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Is Kanye West right to defend President Trump?

President Trump has done more to bring America back to God than President Reagan, President Bush, President Clinton, and President Obama, combined.

President Trump has been brave to call a spade a spade by saying that he will work to stop attack on Christian values.

President Reagan did not have the guts to say that in public.

Of course, President Trump is not going far enough in pushing for Bible-centered morality in America, but God will raise up young people to push Bible’s morality further than President Trump in America.

America’s young people are sick of all the immorality that is being pushed by the liberals in the media, in educational institutions, and among policy makers.

More and more young people are brave and coming out to defend the Holy Bible and Christianity in public spaces in public schools, community colleges, and in social media.

Millennials are nothing like Baby Boomers, because they suffered under liberal parents, who divorced and led promiscuous lives who hurt them deeply.

Liberals are hypocrits because they try to shut up Kanye West’s right to free speech and bully him into silence.

Many African-American young people are becoming Republicans, because they see the hypocrisy of the liberal left.

Should USA lawmakers fight to make Christianity the official religion of the United States of America?

Yes, it is important for lawmakers in Washington, DC, to fight to make Christianity the official religion of the United States of America.

What has gone wrong in America is religious pluralism and openness to immorality.  It is important to fight immorality in society, such as sexual immorality, in order to make America healthy again.

Excessive sex and extreme liberalism in public schools at the high school level are turning many high school students into dysfunctional psychopaths, capable of homicides and suicide.  Sexual promiscuity at America’s public schools, coupled with alcohol and drugs, is making American teens into emotionally disturbed individuals with mental illness and self-doubt and identity crisis.

Bringing morality back into the public schools is the way to make America’s public schools safe, again.  People kill.  And right now, public school children are killing other public school children!

Christianity must be declared the official religion of the United States of America in order to make America safe and moral, again.

It is important to downgrade all other religions in the United States of America, legally and officially, because religious pluralism and interfaith dialogues are destroying America and America’s public schools.

Downgrading of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all other religions in the United States of America must be very intentional and official and legal.

It is idolatry (violation of first two of the 10 Commandments) that is destroying America.

American Christians must rise up and uphold Christianity at the expense of all other religions in the United States of America.  This is the Will of God for America!

Does Expelling Dreamers from the USA help black Americans?

Yes, it is important to expel Dreamers in order to help African-American students in the United States of America.

Dreamers, who are illegal aliens, block opportunities for black Americans to progress in America.

It is not fair for black children that illegal aliens steal their opportunities and future.  It is important for Christians to push the Dreamers out of America, so that poor black children will have a chance in America.

Why is it important to push out 100% of the Dreamers from American soil?

The Dreamers (DACA) are preventing US citizens from fulfilling their American dream.

Because of trillions of dollars being spent on illegal immigrants in all walks of life, from the public school system to health care system to subsidized public transit system to all types of social welfare programs and social services, US citizens are denied access to the American dream.

If Dreamers are given US citizenship, then the children of US citizens will struggle and enter poverty.

It is especially important to push out smart illegals who are trying to capture the American wealth out of the hands of American citizens, so that US citizens’ children will have opportunities.

Dreamers pose a particular threat to US citizens and their children, because Dreamers tend to be intelligent and are capable of stealing futures away from US citizens who have lived in America for a long time and for generations (such as descendants of slaves, who are African-Americans in inner-cities).

Will Hispanics in America be punished by God if they support pro-Gay Marriage politicians?

Hispanics are the largest minority in the United States of America – far greater in number than African-Americans.

Two of the top presidential candidates in the Republican Party are Hispanics:  Cruz and Rubio.

God is beginning to bless Hispanics, because many Hispanics have left the Roman Catholic Church and became “born-again” Christians. In fact, in every city in the United States of America, Spanish-speaking evangelical Christian Hispanic churches are abundant.

Hispanic evangelical Christian churches are decided anti-homosexuality and anti-gay marriage.  Sermons against homosexuality can be widely heard in Spanish-speaking churches.

Thus, God has blessed the Hispanics.  There is a real possibility that the next president can be Hispanic.  Right now, Cruz and Trump are tied in some states.

Anti-homosexuality movements in the cities may rise most strongly from Hispanic evangelical churches.  It is possible that God wants to use evangelical Hispanics to overturn the liberalism of American cities and the liberalism of the Irish and Jewish Democratic circles that push gay marriage laws and abortion in cities.

Pro-Gay Marriage Laws have made many Hispanic Christians and Christians who have been Democrats to reconsider supporting the Democratic Party.

It is possible that Black Christians and Hispanic Christians will surprise everyone in 2016 and vote for Cruz or Trump, BECAUSE they oppose gay marriage and want to submit to the Bible.

Bible is clear that homosexuality should be illegalized and homosexuals should be arrested by national law and executed under capital punishment.

When you see white preachers like Joel Osteen being weak on homosexuality and gay marriage, you can see why Houston, Texas, has a homosexual mayor (Houston is where Osteen’s church is).

Joel Osteen needs to submit to the Word of God and be bold and brave for Christ.  Joel Osteen needs to preach against homosexuality as St. Paul did.

Bible is the Word of God, and it is important for followers of Christ to submit to the Word of God.

Until white preachers become more bold on preaching against homosexuality and gay marriage laws from the pulpit, God will continue to take jobs away from white Christians and decrease the health and well-being of white Christians.

White Christians will become slaves of others if they do not submit to the authority of the Bible and call for illegalization of homosexuality and arrest of homosexuals as criminals.

According to the Bible, homosexuals must be excommunicated and not allowed in Christian worship services.

Homosexuals must be arrested and executed by capital punishment and national law.  This is the will of God.