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Should Christians fight to ensure to prove that all other religions are false?

Christianity is the one true religion.  Jesus Christ is God, and there is no other gods, before Him.

This is a black and white issue.  The Holy Bible emphasizes that God is a jealous God.

Do you know what jealousy is?  Have you felt it?  Well, then you have a  glimpse of what God feels when other gods are acknowledged.

What do you do when your husband stares at another woman?  What do you feel?  Then, you have a picture of what God feels when you protect other religions.

If you do not understand what it means for God to be jealous when you “give a look” at other religions, then you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is God.  God is a jealous God!

Christians must despise every other religion as false religion and emphasize this fact in the home, at church, and in the community.  God wants you to be public about your relationship with Jesus Christ.  God does not want you to hide your relationship with him!

Christians must fight to make sure that local, state, and federal laws acknowledge the fact that the Triune God of the Bible is the one true God.  The US Constitution must be changed to downgrade every other religion in America.

Religious tolerance angers Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ is a jealous God.  By law, the United States of America must proclaim that Christianity is the one true religion.

The Separation of Church and State is wrong.  Christians must fight the concept of the separation of church and state.  US Constitution must be amended to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the one, true God.



Do you think that President Obama abused his powers during his presidency?

Yes, it is certain that President Obama abused his powers, when he was the US President.

Under President Obama’s administration, Christian pastors and Christian churches were investigated by the IRS with President Obama’s blessing.

President Obama pushed homosexuality and tried to get Christians arrested for opposing homosexuality.

President Obama used his presidential powers to persecute Christian churches that follow the Bible and to intimate Bible preaching pastors.

Is Trump’s victory an indictment of the Obama legacy?

Yes.  Resounding support of Donald Trump is an evidence that the American people are sick of Barack Obama and his policies.

Donald Trump is Anti-Obama.

The fact that Donald Trump won shows that the American people are rejecting Barack Obama.

Despite all the attacks by Obama, Trump won all the states in the past couple weeks.

Choosing Trump is rejecting Obama for most Americans.

Don’t forget, the conflict between Trump and Obama are very public and open and well-covered by the media.

Obama, the liberal media, and establishment politicians just do not get it.  The American people are not happy with what they are doing.   That is why Donald Trump won by landslide, state after state!

Donald Trump openly attacks Donald Trump, and the American people love it.  They are voting for him!

Cause and Effect.  Trump attacks Obama (cause) leading to Trump wins (effect).  It is because Trump attacks Obama constantly that he is winning.

The media just does not get it.