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Are so-called Christian pastors who love homosexuals servants of Satan?

Yes, all so-called Christian pastors who love homosexuals and want to share the Gospel with them are servants of Satan because God does not want the Gospel shared with homosexuals, as it is clear in Sodom and Gomorrah and Romans 1.

All Christian leaders who love homosexuals must be considered as enemies of the Holy Bible.

It is important for Christian pastors to preach against homosexuals and illegalizing Gay Pride marches in their local communities.  This is the Will of God, as clearly shown in the Holy Bible, to oppose homosexuality!

The very act of loving homosexuals is standing against the Word of God.

God hates homosexuals and wants all Christians to hate homosexuality and homosexuals.

God wants national laws to illegalize homosexuality and national policing system to arrest homosexuals and national court system to give the guilty verdit and dispense the Death Pentalty for all gays and transgendered people.  This is what the Holy Bible emphasizes.  The Whole Counsel of God!

God does not want any Christian to love any gay or transgender people.  Sodom and Gomorrah.  Romans 1.

The very act of loving homosexuals is against the Will of God and the Holy Bible.

Any Christian who loves homosexuals and transgender people must be treated as non-Christian, because they are directly going against the World of God, which is the Holy Bible.

You must reject every reformed, evanglical, mainline, non-denominational, Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic preacher who preaches loving gay people, because he is standing against the Holy Bible and unified Bible condemnation of gay people.

Reject fallible people, and stand with the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

People are sinners and as Totally Depraved individuals, the pastor you respect the most can fall into the sin of loving homosexuals.  Stand with the Holy Bible.  The Holy Bible is infallible.


Why is God sending “Bomb Cyclone” as an Act of God upon the East Coast of America?

There is a reason for everything…

God is in control, so God knows what He is doing.

God is certainly angry at the United States of America, because the US government continues to tolerate gay marriage and homosexuality, which God hates.

God had killed all living organism in Sodom and Gomorrah because God hates homosexuals and those who tolerate homoexuals.

Bomb Cyclone being experienced in East Coast USA, today, is the result of God showing God’s anger against homosexuality and tolerance for homosexuality.

The Holy Bible shows that God shows anger through weather conditions.

It is important for people to remember that God can always raise up storm or other weather conditions to punish people who do not submit to God’s Law and the Holy Bible.

Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

It is NOT the love of Jesus that is the beginning of wisdom, but rather, it is the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom.

You can love Jesus all you want, but that won’t make you wise.

Fearing Jesus, who is God, will make you wise, according to the Bible.

It is important to remember that God killed many believers in the Holy Bible for not following God’s Law or tolerating homosexuality.

God is same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

It is important to fear the LORD God, because that is what the Holy Bible tells you to do.

Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, not the love of God.

Fear God, because that is what God wants.

God is also sending storms in the East Coast to show His sharing of grief and sadness with Christian believers who are remembering Rev. Billy Graham through his funeral, today.

Should black Christians publicly denounce homosexuality and gay marriage?

Yes, it is important for black Christians and black Christian churches to condemn homosexuality publicly and aggressively.

Gay Pride Marches must be blocked in every community in order to protect America’s communities from homosexuality!

It is important for Bible-believing black churches to preach constantly against homosexuality and gay marriage.

Black churches must protect black communities from invasion of Satanic forces in their communities.

God hates homosexuals and Gay Pride Marches anger the Holy Trinity of the Holy Bible.

It is important for black Christian churches to preach aggressively against homosexuality in their communities, in order to save their communities.

Is it horrible that Christian lawmakers are not publicly fighting homosexuality?

Yes, it is harrible that Christian lawmakers are not publicly fighting to illegalize homosexuality in the United States of America, because the Holy Bible wants homosexuality illegalized.

The Holy Bible emphasizes that homosexuality is a crime far more evil than murder!  The Holy Bible is the Truth!

It is important to uphold the Holy Bible’s teaching on crime, because the Holy Bible is the only objective moral guide for all human beings.

It is very important to define the crimes that destroy.  Homosexuality must be identified explictly and publicly as a serious crime that will destroy societies and families.

US lawmakers must pass laws against serious crimes, like homosexuality, or the society will degenerate further into lawlessness and immorality.  It is the God-demanded responsibility of all US lawmakers to publicly declare homosexuality as a crime and illegalize it by law.

Illegalizing homosexuality is demanded and expected by God.  Homosexuality is a greater evil crime than murder.  Would you let murderers go free?

Then, you cannot let homosexuals go free.  Homosexuals must be arrested and put into prisons.  God expects nations to do this!

When homosexuality is not illegalized, then the whole society degenerates into moral chaos.  For God, homosexuality is far more evil than murder.

Just because some people like to murder innnocent people without any reason does not make it okay.  Same with homosexuality.  Just because some people like homosexuality does not make it okay.

It is horrible that Christian lawmakers are not doing all that they can to illegalize this evil crime of homosexuality.  Homosexuality is so evil that God wiped out all life forms, including plant life forms, in Sodom and Gomorrah.  God killed homosexuals as well as those who tolerated homosexuality in society.

Tolerance for homosexuality is evil.  Is tolerance for muder okay?  The Holy Bible defines what is a crime.  The Holy Bible is the Truth.

What does Alabama victory for Roy Moore show about what Americans want?

Roy Moore is not who President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence wanted to win.

Despite all the stomping for Luther Strange by Vice President Mike Pence, Mr. Strange lost by a landslide to Roy Moore.

Roy Moore won by a  landslide because he represents what Americans want for America.

Americans are sick and tired of all the immorality coming out of Washington, DC.

Americans want America to be decent and moral again.  Americans are sick and tired of politicians playing “God” and trying to rewrite the Holy Bible.

Americans are ashamed of the American Flag because of the immorality that the US federal government is forcing down on all American throats.

Americans see it as desecration of the sacred nature of the American flag the homosexualization of the United States of America.  Americans will lose all respect for the American Flag if the US federal government keeps pushing homosexuality and transgender rights against the Christian values of US citizens.

US federal government is losing legitimacy in America among American citizens, who are angry at the US federal government for its support of homosexuality, transgender rights, and immorality.

What is happening is a type of revolution against the US federal government.  No one can respect an immoral government pushing immorality in society.


Is it better to repeal Obamacare sooner than later?

Yes, Obamacare premiums have rocketed in the last year, which is affecting every business, every company, every civilian work department, every government agency and every school district.

This has been happening for several years.

It is because every American felt the pain of Obamacare that they supported Donald Trump and the Republicans to repeal Obamacare.

If the Republicans do not repeal Obamacare, then they will lose the 2018 elections.

Obamacare has been in place for many years, and it has been constant in raising of premiums.

Obamacare is a problem.  So, Obamacare must be repealed.  The sooner that Obamacare is repealed, the sooner any bugs can be fixed.

More time you have until 2018 elections to fix the bugs, the better.

But if you do not repeal Obamacare, you will definitely lose in 2018, because angry Republican voters will blame you for not repealing Obamacare.  Promises are promises.

Most Americans feel that anything is better than Obamacare.  So, not repealing Obamacare is seen very negatively by most Americans.

Many Americans worry that Obamacare is a government conspiracy to make Americans poor.

You see.  You see why Donald Trump is the US President, now?  It did not happen by an accident.


Does God want homosexuals to be born again?

It is important to read the Bible and follow the Bible in everything, rather than use human thoughts and reasoning to justify things.

The problem is that God does not want everyone to be born again.  If He did, then He would not have created Hell.  The Bible is clear on the existence of Hell.  Everyone who rejects Jesus Christ as their personal LORD God and Savior will go to eternal damnation in Hell.  This is clear in the Bible.

It is also clear in the Bible that God did not send any missionaries to Sodom and Gomorrah to save homosexuals.  God only sent the angels to rescue Abraham’s nephew Lot and his family.  God did not want homosexuals saved.  No evangelist or prophet was sent to try to cause the homosexuals to repent, so that they might be saved.

This stands in stark contrast to Babylonians, to whom God sent Jonah the Prophet, to preach repentance.  

God is purposeful in His actions.

Now, there are human beings who want to go against the Bible and send missionaries and evangelists to homosexuals, even though God does not want it.  These people are not following the Bible.  Bible is clear in the emphasis that homosexuals must die.  God’s Law demands that nations illegalize homosexuality and execute homosexuals by capital punishment as a part of the national law.

Any preacher, TV evangelist, or theologian who opposes the Will of God as explicitly stated in the Bible has fallen away from the Holy Trinity.

It is better not to go to a church Hell-bent on “saving” homosexuals, since that church is “in error” and in a position of opposition to God’s Law, than go to that church to worship Jesus Christ.

It is important for you not to go to a church, evangelical or not, which will allow homosexuals to worship in that church, because this is against God’s Law.  That church is in violation against what God Himself wants.

People often go away from God, and this is clear from the Exodus.  Even though God delivered Israelites out of Egypt, they worshiped the Golden Calf and refused to follow the will of God, such as killing everyone in the city of Ai, as God commanded, and God executed believers for this.  

That is why everyone who exited Egypt under Moses, except for Caleb and Joshua, died in the Desert, including Moses.  God did not let them enter the Promised Land.

This is an allegory for you and your church.  If you are Hell-bent on sharing the Gospel with homosexuals, when the Bible demands execution of homosexuals by national law and capital punishment, then you too will be excluded from entering your Promised Land.

Do not be fooled.  God has God’s Law.  God expects upholding God’s Law for the nation.

God does not want homosexuals to be born again, and this is clear in Romans 1.  Homosexuality is not just a crime against God and crime against nature, but rather homosexuality is also God’s punishment itself.  

In other words, if you are a homosexual, then you are the result of God’s judgment and punishment.  You are marked for eternal damnation, and every Christian is forbidden by God’s Law to share the Gospel with you.

May you burn eternally in damnation and eternal torture for choosing to be a homosexual.

That is the will of God for you for eternity.

May those who preach the Gospel to you, knowing that you are a homosexual, also burn in eternal damnation in Hell, because they have violated the New Testament injunction against preaching to homosexuals. 

St. Paul clearly calls for excommunication of homosexuals.

God has abandoned King Saul to whom he had promised an eternal throne, and God will have no problem abandoning you, even if you had been an anointed preacher.

So, do NOT share the Gospel with homosexuals.  It is against God’s Law.

Could God’s punishment of Democrat supporting Hispanics include armed knocking of doors to drive out Hispanics from the United States of America?

God is God of blessing.

But God is also God of cursing and punishment for those who do NOT follow God’s Law.

Hispanic Christians in America are at a crossroad.  If they follow the Bible, they are going to see tremendous blessing and wealth and honor for themselves and their children.

But if Hispanics are disloyal to God, it is possible for Hispanics to receive the punishment from God.  This can include federal marshals, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and INS knocking door to door to kick out Hispanics from America.

God owns blessing, and God will punish those who oppose God’s Law.

There are many people who dislike Cruz because he is a Hispanic-American.

Iowa governor calls for anti-Cruz vote:


Everybody, black or white, knows that if Ted Cruz wins, a lot of Hispanic-Americans will be appointed to positions of power that they are qualified for in all 50 states, especially in federal government positions.

This includes not only military general positions in the Army, Navy, Air Force and government positions in the White House and judge positions, but this will also include positions of power and influence at all levels of power.

If Ted Cruz wins the US Presidency, the position of Hispanic-Americans will be secure in the United States of America in every field and in every industry.

Many Republicans fear this kind of rise in power of Hispanics in America in all 50 United States.  That is why US Senators are urging not supporting Ted Cruz.


Hispanic-Americans are at the verge of complete US victory and domination as the greatest minority in America.  Or they may see US security forces knock on their doors to deport 13 plus million Hispanic-Americans back to their home countries.

The choice belongs to every Hispanic-American voter.

God cares about one thing and one thing only.  Will Hispanic-Americans be loyal to Christ and the Word of God?

If Hispanic-Americans support God’s Law and Jesus Christ and, therefore, vote against the Democratic Party, which supports homosexuality and gay marriage, then God will bless Hispanic-Americans.

But if Hispanic-Americans vote for Democrats in the US Presidential race and in state and local elections, then God will make sure that Hispanic-Americans are punished.  That is who God is.  Read the Bible.  God’s punishment can include forced deportations.  God’s punishment can include door-to-door searches.


Do you think African-American communities are becoming poorer because they support pro-Gay Barack Obama and, therefore, anger God of the Holy Bible?

It is true that US President Barack Obama supports homosexuality and protection of homosexuals in America:

For Barack Obama, children becoming homosexuals because of pro-Gay Marriage laws that he endorses is okay.

If Obama has his way, your children will be programmed, like the little children in the video to endorse homosexuality.

How do you think this make God of the Holy Bible feel?

God holds wealth in His hands.  For African-Americans (or any other race or ethnic group!) to become blessed by God, they must submit to the will of God.

Supporting pro-homosexuality Obama is to oppose Jesus Christ, who is God and who wants African-Americans to follow the Holy Bible.

Barack Obama seizes every opportunity to hint at supporting homosexuality.

Obama does not care about African-American poverty.  He is a millionaire who cares about making sure that every African-American supports gay rights.

How do you think this makes God feel?

For African-Americans to find joy and peace that is true, African-Americans must follow Christ and not Obama.  They are completely opposite in their attitude toward homosexuality.

The Holy Bible is clearly against homosexuality.  For Christ, homosexuality is a crime against God and a crime against nature.  Read Romans 1.

Who will you serve as your King of kings and the LORD of lords?

Jesus Christ?  Or Barack Obama?

You decide and God of the Holy Bible will respond….





Should clergy who perform gay marriages be excommunicated?

The Holy Bible clearly condemns homosexuality as evil, which is more evil than murder or rape.

Throughout history, homosexuality and pedophilia went hand in hand.  Historically, it would not be a mistake to assume that all homosexuals are pedophiles.  Homosexuals have a mission to convert others to homosexuality, and often they start with children.  That is why homosexuality is dangerous.  That is why both the New Testament and the Old Testament clearly condemns homosexuality.

The New Testament is clear in emphasizing that homosexuals should be excommunicated.  Excommunication is basically declaring someone to be a non-Christian (or not born again).

In other words, it is impossible for homosexuals to be born-again Christians, according to the Holy Bible.

That is why the New Testament wants churches to prohibit homosexuals from participating in Christian worship and defiling worship to Christ.

In this light, it is understandable why the world’s Anglican union is suspending the Episcopal Church denomination of the United States of America for conducting gay marriages in church.


Gay Marriage is a clear violation of the Word of God.

In this regard, the United States of America as a nation is in clear violation of the Word of God for enforcing gay marriage in all 50 US States as the result of United States Supreme Court decision.

It is morally wrong to allow gay marriage.

Gay marriage laws encourage homosexual practices.  Consider the video below:

A clearly heterosexual woman is seduced to homosexuality in a gay marriage accepting society.  

Imagine your teenage daughter at a slumber party or alone with her best friend on a sleep over.  With pro-gay marriage laws, your heterosexual teenage daughter may be seduced into homosexuality.  She may think that it is okay because it is legal.

The below YouTube video made by lesbians (to normalize lesbianism) illustrates what kind of things happen to make heterosexual teenage girls into lesbians (warning:  below video was produced by lesbians!)

The above YouTube video produced by lesbians shows what they envision for the United States of America.  We are talking about your teenage daughters in a friend’s house.

Gay Marriage Laws normalize homosexuality and draw your daughter or son into homosexual acts and experiences.  And this is what Satan will use to draw your daughter or son into eternal damnation in Hell.

Illegalizing homosexuality is essential for protecting your daughter or son from homosexuality.  

Pro-gay marriage laws necessarily leads to proliferation of homosexuality and homosexual acts by heterosexuals.

This is why Romans 1 clearly emphasizes that homosexuality is perversion that people fall into.  Gay Marriage Laws open the door to homosexual experimentation by America’s teenagers and divorced women/men.