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Why are Assemblies of God (AG) Churches Going Away from the Holy Bible?

Assemblies of God (AG) churches are going away from the Holy Bible because they love the world more than they love Jesus Christ.

Loving Jesus Christ means following what He said, but Assemblies of God (AG) churches are NOT interested in following words of Jesus.

How do you know this? Assemblies of God churches appointed divorced women in their leadership, when Jesus Christ clearly forbade divorce and remarriage for all women. The fact that the Assemblies of God chooses to disregard the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding divorce shows that Assemblies of God churches want to love people and the world more than Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means denying oneself. Jesus Christ requires that all divorced women remain celibate (have NO sex) and NO be remarried. Being a disciple means that when Christian women are divorced, they must remain celebate and single for the rest of their lives or go back to their husband. Assemblies of God must submit to the Holy Bible, but the Assemblies of God denomination and churches do NOT want to submit to Jesus Christ because they are NOT true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Assemblies of God MUST fire all divorced women from leadership in any of their churches, if they truly love Jesus Christ and want to be His disciple.

God holds every Assemblies of God (AG) Senior Pastor and elders responsible for violating the Law of Jesus Christ and the requirement of Jesus Christ regarding divorce and remarriage.

If Assemblies of God (AG) pastors and leaders do NOT repent and fire all the divorced women from their church, they are unrepentent sinners who reject the Holy Bible, and will go to eternal damnation in Hell, even if they SAY that they love Jesus and hold worship service, every week!

Feminism is proliferating among Assemblies of God (AG) churches beause many Assemblies of God (AG) refuse to submit to Jesus Christ and prohibit divorced women from their leadership.

Feminism says that women can do whatever they want, but the Holy Bible has specific rules for women that Christians are to follow!

Assemblies of God (AG) is NOT allowed to create their own religion and call it “Christianity”. God gave the Holy Bible as a rule for Assemblies of God churches and pastors and leaders!

Assemblies of God must kneel at the foot of the cross and submit to the Holy Bible, even if they do NOT want to.

Did Jesus Christ Support Equal Rights of Everyone?

No, Jesus Christ fundamentally opposed equal rights of all persons, as the Gospels in the New Testament clearly shows.

When Jesus Christ talked with Samaritans, he emphasized their inferior social status and never tried to tell them that they are equal to the Jews.

When Jesus Christ talked with Gentiles, Jesus Christ clearly emphasized their inferior social status and never tried to emphasize equal rights.

Jesus Christ never taught His disciples to accept the idea of equality or equal rights, when Roman Democracy emphasized the concept of equal rights.

Jesus Christ fundamentally reqjected the idea of equality and equal rights that was valued in the democracies of His time.

Jesus Christ taught a Gospel that rejected equality of all people, and that is the way Jesus Christ wanted Christianity to be.

Should divorced women be allowed leadership positions in church?

One thing is very clear in the New Testament.

Jesus Christ illegalized divorce.

Not only that, Jesus Christ calls every divorced woman who remarries as being adulteress.  Living in perpetual adultery.

This is reinforced by St. Paul.  Christ prohibited divorce.  Divorced women who remarry enter into a state of adultery.

This is the very Word of God.

Since divorced women who remarry are in a state of adultery, should such women be allowed leadership positions in church?

No divorced woman in the New Testament held a position of leadership in church.  There were a lot of women who committed divorce at the time of Jesus Christ.

The Christian church has held the Biblical position on divorce for 2,000 years.

Today, Bible-centered Baptist churches, Presbyterian churches, charasmatic churches, and other Christian denominations prohibit divorced women from serving in leadership positions in churches and Christian organizations, in obedience to the very commandment of Jesus Christ.

The answer to your question is, “No.”

Divorced women should not serve as leaders in churches.

They should repent for their crime against God, and live the rest of their lives in contemplation of their crime against God and seek to aid in the building up of Christ’s body through silent prayer and financial support of truly Bible-centered Christian ministries.

The New Testament is there to follow and not to ignore.  Divorced women must humble themselves from the sight of the LORD.