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Should American flag burners be punished by law?

A lot of self-hate against the flag exists right now in the USA.  A part of the reason is that American politicians have become so inclusive that the American flag has lost all of its meaning for some people.

For instance, if you love everybody, then you love nobody.  What makes love special is that you are loved more than others.  If your parents loved everyone equally, then you are no longer special.

If your husband loved all women equally, then his love for you means nothing.

What makes love special is that it is exclusive.

In the same way, when politicians want to become all-inclusive, such as embracing Muslims and Fidel Castro and everyone else, then America’s majority who are Christians do not feel special in any way.

Where “everyone has a place” is a place where no one has a place.

The reason why Donald Trump won is that he made American citizens special by being exclusive.

America can only be great, if America is greater than other countries.

Exclusion is an act of love for those whom you love.

God does not love everyone, that is why God only saves a few people in the world to go to eternal life in Heaven.  Most people in the world will go to Hell and suffer for eternity.  God does not choose everyone; God only chooses few to be born again Christians who will enjoy His love forever.  People in Hell will experience the hatred of God, forever.

If you are born again in Jesus Christ, you are special because God loves you. You are special because God does NOT love everyone in the world.  God loves you and has chosen you.  That is why you are special, when you are born again.

Do you think that Tennessee’s school bus crash was God’s punishment due to children’s parents voting for Hillary Clinton?

Horrible thing happened in Tennessee.  A school bus crashed and at least 6 children died, as a result.

It is sad, whenever a tragedy like this happens.  But it is important to ask the question of “why?”  Nothing happens without God’s permission.  God is in control of His creation.

When we seek first the Kingdom of God, God gives us everything we need.  Peace and joy.  But when we go against the Kingdom of God, by supporting homosexuality and gay marriage, or politicians who support gay marriage and homosexuality, then God will take things away from us in divine punishment.

Yes, God took the children away from the parents who voted for Hillary Clinton, because Hillary Clinton supports abortion and gay marriage.  It is important for parents to fight homosexuality and abortion, if the parents want God to give their children long life.

Is Barack Obama the most evil president in US history by Bible standards?

Barack Obama lit up the White House in rainbow colors in support of legalizing gay marriage in all 50 US states.  Barack Obama is using his power as the highest power in the country to support homosexuality and oppose the Bible.

God defines homosexuality as evil.  This is very clear in the Old Testament and the New Testament.  Any support of homosexuality is evil, therefore, by Biblical definition.

“Fair is foul, and foul is fair.”  Shakespeare’s Macbeth describes that good can be seen as evil and evil as good.  And that is what is going on in the United States of America under President Barack Obama.  Obama is saying that what the Bible is considering evil is “good”.  That is why Obama lit up the White House with a “gay” rainbow.

What Barack Obama does in aggressively supporting gay rights is evil in the sight of God.  But Obama wants to make it seem like it is a good thing to do.

Barack Obama consistently pushes gay marriage and gay rights on the American people and uses his position as the supreme leader of the land to make sure that all laws are used to protect gay people and persecute Christians who support the Bible’s position on homosexuality.

Everyone who voted for Barack Obama has participated in this evil and must repent to God.  Otherwise, God will punish them.

It is no surprise that 81% of Americans are worse off now than before Barack Obama became president.  This should be seen as God’s punishment.  God can bless a nation or not bless a nation.  When the American people vote for a president who pushes homosexuality in society against God’s will, then God will make sure that all who voted for the evil leader (Barack Obama) will suffer in some way – in terms of health, lifespan, job, financial security, happiness, stable family, personal safety, etc.

God wanted to destroy Nineveh and kill all its residents in divine punishment.  God was gracious and sent Prophet Jonah to Nineveh.  When Nineveh repented after Jonah’s “preaching”, God changed His mind and did not destroy Nineveh and kill all its residents.

What you do have impact on your future destiny.  God is pro-actively involved in history.

Everyone who has voted for Barack Obama must repent to God.  It is a sin to vote for someone who leads the nation against God’s Word, the Holy Bible.  If you do not repent, then God will punish you, personally, and your family and your community (town, city, state, etc.).  There is NO separation of church and state in God’s Word, the Holy Bible!  Who you vote for will determine your destiny, the destiny of your children, and the fate of your community as God responds to your rebellion against God’s Word.

There is no doubt that Barack Obama is the most evil president in US History, according to the standards of the Bible.  All those who voted for Obama as president will be held responsible by God of the Bible for the wrong direction that the country is going.  God will hold you responsible for your votes.  And God sees everything!


Does America need to illegalize homosexuality in order to receive peace from God?

Everyone wants peace.  Parents with children want peace and secure future for their children.  All parents love their children and want the best for them.

God can give peace to any family, any community, any city, any country.

But God refuses to give peace to families, cities, and countries that refuse to follow the Word of God.  God refuses to give peace to families, cities, and countries that refuse to be guided by the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible is very clear that homosexuality is the greatest evil in the world.  Homosexuality must be illegalized by national law.  Nation’s tax dollars and law enforcement agencies (police, FBI, Homeland Security, etc.)  must be used to arrest homosexuals.  Nation’s court system must render justice and death penalty to homosexuals.

Until this happens, God will not give the nation peace that it desperately wants and needs.

Will the Holy Trinity punish Hispanic Christians if they vote for a democrat who supports gay marriage laws?

Every people have their own history.  Historical experience of Jews is that God destroyed Israel, their country, in 70 AD, because Jews killed Jesus Christ, according to the Gospels of the New Testament.  God rewards and punishes nations (or a people) based on what they do.  This principle is clear on the Bible.

God will bless a nation or an ethnic group, based on how they (the majority that guides the decision) act as a nation or an ethnic group.

Right now, unfortunately, the Democratic Party is aggressively pro-homosexuality and want to create gay marriage laws that make it illegal for Christians to say, “Homosexuality is sin!”

This is wrong.

And it is wrong for Christians to vote for Democratic Party officials who want to push gay marriage in society through laws and law enforcement (police and FBI).

Hispanic Christians can become leaders of the United States of America with God’s blessing.  But God will NOT bless Hispanic Americans if Hispanics support homosexuality and gay marriage.

Hispanic churches must publicly stand against homosexuality and gay marriage laws.  Hispanic Christians must vote against politicians who support pushing gay marriage laws in society.

God determines the destiny of a people.

Does God not like rich people?

One must understand that God is the owner of everything in the world.  God even owns every life on earth, and God can elongate life and God can prematurely end life.

Similarly, God gives wealth, and God takes away wealth.

Since God’s blessings often involve material wealth, as was the case in Abraham and King David, etc. etc., obviously God likes rich people.  God made them rich.

But God has expectations of rich people.  God wants rich people to use their money for the glory of God.  Rich people who do not use their wealth for God generally experience either loss of their wealth or tragedies (personal, health, family, psychological, friendship, etc.) that bring tremendous unhappiness, despite their wealth.

In 2015 America, a rich person who is wise will spend his or her money to fight homosexuality, since God hates homosexuality and God hates homosexuals, as it is clear in the New Testament and the Old Testament.  Those rich Christians who spend money to fight homosexuality, will be blessed by God.

But those rich Christians who do not use their money to fight homosexuality and overturn pro-gay marriage laws will either lose their wealth or experience great tragedies on personal, familial, health, psychological, friendship, etc. levels.

The Bible shows that evil spirit entered King Saul and tormented him psychologically, so that he did not find peace. Such punishment by God is psychological in nature.

God likes rich people who spend their money to glorify God.

But God does not like rich people who do not use their money to advance God and God’s Word in society.

Every rich Christian in America has a choice to make.  They can use their millions to overturn gay marriage laws at the federal and state levels, and enjoy their wealth and a long life, or they can refuse to spend their money to fight homosexuality in American society and experience God’s wrath and judgement in the format that God chooses.

To those whom God has given much, much is expected.

Rich Christians must use their wealth, effectively, to overturn gay marriage laws at local, state, and federal levels.

Their future happiness and wealth depend on it.