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Does Hillary Clinton think that Bible-believing Christians are evil for opposing homosexuality?

St. Paul preached against homosexuality from the pulpit.  The Early Church, following St. Paul, preached against homosexuality from the Sunday worship pulpit.

Roman Democracy that wanted to “appeal to all” persecuted Christians for opposing homosexuality and claiming that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. However, true Bible-believing Christians not only continued to emphasize the Bible truth, but also increased their efforts, being willing to die at the hand of a democracy that pro-actively elevated homosexuality in society and targeted true Christians who claimed that Jesus Christ was the only way to salvation.

Early Christians have decided to follow Jesus.  There was no turning back.  Threats of prison by the Roman democracy.  Threats of death by the Roman democracy.  There was no turning back.

Cross is death penalty by Roman democracy.  Early Christians embraced persecution by their democratic government and preached pro-actively against homosexuality and against Universalism that emphasized that all religions were equal and that all religions lead to salvation.

Hillary Clinton considers Bible-believing Christians as “evil” because she believes that homosexuality is a “right” or “universal right”.  Hillary Clinton believes that it is human rights to protect and proliferate homosexuality in society.

Therefore, all who stand against this “universal right” or “human rights” are, by definition, “evil” in the mind of Hillary Clinton.

In order to protect gays, transgender, and lesbians, Hillary Clinton is willing to fight against and illegalize all those who consider homosexuality as sin.

Bible clearly emphasizes that homosexuality is evil.  Hillary Clinton is against the Bible.

Satan’s dominion is extending in the United States of America, as gay speaker at the Republican National Convention shows.  This is happening because so-called evangelical preachers in America are too chicken about preaching against homosexuality from the pulpit.  When the spirit of fear (of the world!) enters the churches in a country, Satanic dominion will proliferate and dominate.

Bible-believing preachers must follow the Bible.  Just as St. Paul did, Bible-believing preachers must preach from the pulpit on Sunday sermon that homosexuality is evil and must be illegalized.

God has not given a spirit of fear.  So, preachers who do not preach on Sunday against homosexuality are not true servants of the Gospel, because they fear the world and do not relay the true message of God.

Joel Osteen, why are you so afraid of the world?  It is because of your fear of the world, that that there is a lesbian mayor in your city, where your church is supposed to be the salt and the light of the world.  Ye shall know them by their fruit, Osteen!

If homosexuality is proliferating in your city, it is your fault, so-called preachers of the pulpit.  Satan’s darkness will spread in your city because you are afraid.  You are afraid of the world.  You are afraid to preach from the pulpit the Word of God.

Is Obama mollycoddling Islam increasing Muslim Terrorist Domain globally as reflected in Istanbul and Russian Muslim involvement?

Terrorism is expanding.  ISIS has made alliances with white (race) Muslims and are working together in terrorism as reflected in Turkey.  Muslims unite along religious lines.  The fact that Obama denies the Muslim factor in terrorism is emboldening Muslim terrorists.  Obama’s aversion to talk about the key element of Islam in terrorism is due to his father being a Muslim.  People’s identities are based on their heritage, origins, and genetic succession (father/mother–>son/daughter).

Family ties matter.  This is clear from the TV show, “The Game of Thrones”:

For those who have been following The Game of Thrones, its central motif is that your family matters and defines your identity.  Arya Stark kills the man who killed her parents.  Why is this important for her?  Because of her identity.

Everyone has identity and it is irrevocably linked to their past, origins, genetic inheritance.  That has been so since the beginning of time, and it will be so until the end of time.  That is unavoidable.

To say that Islam does not matter, when it is the primary identity marker of terrorists and the reason why these terrorists connect globally is ignorance. But ideology blinds ideologues.  The Democratic Party is filled with ideologues who envision a world in which Islam exists peacefully with Christianity, and they will not turn from their ideology.  Same with Establishment Republicans – they will actually (ironic!) defend Islam, every time there is terrorism inflicted by Muslims.  Do you see the utter ridiculousness of the Establishment bending forwards and backwards to defend Islam.

That is why it is important to elect Donald Trump to the office of US President and vote out anyone who is friendly to Islam.  It is important to illegalize Muslim immigration to the USA by law, because Muslims connect globally through Islam.  It is through this Muslim connection that all future terrorism against America’s cities will be directed.