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Is it necessary to deploy armed US military personnel to the southern border in order to secure it?

Yes, it is necessary to send armed US Army soldiers to the southern border in order to secure the southern border.

Illegal aliens are entering the United States of America illegally in the southern border, and that is creating serious national security problems for the United States of America.

It is the duty of the US Congress to authorize and send US Army soldiers to the southern border for the purpose of security of the southern border and ensuring that no illegal aliens enter the United States of America, illegally, from the southern border.

If the US Congress beaches its duty to secure the southern border of the United States of America by using US Military soldiers, then the US Congress breaches its duty to US citizens who deserve due diligence to secure the nation’s borders against those who seek to enter the country illegally.

Is poverties in black innercities proof that God is punishing black Christians for supporting gay rights?

Yes, many black churches support gay rights, and God is angry with these black churches, because God hates gay people and because God considers homosexuality as the greatest evil in society.

Poverty is a good indicator that they are being punished by God for some sin against God that they have committed.

Unless black churches fight homosexuality, God will continue to punish black communities with poverty, because God will always punish believers who refuse to submit to God’s Law.

God does not forgive black Christians who refuse to repent.  Black Christians must submit to the Holy Bible, and oppose Gay Rights in society and in law.

Do you think African-American communities are becoming poorer because they support pro-Gay Barack Obama and, therefore, anger God of the Holy Bible?

It is true that US President Barack Obama supports homosexuality and protection of homosexuals in America:

For Barack Obama, children becoming homosexuals because of pro-Gay Marriage laws that he endorses is okay.

If Obama has his way, your children will be programmed, like the little children in the video to endorse homosexuality.

How do you think this make God of the Holy Bible feel?

God holds wealth in His hands.  For African-Americans (or any other race or ethnic group!) to become blessed by God, they must submit to the will of God.

Supporting pro-homosexuality Obama is to oppose Jesus Christ, who is God and who wants African-Americans to follow the Holy Bible.

Barack Obama seizes every opportunity to hint at supporting homosexuality.

Obama does not care about African-American poverty.  He is a millionaire who cares about making sure that every African-American supports gay rights.

How do you think this makes God feel?

For African-Americans to find joy and peace that is true, African-Americans must follow Christ and not Obama.  They are completely opposite in their attitude toward homosexuality.

The Holy Bible is clearly against homosexuality.  For Christ, homosexuality is a crime against God and a crime against nature.  Read Romans 1.

Who will you serve as your King of kings and the LORD of lords?

Jesus Christ?  Or Barack Obama?

You decide and God of the Holy Bible will respond….