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Should Bible-believing Christians push US Congress to make drug dealing a crime requiring the punishment of the Death Penalty?

Yes, heroine kills, and drug dealers are responsible.

Because the United States Congress is not doing their job, Americans are dying from drug addiction.  It is important to take drug dealers off the streets, and this requires much tougher sentences on drug dealers.

The United States Congress must be serious about making laws that help and protect United States citizens.  This is the responsibility of the law makers in Washington, DC.

Because US Congress is not making tougher laws on drugs, American citizens are dying from drug use and drug overdose.

By requiring mandatory death sentences for recurrent drug dealers, the US Congress and the court system can protect Americans and save US citizen lives.

US Justice Department must be much more aggressive about arresting drug dealers and drug users, so that both supply and demand will be cut off.

It is the moral obligation of the US Justice Department to enforce anti-drug laws in order to protect the lives of US citizens and America’s children from future drug addiction and death.

US Department of Education must be much more aggressive about getting drugs out of middle schools and high schools in all 50 states.

Drug use and proliferation can destroy America’s infrastructures and citizens.

Drugs are more dangerous for America’s children than Taliban and ISIS combined, because drugs will destroy their future and can take away their lives.

Mandatory death penalty for recurrent drug users will save millions of American lives.



Why do you think more and more high school athletes are dying?


It seems like more and more high school athletes are dying.

As you know, the Bible teaches that the wages of sin is death.

God is in control and every day cannot occur without God’s permission.  God is absolutely sovereign over His creation.  In this regard, every death is meaningful in some way.  It shows something.

There is a serious problem with drugs among the teens in the United States, and this drug problem is growing.  There is also alcohol abuse problem among teens.

If a teen is using drugs or alcohol, then it is possible to see that his or her body is not functioning at its maximum, so that a injury could result in death (whereas it might not have if there were not drug use or alcohol use).  Drug use and alcohol abuse can destroy the strength of the body.

There is a reason why companies conduct drug tests.  A person using drugs cannot perform work at the optimal level.

In the same way, a high school athlete using drugs is susceptible.  This can explain why more and more high school athletes are dying.  Drugs are not cool.  Drugs can and do kill!

It is important to illegalize drugs.  Drugs destroy the health of the body.  Drugs can cause disability and brain damage on babies (when moms or dads use them).  Drugs often cause people to commit crimes, because they are not thinking straight, when they are using drugs.

Drugs must be illegalized.  And Christians and Christian churches must fight to illegalize drugs by American federal and state law.

Drug suppliers must be given the death penalty.  Drug use must be stamped out of American society, including from social settings of teen athletes.