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Is there a Jewish Conspiracy in America’s Colleges to De-Christianize America’s Colleges and Universities?

Yes, there is a Jewish conspiracy in America’s colleges and universities to attack Christianity and destroy Christianity in America’s colleges and universities.

Many Jews have infilterated evangelical Christian groups pushing Jewish interests, like fighting anti-Semitism and supporting Israel, and take attention away from the spreading of the Gospels.

Jewish students and Jewish student groups in America’s universities and colleges often function as political entities to attack Christianity on campus and Bible morality on campus, such as Christian opposition to homosexuality and abortion.

Jewish conspiracy has hit America’s Catholic universities most seriously, and this is seen in all the pro-gay and pro-lesbian movements in America’s Catholic universities.

American Catholic universities are under seige by Jewish professors and Jewish students who are dedicated to destroying Christianity systematically.

It is improtant for all Christian students and professors to wage ideological war against Jews who have already started ideological attack on Christianity at America’s colleges and universities.

It is a Christian duty to fight Jewish conspiracy on college campuses, and every Christian who is loyal to Jesus Christ must find ways to destroy Jewish power in their universities and among Jewish students and Jewish professors.

Standing up for Christ at your college means fighting Jewish power and Jewish conspiracy at your university and college.

Fighting Jewish conspiracy is an important part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ because the Gospels of the New Testament shows Jesus Christ fighting Jewish conspiracy in Jerusalem.

Fighting Jewish conspiracy makes you a true Christian in the tradition of Jesus Christ.

Christian college students should use social media to fight Jewish conspiracy and Jewish power in their own colleges.

Christian college students have to be brave about destroying Jewish power and Jewish conspiracy against Christianity in their own secular universities and Catholic universities.

Many Jewish students and Jewish professors engage in Jewish lobby activites at their colleges and fight against Christianity through their official positions.

Should Jews Loyal to Israel Not Be allowed to serve as CIA Agents or US State Department Officials in the Middle East?

Much of America’s headache is in the Middle East.

A serious problem is that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) uses Jews loyal to Israel (AIPAC, Zionism, etc.) as CIA agents.

These Jewish CIA agents often serve as double agents, passing on intelligence information to the Jewish nation of Israel, because these Jewish CIA agents are loyal to Israel.

Jews being loyal to a foreign nation and lobbying for a foreign nation poses serious security threat to the United States of America and every US citizen.

Jews must NOT be used as CIA operatives in the Middle East, because they will seek the interest of Israel, the Jewish nation, which they are loyal to, more than the United States of America.

Jews are loyal far more to the Jewish nation of Israel than to the United States. Anyone who has Jewish friends or coworkers or neighbors know this.

This is common knowledge that Jews are more loyal to the Jewish nation of Israel.

American Jews being loyal to Israel and lobbying on behalf of Israel poses serious national security threat to the United States of America and United States citizens.

Central Intelligence Agency must fire all Jews loyal to Israel (AIPAC, Zionism, etc.) from positions of leadership (CIA Directors, CIA Project Managers, CIA intelligence gathering officer, etc. from the Middle East) because these Jews loyal to a foreign nation of Israel are a serious threat to the safety and security of the United States of America.

Allegiances matter and Jewish allegiance to the Jewish nation of Israel is a seriously important factor, which jeopardizes American interests in the Middle East.

America is NOT safe because the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) uses Jews who pass on intelligence secrets to the Jewish nation of Israel, which they are loyal to.

Loyalties matter. Most Jewish CIA agents will NOT think twice about betraying the United States of America and putting Gentiles who are US citizens in danger to protect the Jewish nation of Israel

Loyalty matters.

If the US federal government does not put American citizens first (over 300,000,000 US citizens are NOT Jews!), then American citizens are placed in risk.

Just because Jews have money, the US federal government are bribed by AIPAC to support Israel.

Multinational companies and Jewish billionaires are putting the United States of America and Gentiles who are US citizens (over 300,000,000 US citizens!) at risk!

Multinational pro-Jewish companiest and Jewish billionaires are forcing US politicians to vote to protect Israel and Jewish interest above US interests.

Unfortunately, US politicians can be bought with Jewish money, the way that Judas Iscariot was bought with Jewish money to betray Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Gospels in the New Testament.

Corruption in American politics is due in large part to corruption of Jewish millionaires and Jewish billionaires who control multi-billion-dollar multi-national companies in the United States, and their Jewish allegiances that lead to allegiance to the foreign nation of Israel is posing a serious security threat for Gentiles, who are US citizens (300,000,000 US citizens!).

The problem of billionaires and multinational companies controlling America and American politics is equal to the problem of wealthy Jews controlling America.

Holding billionaire Jews accountable for the damage that they do to the United States of America is necessary for the security and safety of the United States of America as nation with over 300,000,000 citizens who are NOT Jews!

US Billionaires controlling America and American politics is a serious problem for the future of America and American Gentiles.

Jews leverage their wealth to control poor Americans and bribe US politicians in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to fight Anti-Semitism and support Israel, because Jews are looyal to Jewish interests and to the Jewish nation of Israel.

American citizens should speak up about wealthy Jews controllling the American government to protect Jewish interests (Anti-Semitism) and the Jewish nation of Israel (foreign allegiance).

Will God Be Angry at College Campus Christian Leaders Who Refuse to Emphasize that Jews Killed Jesus Christ as Stated in the Gospels in the New Testament?

Yes, God will be angry at Chi Alpha, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Reformed University Fellowship, Baptist Christian Bible Study leaders who refuse to emphasize that Jews killed Jesus Christ because God gave us the Holy Bible, and in the New Testament (Gospels), it is emphasized that Jews killed Jesus Christ.

Being called an Anti-Semite for teaching what is in the Holy Bible is suffering for righteousness.

College campus Bible study leaders should seek to be called “Anti-Semites” for teaching the Holy Bible in the way that God wants it to be taught.

God emphasized through inspired Bible writers that Jews killed Jesus Christ because this is a fundamental part of the Christian faith!

Without the Gospel Truth that Jews killed Jesus Christ, no one can be saved or “born again”!

In other words, it is absolutely necessary to believe that Jews killed Jesus Christ to be born again and have eternal life.

In other words, those who reject the Gospel Truth that Jews killed Jesus Christ are not truly born again because they reject the Word of God given through the Gospel.

So, those who reject the Gospel Truth that Jews killed Jesus Christ will definitely go to eternal damnation in Hell.

It is an honor to suffer for the Gospel, and to be called “Anti-Semites” because you believe the Gospel Truth that Jews killed Jesus Christ is to suffer for Jesus Christ.

Every Christian should seek to be called “Anti-Semites” by Jews who hate Jesus Christ and reject Jesus Christ’s divinity, because this is what identifies you as a true Christian.

Those who are loved by Jews who hate Jesus Christ are probably doing something wrong and are not on the right side of the Holy Bible.

True Christians must emphasize the Jews killed Jesus Christ in the way that the Gospels in the New Testament emphasizes.

Rejecting the Gospel claim that Jews killed Jesus Christ is rejecting the Gospel itself!

The Gospel clearly states that the Gospel is a “stumbling block” for the Jews.

Jewish Christians who reject the Gospel Truth that Jews killed Jesus Christ will go to eternal damnation in Hell, because they reject the Gospel Truth.

Christians must strive to be called “Anti-Semites” by Jews because this means that these Christians are preaching the truth of the Gospel.

The Gospel was offensive to the Jews at Jesus Christ’s time and that is why the Jews killed Jesus Christ, so it makes sense that the Gospel is offensive to Jews in the United States of America or Canada or Australia or United Kingdom or any other country.

Should Christians Feel Glad When Jews Call Them Anti-Semites for Following the Gospel?

You should be happy to suffer for Jesus Christ, who is your God and your King.

When Jews call you an anti-Semite because you follow the Gospel and uphold the Gospel Truth that Jews killed Jesus Christ, you should rejoice, because you are suffering for Jesus Christ.

Jews will persecute Christians for following the Gospel.

Jews persecuted the disciples of Jesus Christ during Jesus Christ’s life-time on earth as well as during the Book of Acts.

Bible is clear on how Jewish religious leaders persecuted Christians.

So, if Jews in your college campus call you an Anti-Semite, then you should rejoice because you are suffering at the hands of the Jews, just like Jesus Christ’s disciples did in the First Century AD.

The New Testamennt emphasizes that Jews persecute Christians because Christians believe Jesus Christ is God.

Jews reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah as a people; the Jewish nation of Israel will never accept the Divinity of Jesus Christ, because this is prophesied in the Book of Isaiah.

It is prophecy that Jews as a people will always reject Jesus Christ, and this prophecy will be fuflilled until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

So, Christians in college campuses should strive to be faithful to the Gospel and take joy when Jews in their college call them “Anti-Semites”, because they are suffering for Jesus Christ.

To love Jesus Christ is to be called “Anti-Semite” by Jews in your area!

Is the US Supreme Court a Part of What makes the United States of America EviL In the Sight of Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible?

Yes, the Holy Bible states that Death Penalty should be issued for all homosexuals and all homosexuals should be arrested by national police/army to deliver justice, but the US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, against the explicit Bible attack on homosexuality from a legal standpoint.

Legalization of gay marriage by the US Supreme Court is clear proof that the US Supreme Court is evil in the sight of God, because the US Supreme Court ruling for gay marriage requires the laws of the United States of America to be anti-Holy Bible and pro-homosexuality, which God hates.

God hates the US Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court justices who attacked the Holy Bible by legally requiring gay marriage for all 50 states.

All Christians must verbally attack the US Supreme Court as fundamentally evil and anti-Bible in its formulations and function.

Christian pastors must preach against the US Supreme Court and teach church members why the US Justice System (the Judiciary Branch of the Federal Government) is anti-Christian and evil in the sight of Jesus Christ.

The US Supreme Court is, by concrete proof, evidence of why the United States of America is an Evil Empire in the sight of Jesus Christ, who condemns the injustice and immorality of the US Supreme Court.

It is necessary for Bible-believing Christians to oppose the US Supreme Court and reject patriotism for pro-gay and gay marriage proliferating current federal government of the United States of America.

Christians must be loyal to God’s Law and to Jesus Christ, first and foremost!

Christian atheletes who are loyal to Jesus Christ should be brave enough to take the knee during the singing of the US National Anthem in protest of pro-gay and gay marriage proliferating US federal government.

Saying that Jesus is King means standing against earthly powers that oppose God’s Law, even if it means prison or death.

Should Christians and Christian organizations black-List Christian Leaders who side with Jews in america?

Yes, every Christian should blacklist any Christian leader (however famous he may be) when he sides with a Jewish leader.

It is important for Christians to target Christian leaders who are favorable to Jews, because the Book of Galatians demands this.

The Book of Galatians called pro-Jewish “Christians” as preaching “Another Gospel”.

St. Paul said that pro-Jewish “Christians” (Judaizers) will go to eternal damnation in Hell, even though they are preaching the “Gospel” every Sunday in a Christian church, because they are empowering Jews and weakening the Christ-centered Gospel.

In the same way, American and British Christians must blacklist any Christian leader who stands with Jews who do not respect Jesus Christ as God and Savior.

There are traitors in our midst, and these are leaders who side with Jews and give Jews power to destroy Christianity in America.

It is a duty for all those who love Jesus Christ to stop the traitors who want to empower Jews in America and in the United Kingdom.

Is President Trump Facing Possible Impeachment because He was Too Kind to the Jews?

Yes, it is a mistake to be too kind to the Jews, as the Holy Bible shows.

Jesus Christ accuses Jerusalem (ISRAEL) of killing the prophets that God sends and promises judgment against Jerusalem.

That is why Christians cannot support the Jewish nation of Israel, because Jesus Christ Himself in the Gospels attacked the Jewish nation of Israel as being evil and killing God’s prophets. This is the Word of God.

Anyone who supports the secular nation of Israel stands against the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the very words of Jesus Christ spoken against Jerusalem and Israel in the New Testament.

President Trump must be ruthless when it comes to dealing with Jews and follow the steps of Jesus Christ who mercilessly attacked the Jews in the Gospels in the New Testament. What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD)

President Trump must minimize the power of the secular nation of Israel and start to strengthen the enemies of Israel, as Jesus Christ did.

Jesus Christ cursed Jewish cities and called for the destruction of Jewish cities. What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD)

Supporting Israel angers God, because Israel, according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, killed God’s Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. That is Gospel Truth!

All Christians who support the Jewish nation that killed Jesus Christ can expect God the Father to express His Anger as Father on them. Supporting Israel is against the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

It is important for President Trump to put the Jews on the run, if he wants to survive, because it is the Jews in Congress and the US Senate who are aggressively pushing for his impeachment and imprisonment.

Kindness to the Jews or Israel is against what Jesus Christ did in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians must follow the example of Christ.

It is important to understand that only way not to suffer at the hands of the Jews is to attack them, and President Nixon did not understand that.

Jesus Christ gave Christians the blue print for protecting Christianity and surviving Jewish attack in the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. It is important to heed the warnings of Jesus Christ!

Why should Christians work hard to get Jews fired from their jobs?

It is a part of Christian duty to work hard to get Jews fired from their jobs, especially when they occupy jobs with influence and power, such as a government job, a job as a principal of a local public school, or as a manager of a company.

Because Jews in America, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are similar in that they push pro-Jewish agency in society, it is dangerous to have Jews in jobs with power and influence.

Taking influence away from people who can destroy Christian ideals and Bible ethics is an important part of Christian work.

What is dangerous is to have competent people in power positions who oppose the Holy Bible and Bible-centered social ethics.

It is important to be strategic in demoting competent Jews who want to destroy Christian ethics and take positions of influence away from Jews with experience who will use their positions to de-Christianize the American society.

Competent anti-Christian Jews are far more dangerous to Christianity than incompetent people who oppose Christianity.

It is important for Christians to be strategic about targeting Harvard-educated and Columbia University educated Jews who are highly competent, who can use their positions of power and influence to attack Christianity in society.

Jews who are judges (such as Supreme Court Justices) have worked hard to de-Christianize the country using their official positions, and their competence in law is a curse upon America, since the most important thing is to follow the Bible and value Christian ideals.

It is important for Christians to fight for a Christian identity of the United States of America, because that is what the Holy Trinity wants.

God does not want Christianity to be taken out of the American society.

Christians must find creative ways to fight the United States Supreme Court and the Jewish power in US justice system  which are Hell-bent on de-Christianizing American institutions and taking Christianity out of public schools and state universities.

Did Hitler commit an illegal act by having 6,000,000 Jews killed in Germany?

Illegal means “violating the law.”  Germany as a nation passed a law to exterminate Jews, so no national laws were violated.  Thus, Hitler’s act is NOT illegal.

Hitler as the Commander-in-Chief of Germany as a nation issued orders based on German law to protect the German people from the National Security Threat (NST) that Jews in Germany posed.

When a nation degenerates in terms of morality, that creates a serious National Security Threat (NST), because immorality fuels crimes, such as sexual crimes.

In Germany, Jews played a major leadership role in expanding homosexuality (a heinous crime according to the Holy Bible) in Germany.

Sexual crimes do not proliferate in a vacuum.  There has to be a socio-political environment that encourages sexual immorality for proliferation of sexual crimes.

When Jews push gay marriage and homosexuality (serious crimes according to the Holy Bible) and create a socio-political environment “friendly” to homosexuality (which is an evil crime according to the Holy Bible), Jews create a socio-political envirnoment “friendly” to sexual crimes.

As sexual crimes proliferate, the nation reaches critical mass of chaos and lawlessness, and that is what Germany was facing, thanks to the aggressive immorality push by Jews of Germany to proliferate homosexuality in Germany.  Thus, Jews in Germany became a National Security Threat (NST) to all German citizens who wanted to live in peace and order.

God the Father gave laws in the Holy Bible, so that people can enjoy peace, order, and prosperity.

When these Bible Laws are attacked, as the Jews did in Germany and do in America, serious National Security Threat (NST) arises, because society degenerates into moral dissolution and chaos.

Immorality destroys nations, as can be cleary seen in other democracies, such as Greece democracy and Rome democracy.

German democracy sought to save itself from the National Security Threat (NST), and that is why the nation of Germany under the leadership of Hitler passed laws to protect Germany and the good citizens of Germany.

Germany determined that this was the best course of action to counter the National Security Threat (NST) after years of tolerance of homosexuality in the country (fueled by Jewish power, wealth, intellectuals, and lobbying) posed serious national threat to the nation and its citizens.

Hitler as the Commander-in-Chief of Germany tried to protect Germany as a nation and good German citizens by legally carrying out the arrest and execution of German Jews.

What Hitler did was completely legal in Germany, so Hitler did not commit any illegal acts when carrying out the Final Solution of Jews in Germany.

Will God retaliate against Irish and Polish Catholics who vote Democrat in 2018 elections and give support to gay marriage and abortion?

Yes, God will personally retaliate against every Irish Catholic and his or her children and grandchildren for voting Democrat in 2018 mid-term elections, when the Democratic Party supports Gay Marriage, officially, and abortion, aggressively.

God judges Irish Catholic families and the rest of the world using the Law of God, not earthly laws!

God may cause your wife or children or grandchildren to commit suicide as Divine Punishment, so that they will go to Eternal Damnation in Hell.  Sins of the fathers shall visit their children.

God will punish children and grandchildren of Irish Catholics, Polish Catholics, and other Catholics who vote Democrat, knowing that the Democratic Party spits at the face of God in pushing gay marriage agenda and killing of bablies in abortion.

You know that all those who commit suicide will 100% certainly go to eternal damnation in Hell!

If opposing God’s Law by voting Democrat means so much to you, then you should expect retaliatory action by God the Father in Heaven against your child or grandchild.  God always judges and punishes.  Just read your Bible.

God is merciless in punishing those who brazenly oppose God’s Law.

This is absolute Truth of the Holy Bible.

Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom!