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Does the purpose of the Christian church require pastors to preach on politics?

Yes, Christian pastors are required to preach on politicial issues, because it is important to meet the needs of the whole Christian, which includes the role of the Christian in society.

Politics involves everyone, whether they like it or not, so it is absolutely required that Christian preachers discuss Christianity and its role and function in politics and society.

It is necessary for Christian pastors to provide guidance for church members on how to follow the Bible when they vote or function as citizens in countries, becuase as disciples of Christ, God’s Word should guide their heart and mind.

When pastors ignore politics and elections during Sunday sermon, such pastors are being negligent and rejecting the duty that God requires of them.

Standard of Care owed by Christian pastors for church members is specific directions from the Holy Bible on how to think about and act on current politicial issues of the day.  Glory should be given to God!

Is the liberal, pro-Muslim media financed by oil-rich Muslims?

Money talks.

Did you ever ask why CNN is so pro-Islam and pro-Muslim?

There is a reason for everything.  Isn’t it strange that in light of all the Muslim immigrants to the USA (legal immigrants) attacking America’s cities and Christian Americans through Islamic terrorism that CNN and other TV channels protect Islam and Muslim immigration?

What is causing this irrational behavior on the part of the media?

That is because Arab Oil Money (AOM) owns large stocks of America’s wealthy companies, so that Arabs can pressure these “American” companies to be pro-Muslim in their policies and push pro-Muslim immigration.

In other words, money talks.

Arab Oil Money (AOM) has corrupted American politicians and American companies to protect Muslim interests around the world and Muslim interests in the USA.

Megyn Kelly of FOX News is a proof of what is wrong with America’s media.

A lot of people in positions of power are corrupted by Muslim oil money, including some so-called church leaders.

Here’s a rap commentary on Arab money:

Arab money is controlling many of America’s institutions, such as the media (which is private company owned by many Arab oil wealthy Muslims).

Unfortunately, CNN and Fox News are bought and paid for, and they will push the interests of the people who own them (who are their bosses!)

Arab oil money is influencing all 50 United States, right now, and certainly has a strong hold of Establishment Politicians (EP), both in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.  That is why everyone is so pro-Islam!

Money talks.