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Should Christians Take Pro-Active Steps to Illegalize Homosexuality in Society?

All those who love gays will go to eternal damnation in Hell, because Romans 1 clearly shows that God hates all gay people.

Because America as a nation has gone away from God, there are a lot of false teachers and false prophets, like in the days before Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem in Israel in the Old Testament times.

Jeremiah had to fight prophets who bowed to Baal. Evangelical preachers who teach that you should love gay people have bowed down to “Baal” and the world, because Romans 1 clearly shows that God hates all gay people.

The New Testament wants all Christians to expel all gays, lesbians, trangender, bisexcual people from churches, in order to protect the purity of the Christian church, which is the Body of Christ!

It is absolutely necessary for all Christians to work toward illegalizing homosexuality in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, India, China, Russia, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, etc., etc.

Children and teen can post anti-gay messages in Facebook or other social media, and block any gay children from their social circles or birthday parties, because this is what God expects of children who love Jesus.

Christian parents must work with their children on programs that work toward illegalizing homosexuality, such as joining anti-gay organizations, teaching classes about evils of homosexuality in church, etc. etc.

Illegalizing homosexuality is what God wants from all Christians throughout the world, and it is a very important priority to God that God expects all Christians to work towards.

Is it horrible that Christian lawmakers are not publicly fighting homosexuality?

Yes, it is harrible that Christian lawmakers are not publicly fighting to illegalize homosexuality in the United States of America, because the Holy Bible wants homosexuality illegalized.

The Holy Bible emphasizes that homosexuality is a crime far more evil than murder!  The Holy Bible is the Truth!

It is important to uphold the Holy Bible’s teaching on crime, because the Holy Bible is the only objective moral guide for all human beings.

It is very important to define the crimes that destroy.  Homosexuality must be identified explictly and publicly as a serious crime that will destroy societies and families.

US lawmakers must pass laws against serious crimes, like homosexuality, or the society will degenerate further into lawlessness and immorality.  It is the God-demanded responsibility of all US lawmakers to publicly declare homosexuality as a crime and illegalize it by law.

Illegalizing homosexuality is demanded and expected by God.  Homosexuality is a greater evil crime than murder.  Would you let murderers go free?

Then, you cannot let homosexuals go free.  Homosexuals must be arrested and put into prisons.  God expects nations to do this!

When homosexuality is not illegalized, then the whole society degenerates into moral chaos.  For God, homosexuality is far more evil than murder.

Just because some people like to murder innnocent people without any reason does not make it okay.  Same with homosexuality.  Just because some people like homosexuality does not make it okay.

It is horrible that Christian lawmakers are not doing all that they can to illegalize this evil crime of homosexuality.  Homosexuality is so evil that God wiped out all life forms, including plant life forms, in Sodom and Gomorrah.  God killed homosexuals as well as those who tolerated homosexuality in society.

Tolerance for homosexuality is evil.  Is tolerance for muder okay?  The Holy Bible defines what is a crime.  The Holy Bible is the Truth.

Should Christians oppose the concept of the “Separation of Church and State”?

Unfortunately, the concept of the “Separation of Church and State” has been interpreted in modern USA as taking Christianity out of America’s laws, America’s institutions, and America’s public life.

The modern interpretation of “The Separation of Church and State” is not consistent with what the Founding Fathers intended.

It is the liberal elites like Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine who want Christianity taken out of the American society.

Tim Kaine has said that his personal faith does not matter.  He believes that abortion is wrong (murder) but he will allow this to happen in American society.  Such hypocritical dualism is a problem for the United States of America.

Both Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton are rebelling against their Christian upbringing and childhood.  And they want everyone in America to turn their back on the Christian faith of their ancestors.

The war on Biblical Christianity that Hillary Clinton is waging must be stopped.

Many Christians are Bible-believing Christians.  If Hillary Clinton becomes US President, she will lead America away from the Bible. This is a serious problem.

Anti-Christian ideas of Clinton is leading America down the road to destruction.

Taking Christ out of America’s laws is not good.  Christian morality is important, and it is important to teach the Bible and Bible morality in public schools.  This is the only way to avoid increase in violence, crime, and murder in schools.

Change in heart is only possible with Christ.

Without Christ, violence will increase in every city, every county, and every state.

Violence crimes in America are growing.

Only way to solve the growing violence in America is to bring Christ back into public schools.  Only Christ can truly change people’s hearts.  It is important for every Christian pastor, white or black, to call for putting Christ back into the public schools.

Bible morality is important in guiding the youth away from crimes and violence.  Bible must be taught in public schools.

Christians must oppose “Separation of Church and State”.  Only way to solve America’s problems is to bring the Bible back into the State and make the State submit to the morality in the Bible.

Is fighting moral degeneration in society important?


When society degenerates morally, the society starts to fall apart.

We see this happening in the United States of America.  Although Hillary Clinton keeps saying that America is still great, every American knows that this is a lie.  It is simply not true.

Americans have eyes, and we see.

Americans have ears, and we hear.

We see that our cities are falling apart.  Small businesses are failing around us.  There are unleased empty store fronts.

There are thousands of foreclosing homes, all around us, and tens of thousands people unemployed in our cities.

All of us Americans know relatives and friends who are unemployed or underemployed.

Hillary Clinton is simply wrong.  America is not great now.

America WAS great.  America may become great again in the future.

But it is simply a lie to say that America is currently great, when it is not.

Lying about the problems will not solve them.  We need to face the problems and fix them.