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Did the hateful anti-Semitic speech by Jesus Christ directed at leaders of Judaism alienate the women in His day?

Yes, Jesus Christ sprouted hateful, anti-Semitic rhetoric in public against leaders of Judaism.

But the hateful speech of Jesus Christ did not alienate women who wanted to serve God.

Like Jesus Christ, Hitler sprouted anti-Semitic rhetoric in Germany, and many women followed Hitler.

Many Christian leaders, such as Martin Luther, attacked Jews and Judaism, like Jesus Christ, did, in order to be faithful to the Gospel according to Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit who confirmed the Bible moved in the hearts of these Christian men to be anti-Semitic, just as Jesus Christ was on earth.

Christianity is anti-Semitic.  New Testament is anti-Semitic, so Christianity that is faithful to the New Testament, of course, will most certainly be anti-Semitic.

Anti-Semitism is the core characteristic of 2,000 years of Christianity after the death of Christ.

Liberal Christians who do not believe the Holy Bible seek to go against the anti-Semitic nature of the New Testament.

But then, they will be going to eternal damnation in Hell, because they reject the Christian Gospel, which is aggressively anti-Semitic.

Liberal Christians and Atheists who are headed for eternal damnation in Hell are not above God.

Liberals cannot rewrite the Holy Bible, which is aggressively anti-Semitic.

God likes it that way, and God gets what He wants, because He is God.

The Holy Bible is the Word of God, and the Holy Bible is anti-Semitic.  True Christians must submit to the Word of God.

How do you explain American people’s support of Donald Trump from a Christian angle?

American people have a distinctive characteristic.

When people tell them that they can’t do it, then they will do it.

So, when the media tells people not to vote for Donald Trump, the American people will vote for Donald Trump, just because the media told them not to.  This is a way that American people assert their identity.

Some Americans vote for Donald Trump, just to spite the media and media attack of Donald Trump.

Such defiance can be found in Christian history.

Jews of Jesus Christ’s time told Him that He cannot claim to be the Messiah or the Son of God, because it is blasphemy.

Jesus Christ constantly rubbed it in the faces of Jewish religious leaders, just to spite them.

America has a lot of Christians who want to imitate Jesus Christ, so it is not surprising that many of America’s Christians are following the tactics set by Jesus Christ Himself.