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Is it possible for Jesus Christ to Kill 1/3 (34%) of the Christian population in Divine Judgment for opposing the Holy Bible as He did during the Middle Ages with the Black Plague?

Anything is possible with God. And everything is possible with God.

It is clear that God killed 1/3 (34%) of the European population (everyone was baptized and professed to be Christian) in the Middle Ages with the Black Plague.

In other words, God chose to kill 34% of the “Christian” population during the Middle Ages, even though they went to church every Sunday and worshipped God.

God is God of history, which means that history testifies about the Work of God, who is actively engaged in history.

This means that it was God’s Free Will to kill 34% of the Christians in Divine Judgment, because that is what God wanted to do, when Christians went away from the Holy Bible.

It is not very difficult for God the Father to kill 34% of all Christians in the world in Divine Punishment, because all God has to do is mutate one virus, and that can and will kill 34% of the world’s population, such as altered form of a FLU VIRUS.

God controls every virus in the world, and God can choose to kill 34% of all Christians who go to church by using an altered virus for tolerating homosexuality in society.

Read the Bible! God has NO PROBLEM killing believers who oppose God’s Law.

Should Christians be aggressive about forcing out homosexuals from their towns and cities?

Yes, there is a reason why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

God decided to destroy every living thing, including those who toleratated homosexuality, although they did not practice homosexuality themselves.

God hates homosexuals so much that God is willing to punish believers who tolerated homosexuality.

When Lot’s wife looked back at Sodom and Gomorrah, God turned her into a pillar of salt.

God hates homosexuals so much that God does not even want you to look back in pity at God’s destruction of homosexuals in the Acts of God.

Christians in every city and every town in the United States must be very aggressive about pressuring gays, bisexuals, and transgender people out of their towns and cities. lest God’s wrath rains down on them and their children.

Do you think God is turning His back on Ben Carson because Carson has moderated his position on gay marriage laws?

You must be referring to recent tragedy befalling Ben Carson, who used to be the front runner among the Republican primary candidates:

Today, in Iowa, a staffer for Ben Carson was killed in a car accident, as you can see from above video.

Ben Carson used to have a very strong stance against homosexuality and gay marriage laws, but unfortunately, he has become more moderate in his views, more recently:


As Ben Carson became more moderate in gay marriage position, his popularity began to fall.

American Christians do not want gay marriage to be legal, because they read the Bible and they can see what the Bible position is on homosexuality.  The Bible wants homosexuals arrested under national law and executed under capital punishment.

Unfortunately, Ben Carson no longer holds to the Bible position, so Bible-believing Christians are abandoning him.

Now, Christians are supporting Cruz, because of his strong position against gay marriage.

American Christians who want to follow the Bible do not want tolerance for gay marriage.  Bible-believing Christians know that God wants homosexuality illegalized by national law and homosexuals arrested.

Cruz is rising up higher, because, regardless of the expression, American Christians support the idea that gay marriage should be illegalized.