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Do Hispanic Christians who vote for pro-gay Democratic politicians love the world?

Yes, God does NOT want Hispanic Christians to support the Democratic Party, because the Democratic Party supports gay rights and abortion, which is killing babies.

Hispanic Christians who vote for Democratic politicians love the world more than Jesus Christ.

Hispanic Christians should support and honor Jesus Christ, by voting against the Democratic Party in 2018 midterm elections.



Does God hate all Hispanic Christians who vote for pro-abortion Democratic Party candidates?

Yes, God hates all Hispanic Christians who vote for Democratic politicians during the 2018 and 2020 elections at the local, state, and federal levels, knowing that Democrats support abortion, which is kiling babies.

Will God destroy Hispanic Christians and punish their children if they vote Democrat in 2018 elections?

Yes, God will punish Hispanic Christian who vote Democrat in 2018 elections, because the Democratic Party hates God and want to kill innocent babies through abortion.

God’s angels will hunt down Hispanic Christians who vote Democrat in 2018 and support the Satanic Power that the Democratic Party supports through their pro-gay position.

God hates all homosexuals and hates all “Christians” who love homosexuals, as it is clear in Sodom and Gomorrah and Romans 1.

God will be merciless against any Christian who supports the pro-gay Democratic Party for whatever reason.

Do Hispanic Evangelical Pastors who tell their church members to vote Democrat make themselves into enemies of God?

Yes, it is evil for any Christian pastor to tell their church members to vote for the Democratic Party in the 2017 and 2018 elections, because the Democratic Party supports gay marriage and transgender rights, which are directly against God’s Law.

God hates homosexuals and expects every country to arrest homosexuals as criminals.

Hispanic Christian pastors must decide if they will stand with God and the Holy Bible or with the world and the Democratic Party (which opposes the Holy Bible).

You cannot support the Holy Bible and the Democratic Party at the same time, because the Democratic Party officially stands against the Holy Bible and its teaching against homosexuality.

Choose God and oppose the Democratic Party.  That is the right thing to do.

Will God punish Hispanic Christians in Virginia who vote for Ralph Northam who supports gay marriage?

Yes, God will punish every Hispanic Christian who votes for Ralph Northam, because he supports gay marriage, transgender rights, and homosexuality proliferation.

Hispanic Christians who vote for pro-gay Ralph Northam (Democrat) are proving to God that they do not love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

If Hispanic Christians put God first, then they would vote against Ralph Northam.  But it is because some Hispanic Christians do not love Jesus Christ far above everyone else that they vote for a politician who wants to push gay rights against the stated Will of God in the Holy Bible.

God will punish all Hispanic Christians and their children in the state of Virginia who vote for Ralph Northam (Democrat) because Ralph Northam stands openly and publicly against God’s Word.

Will God punish Hispanic Christians who vote for Democratic politicans?

Hispanic Christians can be 100% positive that they and their children will be punished by the God of the New Testament if they vote for the Democratic Party in 2017 and 2018.

God may kill them and their children in anger, because the Holy Bible clearly shows that God kills true believers in anger when Christians go against God’s Word.  Even if God does not kill them in divine punishment, God will definitely punish them and their children in some other way.  God is alive, and God always punishes those who stand against God’s Word.  Voting for the Democratic Party which supports homosexuals is standing against God’s Word.

Hispanic Christians who vote for the Democratic Party which officially condone gay marriage and transgender rights are traitors to the Kingdom of Christ and His righteousness.

They are guilty before God and will be punished by God in divine judgment.

Could God’s punishment of Democrat supporting Hispanics include armed knocking of doors to drive out Hispanics from the United States of America?

God is God of blessing.

But God is also God of cursing and punishment for those who do NOT follow God’s Law.

Hispanic Christians in America are at a crossroad.  If they follow the Bible, they are going to see tremendous blessing and wealth and honor for themselves and their children.

But if Hispanics are disloyal to God, it is possible for Hispanics to receive the punishment from God.  This can include federal marshals, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and INS knocking door to door to kick out Hispanics from America.

God owns blessing, and God will punish those who oppose God’s Law.

There are many people who dislike Cruz because he is a Hispanic-American.

Iowa governor calls for anti-Cruz vote:


Everybody, black or white, knows that if Ted Cruz wins, a lot of Hispanic-Americans will be appointed to positions of power that they are qualified for in all 50 states, especially in federal government positions.

This includes not only military general positions in the Army, Navy, Air Force and government positions in the White House and judge positions, but this will also include positions of power and influence at all levels of power.

If Ted Cruz wins the US Presidency, the position of Hispanic-Americans will be secure in the United States of America in every field and in every industry.

Many Republicans fear this kind of rise in power of Hispanics in America in all 50 United States.  That is why US Senators are urging not supporting Ted Cruz.


Hispanic-Americans are at the verge of complete US victory and domination as the greatest minority in America.  Or they may see US security forces knock on their doors to deport 13 plus million Hispanic-Americans back to their home countries.

The choice belongs to every Hispanic-American voter.

God cares about one thing and one thing only.  Will Hispanic-Americans be loyal to Christ and the Word of God?

If Hispanic-Americans support God’s Law and Jesus Christ and, therefore, vote against the Democratic Party, which supports homosexuality and gay marriage, then God will bless Hispanic-Americans.

But if Hispanic-Americans vote for Democrats in the US Presidential race and in state and local elections, then God will make sure that Hispanic-Americans are punished.  That is who God is.  Read the Bible.  God’s punishment can include forced deportations.  God’s punishment can include door-to-door searches.


Will Hispanics in America be punished by God if they support pro-Gay Marriage politicians?

Hispanics are the largest minority in the United States of America – far greater in number than African-Americans.

Two of the top presidential candidates in the Republican Party are Hispanics:  Cruz and Rubio.

God is beginning to bless Hispanics, because many Hispanics have left the Roman Catholic Church and became “born-again” Christians. In fact, in every city in the United States of America, Spanish-speaking evangelical Christian Hispanic churches are abundant.

Hispanic evangelical Christian churches are decided anti-homosexuality and anti-gay marriage.  Sermons against homosexuality can be widely heard in Spanish-speaking churches.

Thus, God has blessed the Hispanics.  There is a real possibility that the next president can be Hispanic.  Right now, Cruz and Trump are tied in some states.

Anti-homosexuality movements in the cities may rise most strongly from Hispanic evangelical churches.  It is possible that God wants to use evangelical Hispanics to overturn the liberalism of American cities and the liberalism of the Irish and Jewish Democratic circles that push gay marriage laws and abortion in cities.

Pro-Gay Marriage Laws have made many Hispanic Christians and Christians who have been Democrats to reconsider supporting the Democratic Party.

It is possible that Black Christians and Hispanic Christians will surprise everyone in 2016 and vote for Cruz or Trump, BECAUSE they oppose gay marriage and want to submit to the Bible.

Bible is clear that homosexuality should be illegalized and homosexuals should be arrested by national law and executed under capital punishment.

When you see white preachers like Joel Osteen being weak on homosexuality and gay marriage, you can see why Houston, Texas, has a homosexual mayor (Houston is where Osteen’s church is).

Joel Osteen needs to submit to the Word of God and be bold and brave for Christ.  Joel Osteen needs to preach against homosexuality as St. Paul did.

Bible is the Word of God, and it is important for followers of Christ to submit to the Word of God.

Until white preachers become more bold on preaching against homosexuality and gay marriage laws from the pulpit, God will continue to take jobs away from white Christians and decrease the health and well-being of white Christians.

White Christians will become slaves of others if they do not submit to the authority of the Bible and call for illegalization of homosexuality and arrest of homosexuals as criminals.

According to the Bible, homosexuals must be excommunicated and not allowed in Christian worship services.

Homosexuals must be arrested and executed by capital punishment and national law.  This is the will of God.