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Are every US Soldier Obligated to Disobey Direct order when It Attacks the Bible?

Yes, every US soldier inthe US Marines, US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, US Coast Goard, and US Merchant Marines are morally and ethically obligated to disobey direct order that attack the Holy Bible.

The United States Pentagon has made itself into an enemy of the Kingdom of Christ by pushing transgender rights, so every US soldier must be morally and ethnically ready to obey direct orders that will attack the Holy Bible and Christian believers who follow the Bible in its condemnation of homosexuality in any shape or form.

It is necessary for US soldiers to directly disobey direct military order which follows the chain of command, when it is meant to attack the Holy Bible or Christians who are loyal to the Holy Bible.

In other words, every US miliary soldier must be ready to take arms to defend the Kingdom of Christ and His Righteousness (the Holy Bible), when they receive a direct order from their commanding officer that is meant to attack the Holy Bible or followers of the Holy Bible in any shape or form.

When US soldiers follow a direct order from their CO (commanding officer) when the order attacks the Bible or true followers of the Bible, Christ the King will hold them responsible and liable under the Law of God, and they will be denied entry into eternal life in Heaven for their action of blindly following a direct order that is anti-Bible.

Every US sodier must understand that he or she is responsible for his or her own actions, even when given a direct order through the chain of command!

Every US soldier will be judged by Jesus Christ according to the LAW of GOD, when the US soldiers die. And everyone will die at sometime.

It is ismportant to stand against direct orders issued by the United States Miliary through the chain of command that opposes the Holy Bible.

Do you think that Bible-believing Christians were placed in no-fly or terror list under the liberal Obama Administration?

Under liberal President Obama’s Administration, Bible-believing Christians are seen as terrorists.  A lot of Bible-believing white Christians are right now in the no-fly or terrorist list. That’s what happens when you have liberals ruling in America, in the executive branch.  The Executive Branch enforces the laws, and they use FBI and other law enforcement agencies, such as Department of Homeland Security.

If Hillary Clinton becomes the US President, then you will have far more Bible-believing Christians placed on terror list.

Who do you think go on the terror list?

Don’t forget how President Obama views Christianity.

If the Executive Branch of the US Government wants to push homosexuality, transgender identity, and gay marriage, then all who oppose them can be targeted as “domestic terrorists”.  Who defines “terrorists”?  The Executive Branch.

If you follow the Bible and oppose gay marriage laws, remember that you can be on the no-fly list or on domestic terror list under liberal Democratic Party led Executive Branch (US President).