just the way God acts.

Do you think that Evangelical Christian Theologians have failed the country?


The duty of evangelical Christian theologians who teach in Baptist seminaries and Bible colleges is to make sure that they teach their students to follow the Bible and to go out into the world and be the salt and light of the world.

Evangelical Christian theologians should follow the Bible and lead the nation to follow the Bible.

Unfortunately, the nation has legalized gay marriage because evangelical Christian theologians did not do their job before God very well.

In the USA, Christians do not live in a totalitarian regime.  It is a government by the people.  So, when gay marriage is legalized in the USA, the citizens have to bear the responsibility.  There is no totalitarian dictator to blame.

This means that evangelical Christian theologians in evangelical Christian colleges have failed to teach the Bible properly to their students.

This means that evangelical Christian theologians failed to lead the nation in the ways of the Bible.

If you hear evangelical theologians say, “God loves homosexuals”, then you know that they are wrong.  This is the problem.

God does not love homosexuals as people.  If God loved homosexuals, God would have sent missionaries to Sodom and Gomorrah.  It is because God hates homosexuals that God did not send a single missionary to Sodom and Gomorrah.  God just wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah without sending a prophet.

God did send a prophet (Jonah) to Nineveh (Babylon) in the Old Testament to help them repent and believe in God.

God hates homosexuals and any so-called evangelical theologian who teaches otherwise is teaching against the Word of God.

This is the problem.

Look at what a Baptist theologian Tony Campolo, who is a self-proclaimed evangelical, says about homosexuals.  It is so-called evangelical theologians like him (he is from Eastern College in Pennsylvania), who help lead the country away from the Bible and toward the rule of Satan.