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Should more federal judges be appointed from the Bible Belt and the Rust Belt?

Yes, more federal judges from the Bible Belt (South) and the Rust Belt (Midwest) should be chosen by President Donald Trump.

There are a lot of good Christians who follow the Bible in the Rust Belt and the Bible Belt.

White Working Class families in the Rust Belt want the Bible respected.

White Working Class families do not want their sons to become homosexuals.  Democratic push for gay rights is offensive to many American families.

Many jobs have gone to foreign countries under the Democratic power (Clinton, Obama).

Hatred against Clinton and the Democratic Party is strong among many White Working Class families.

Many Black Working Class families support Donald Trump’s presidency, because they believe that Obama lied to them and did not bring jobs to America’s inner-cities.

Coastal regions of the USA look down on the Rust Belt and the Bible Belt, because they love the Bible and want to follow it.

Christians in the Bible Belt and the Rust Belt work hard to defend the Bible in society.

It is important for President Donald Trump to elect federal judges from the Bible Belt and the Rust Belt in order to bring America back to God.


Will God give cancer to people who oppose God’s Law?

God punishes on earth those who oppose God’s Law.

There is punishment on earth.

God is fair.  God is just.  God punishes and rewards on earth according to the actions of each person.

Cancer is one way God can punish people on earth for opposing God’s Law.

Anyone can get cancer, because cancer is simply abnormal development of normal cells.

When people do not follow God’s Law, God can cause your cells that are in your body to develop, abnormally.

Cancer (except for few exceptions) is punishment by God.

If you have cancer, ask yourself what you have done wrong to get cancer.

God is just.  God is fair.

God controls the cancer cells in your own body.  There is a reason why God gave you cancer.

Does God like to see people suffer?

Think of Hell.  It’s eternal torture that is far worse than waterboarding.  Far worse than any torture that has existed on earth.  And it is for eternity.

Obviously, God designed eternal suffering in Hell, because God wanted to.

Who will go to Hell?  Those who do not accept Jesus Christ as their personal LORD God and Savior.

In other words, either you belong to God and go to Heaven, or reject God and go to Hell, where there will be eternal gnashing of teeth.

The video illustrates in a parallel way, what those who refuse to belong to God will face, when they die.  Consider it a metaphor.  Or a type of a parable.

There are two choices for humans.

Either you accept Jesus Christ as your personal LORD God and Savior and live in eternal bliss in Heaven, after you die, or you reject Jesus Christ and suffer eternal torture in Hell, forever and ever.

Does God like to see people suffer?

What do you think?