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Is Fuller Theological Seminary wrong to engage in interfaith dialogue?

Yes, Jesus Christ condemned interfaith dialogue and condemned the leaders of Judaism (Pharisees, Sadducees, the Jerusalem Temple priests).

It is wrong to engage in interfaith dialogue, because interfaith dialogue implies that Jews and Muslims do not need Jesus Christ and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Jesus preached that there is only one way to salvation and that is through Jesus Christ.  That is why Jewish religious leaders hated Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ was not interested in respecting Judaism or respecting leaders of Judaism.

Until Jesus Christ’s dying breath, Jesus Christ did not respect Judaism or leaders of the Jewish religion.  It is against the New Testament to engage in interfaith dialogue.  Christian parents must teach their children not to respect other religions or the leaders of other religions.  This is the way of the Cross of the LORD Jesus Christ.  This is the Word of God.  Teaching of the Age of Grace in the New Testament.  Jesus Christ is the Only Way!

What is wrong with seminaries, like Fuller Theological Seminary and Calvin Seminary, is that they have gone away from the New Testament and the teaching of Jesus Christ Himself, who condemned interfaith dialogue.  For Jesus Christ, it is important to make disciples of all nations and submit them to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Making disciples of nations requires making them to abandon their religion and to accept Jesus Christ as LORD (Yahweh) God.

Jesus Christ opposed religious pluralism.  Jesus Christ condemned other religions as false.  St. Paul’s missionary journeys in the New Testament show that St. Paul was interested in condemning other religions.  In fact, St. Paul was charged with Hate Crime for his preaching against other religions by the Democracy of his time, which emphasized religious pluralism.  The New Testament is opposed to interfaith dialogue.

Christians who love Jesus Christ are called by Jesus Christ to oppose interfaith dialogue or religious pluralism.  The Gospels of Jesus Christ provide the proof:  “Go, ye, and make disciples of all nations!”

Jesus Christ. No compromise!

Is it a good idea to put a Mormon as the chair of the Republican Party?

Romney McDaniel, who is a Mormon, is being considered as the Chair of the Republican Party.

This is a mistake, because most of the Americans cannot identify with Mormons. Certainly, most of those who voted for Trump were not Mormons and have a negative perception of Mormons.

The problem with having a Mormon become the chair of the Republican Party is that it will minimize the power of the majority of Americans, who are Bible-believing Christians.

Mormons hate Bible-centered Christianity, and Bible-centered Christians hate Mormons.

Bible-believing Christians in the USA see Mormonism as a serious problem in the USA.

A Mormon as the Chair of the Republican Party will create many problems for Trump, that will grow exponentially during his 4 years.

Conflict between Bible Christianity and Mormonism is a long one in the history of the United States of America.