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Should Christians fight for a pro-Gay country?

It is important that Christians in America not lose by default.  Do NOT relinquish power to the atheists, Jews, Muslims, or secular people!

It is important for Christians to hold onto power by any means necessary.  Voting.  Intimidation of opponents (to Christianity).  Hiring private investigators to dig dirt up on the opposition in order to destroy them politically.

By any means necessary, Christians must hold onto power and increase their power – not for their own sake but for the sake of Christ.

Why should Christ and the Bible be trampled underfoot by atheists, Jews, Muslims, and secular people?

That’s exactly what will happen if you allow it to happen.  People want power, and they are going to take it, if you let them.

It is up to the Christian majority in America to hold onto power and to increase the power of the Christian majority.  It is important for Christians to use power to make America more Christian.  It is important for Christians to use power to make the US Military more overtly Christian.  It is important to use power to make American laws submit to the Holy Bible.

It is up to the Christian majority to safeguard Christian America.

In this regard, Christians must make sure that America does not become pro-Gay.  Any pro-Gay laws or trends must be subverted and changed for the glory of God!

Are women politicians destructive to creating a Christian America?

Unfortunately, it seems so.

Republican Governor of Oklahoma, who is a woman, struck down an anti-abortion law by vetoing it.  She did not have to veto it, but she did.  This shows that women – even Republican women – cannot be trusted in politics to uphold the Bible as the supreme authority for morality.

The problem is that women think with emotions and act on emotions, rather than follow the Bible, at critical moments.

Women are far more emotional than men.  Most scientists and historians would agree that women are more emotional and men are more rational.

Popular consensus agrees.

Women have emotional needs that may seem irrational to men.

This illustrates the very fact that women act on emotions more often than not.  And this is the case in politics.  Women act out of emotion, more than out of principle or rational decision.

That is why so many women in politics support anti-Bible ways, such as homosexuality or abortion.  Even if they don’t support it, per se, they tolerate it far more than men, especially in the Republican Party.

This illustrates why the Bible states that women should be silent in the church.

Christian denominations that have women pastors/preaches often go the wrong way into supporting homosexuality or abortion.

Just look at the United Methodist Church (UMC) that ordains women.  Having women lead churches will run churches into ruin.

The same is true for the nation.  Nations that have women lead will eventually be led into ruin.

You see how emotional she is.  She is basing everything on her relationships and emotion.  She is not basing her decisions on the Word of God or principles of the Bible.

This is why ordaining women is against the Bible.

All Christian churches must stop ordaining women as preaches and pastors of churches, because the New Testament specifically and explicitly condemns this.

Churches that ordain women as clergy must repent or face the Wrath of God.