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Should artists create art that brings glory to Jesus Christ?

Many artists throughout history have create art to celebrate and glorify Jesus Christ.  This is clear when one visits the Sistine Chapel in Rome.  Many Christians built glorious churches to honor Jesus Christ.

Artists should create magnum opus for Jesus Christ as a witness to Jesus Christ’s greatness.

Does sexual assault or adultery disqualify a person from political position, according to the Bible?

No.  The Holy Bible is very clear that sexual assault or rape or adultery does NOT disqualify a person from political leadership position, according to the Bible.  God’s ways are the the ways of American feminists.  God has his ways.

This is clear in the case of King David.  King David was a sexual predator, who aggressively sought out a married woman to have sex with her.

King David went after a married woman in order to have sex with her.  King David exacted sex from Bethsheba by using his political power as the supreme leader of his country.  King David is clearly a sexual predator.  There is no doubt about it. The Bible describes in length the fact that King David was a sexual predator, who used his position of power and influence to sexually harass and rape a married woman.

Is what King David did righteous?  Of course, not!  It is wicked, and it is sinful.

Did God demand that King David step down as the leader of his nation?  No.

Sexual crimes do not disqualify a person from the position of political leader in the Holy Bible.

King David remained King of Israel.  In fact, God calls King David as having a “pure heart”.  Sexual crimes do not disqualify anyone from political power.  No one who commits adultery should step down from their position of US Senator, US Representative, Mayor, Governor, City Council, State Legislature, or Judge.  Adultery never disqualifies anyone from political office.  This is the direction of the Bible.  God’s Word is the Truth.  Human ways are not God’s ways.

If a Christian commits a sexual sin (rape, sexual assault, or adultery), that Christian should repent and ask God for forgiveness. But the Christian should not quit from his political position of power. That is the guidance of the Word of God.  God does not want people to resign from their political power positions because of adultery.  The example of King David is very clear.

The Holy Bible has an example of when God wants to replace a leader.  That example is with King Saul.  King Saul did not commit any adultery.   What King Saul did was to not obey God.  God wanted King Saul to commit genocide against a whole group of people, and King Saul did not do that.  This disobedience to commit genocide (killing of every man, woman, child, elderly, and disabled) disqualified King Saul from his political leader position.  The Bible is very clear.  God said, “To obey is better than sacrifice.”  In other words, it is better to commit complete murder of every human being in a country when God commands, rather than go to church and worship God on Sunday.  Obedience to God’s Word is always more important than a worship service.

God has no problems with rape by political leaders, as long as they repent to God with sincere heart, but God has problems with leaders who refuse to commit genocide of all human life when God commands it.  And God does command genocides against certain peoples, as clearly seen in the Bible.  The Christian duty is to obey.


Is not hiring non-Christians important to helping to obtain a Christian America?

Hiring someone to manage or work in your company impacts the future of your company.  If you hire non-Christians to be leaders of your company, then your company will most likely go in a direction that does not glorify Christ.

Maybe a Jew that you hire to be the CEO of your company will get rid of “Christmas Party” and “Christmas Bonus” and take glory away from Christ.  Do you think Christ will be happy with you for allowing Christmas celebration to be taken out of your private company?

Surely, Christ will hold you responsible for taking away from His Glory in this way.  Christ wants to be honored by your company and its workers.  You won’t do this, if you hire a non-Christian or an anti-Christian to head your company.

Who you hire to manage and run your company is a reflection of who you are.  In other words, Christ will hold you accountable on the Day of Judgement for what your company does to glorify Christ or take glory away from Christ.  So, be very careful who you hire.

Do you think a homosexual company owner will knowingly hire a devout Christian to be the CEO of his company?  Of course, not!  Why not?  Because the gay person is anti-Christian and will do everything in his power to de-Christianize America.

Why should you help anti-Christian individuals to rise to power by hiring them into power positions?

You should be guided by Christian ethics and hire only true Christians to be managers and leaders of your company.

You want to glorify God with your company.  This is important.