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Who is better for African-American Christians? Trump or Clinton?

African-American Christians, many of them, are loyal to the Holy Bible, and want to live according to the Word of God.

African-American Gospel music shows that the love that many African-Americans have for Jesus Christ is genuine, real, and strong.

Many African-American Christians want to live a life according to the Bible and bring society to submission at the feet of Jesus Christ.

Hillary Clinton has no respect for the Christian faith of African-American Christians.  Hillary Clinton will make African-American Christians who love Christ and follow the Bible teaching on homosexuality “criminals”.  In a sense, Hillary’s position can be seen as a secular WHITE effort to subjugate and dominate and (spiritually) enslave black people.

Are those who share the Gospel with gay people sinning against God?

Sin is disobedience to God.

If God does NOT want you to share the Gospel with someone or some group, you MUST NOT share the Gospel with them.

Obedience to God is paramount in Christianity.

God does NOT want the Gospel to be preached to everyone!

How do we know this?

We know this from the Bible.  In the story of Jonah, God wanted Prophet Jonah to preach to the people of Ninevah, who were enemies of Israel.  Jonah did not want to do this, so he headed toward to Tarshish to share the Gospel with them.  God did not want Jonah to share the Gospel with people of Tarshish, so God brought a storm.  People of the ship threw Jonah overboard.  Jonah was swallowed by a large fish (whale).  Then, Jonah went to Nineveh as God wanted him to.

God wanted to save the people in Nineveh, but God did not want to save the people in Tarshish.

It is important to obey God even in terms of evangelism.

God does not want Gospel preached to gay (homosexual and transgender) people.

Christians must obey God.

Those who refuse to obey and “go to Tarshish” will be punished as Jonah was.

Do NOT share the Gospel with gay people!  The very act of sharing the Gospel to gay people (homosexuals and transgender) is sin, because God does not want you to.

This is clear in the Old Testament (Sodom and Gomorrah) and in the New Testament (Romans, Corinthians).

Is Joel Osteen responsible for the Gay mayor of Houston?

Rev. Joel Osteen’s ministry is in Houston, Texas.  His church is a mega-church.  If it were truly salt and light of the world, then the very presence of his ministry would prevent a homosexual from becoming a leader in the city of Houston, Texas.

The fact that a lesbian became a mayor in Houston shows that Rev. Joel Osteen needs to repent.  All churches in the city of Houston, Texas, need to repent for their failure to be the salt and light of the city of Houston and drive out homosexuality and homosexuals from the city.

Look at Lynchburg, Virginia.  Because of the Bible-centered preaching of Rev. Jerry Falwell and Liberty University, homosexuals cannot get a foothold on the city.  That is what happens when a Christ-centered ministry is a salt and light of the city.

Rev. Joel Osteen does not care about God or the Bible; what Rev. Joel Osteen cares about is making people feel good.  He is a feel good guru, and not truly a servant of God.  A true servant of God proclaims the Word of God, even if it hurts the feelings of people.  Rev. Joel Osteen fails to do this.

Look at the preaching of John the Baptist in the Bible.  Just read it for yourself.

And compare John the Baptist’s preaching with Rev. Joel Osteen’s preaching.  Do you see the difference?  One represents the Word of God, but the other does not.

What kind of sermons did Rev. Joel Osteen preach against homosexuality?  Bible condemns homosexuality.  St. Paul preached against homosexuality.  Why does Rev. Joel Osteen not?

Jesus Christ condemned the Jewish religion publicly in His preaching and verbally attacked Jewish religious leaders in public.  Rev. Joel Osteen does not.  Unlike Jesus Christ who emphasized the exclusivity of salvation as coming from Jesus Christ, Rev. Joel Osteen emphasizes religious liberty.  That is not the Word of God.

With more ministries like Rev. Joel Osteen’s, which is afraid of the world and the US federal policies opposing the Word of God, American Christianity is doomed.

America needs preaching like that of John the Baptist in the Gospels.  That is Gospel preaching.

America needs preaching like that of Jesus Christ.  That is Gospel preaching.