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Should American flag burners be punished by law?

A lot of self-hate against the flag exists right now in the USA.  A part of the reason is that American politicians have become so inclusive that the American flag has lost all of its meaning for some people.

For instance, if you love everybody, then you love nobody.  What makes love special is that you are loved more than others.  If your parents loved everyone equally, then you are no longer special.

If your husband loved all women equally, then his love for you means nothing.

What makes love special is that it is exclusive.

In the same way, when politicians want to become all-inclusive, such as embracing Muslims and Fidel Castro and everyone else, then America’s majority who are Christians do not feel special in any way.

Where “everyone has a place” is a place where no one has a place.

The reason why Donald Trump won is that he made American citizens special by being exclusive.

America can only be great, if America is greater than other countries.

Exclusion is an act of love for those whom you love.

God does not love everyone, that is why God only saves a few people in the world to go to eternal life in Heaven.  Most people in the world will go to Hell and suffer for eternity.  God does not choose everyone; God only chooses few to be born again Christians who will enjoy His love forever.  People in Hell will experience the hatred of God, forever.

If you are born again in Jesus Christ, you are special because God loves you. You are special because God does NOT love everyone in the world.  God loves you and has chosen you.  That is why you are special, when you are born again.

Do you think that a loving God would intentionally bring about great suffering of a people?

Just read the Bible.

Remember the flood of Noah?

And how about Sodom and Gomorrah?

Not only does God of the Holy Bible intentionally cause great suffering of people, God of the Holy Bible even brings about the death of many people.  Noah’s Days.  Sodom’s Days.   Clear proofs.

This was not just in the Old Testament.

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ (who is God!) clearly initiated great suffering and death of many people.

This is clear in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, which Jesus Christ promised in the Gospels to do.  God always keeps promises.

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Does God like to see people suffer?

Think of Hell.  It’s eternal torture that is far worse than waterboarding.  Far worse than any torture that has existed on earth.  And it is for eternity.

Obviously, God designed eternal suffering in Hell, because God wanted to.

Who will go to Hell?  Those who do not accept Jesus Christ as their personal LORD God and Savior.

In other words, either you belong to God and go to Heaven, or reject God and go to Hell, where there will be eternal gnashing of teeth.

The video illustrates in a parallel way, what those who refuse to belong to God will face, when they die.  Consider it a metaphor.  Or a type of a parable.

There are two choices for humans.

Either you accept Jesus Christ as your personal LORD God and Savior and live in eternal bliss in Heaven, after you die, or you reject Jesus Christ and suffer eternal torture in Hell, forever and ever.

Does God like to see people suffer?

What do you think?