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Is China’s military parade a threat to the United States?

Yes, China’s military parade celebrating the victory of China’s Communist Red Army over democracy in China is a direct threat to the United States.

The reason that China conducted its military parade in the desert rather than in Beijing, its capital city, is to show the United States that they are prepared to pre-emptively nuclear strike every city in the United States of America, if they need to.  They are ready for such a nuclear conflict with the United States, China wants to show.

China is committed to its Marxist-Leninist-Communist expansion in the world.  This military parade is a celebration of China’s grand Communist vision for the world.

That is why China has been upgrading its military and building more and more advanced weapons that can defeat the United States Military.

China’s greatest enemy in the world is the United States of America.  It is in anticipation of a war with the United States of America that China has been building their advanced technological weapons.

The Korean War shows that China is willing to have its soldier’s die defending North Korea’s sovereignty.

China considers North Korea its “younger brother” nation, so just as they sent over a million Chinese soldiers to fight the United Soldiers to defend North Korea in The Korean War (1950-1953), China will again do what it can to protect North Korea in any military action by the United States.

China’s protection of North Korea includes possible nuclear pre-emptive strike of the United States of America.  Since USA is China’s primary enemy, any enemy of USA is considered by China to be its friend.

China is helping North Korea upgrade its weapons, including the nuclear arsenal, because North Korea is China’s biggest ally.  Ironically, it was Bill Clinton who increased China’s power and wealth by signing the Free Trade Agreement.

The Democratic Party’s vision for “free trade” may be what destroys America in a pre-emptive nuclear strike by China.

China is willing to sacrifice what it needs to expand Communism around the world.  It is Communist Global Revolution 2.0.

China is not using trillions of dollars of its wealth on Chinese Red Army weapons in order to remain out of the global military scene.

China does not really have an Islamic terrorism problem, like the USA and Europe do.  China’s primary reason for advancing its weapons is to be strong enough to destroy the United States of America, which is its alpha enemy.

China is dedicated to global Communist domination.

United States must impose economic sanctions and tariffs on China and impoverish China, if they do not want a military enemy that is competent enough to completely destroy the United States of America from a military angle.


Why do Democrats hate Donald Trump so much?

Democrats hate Donald Trump.

You can see this in the way that the Democrats bullied Donald Trump from the stage in their Democratic National Convention.

By picking on Donald Trump and bullying him, Hillary Clinton and Establishment Democrats think that they can take America’s attention away from the problems in America.

Rising poverty class.

Diminishing middle class.

Failures of Obamacare.

Increasing of Muslim terrorism.

Students who cannot pay back their student loans due to unemployment.

Free Trade and its destruction of the American working class.

Rising crime rates.

Inequality for people of color in America’s educational institutions and job market under “Democratic Dominance” in the past 8 years.

Rising conflicts between African-Americans and the Police.

Hillary Clinton thinks that if she can bully Donald Trump loudly enough and get everyone to participate, then she won’t need to address any of the problems that her posse created since the days of her husband, Bill Clinton’s presidency.

The Democratic Party members hate Donald Trump because they know that he is speaking the truth on many issues.

It makes their conscience go “ping!”

Do new immigrants threaten jobs for existing American Christians?

Innercities have suffered poverty for decades.  African-Americans and poor whites continue to suffer poverty.

Unfortunately, more people enter the poverty line, every year, as new immigrants flood America’s cities, taking jobs away from poor African-Americans and poor whites.

World has limited resources.

There are limited jobs in cities and towns.

With Free Trade, many of American jobs are going over to China or India, further depriving American citizens of jobs.

The influx of new immigrants is adding to the continued impoverishment of American citizens.

New immigrants come to America’s cities and compete for low-level jobs that many African-Americans need to support themselves financially.

In other words, because of new immigrants, many African-Americans will not have jobs.

There just aren’t jobs for everyone.

Welcoming in Muslims, Hindus, and Jews to new cities in order to “help” them, while allowing descendants of African slaves in the USA to continue to wallow in poverty is irresponsible.

Furthermore, more and more American citizens are entering the poverty line and homelessness as many new immigrants take jobs away from African-American poor and poor whites.

From the Christian perspective, it is a duty of the United States of America government to close immigration in order to help African-American poor and white American citizens on the verge of homelessness.

Helping Muslims, Hindus, and Jews, while neglecting black Christians and white Christians will anger God in heaven.

It is important to block immigration in order to help America’s poor.  This is responsible government that takes care of its citizens.