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Would it be a great insult to America’s Protestant Christians if the next US Supreme Court Justice is not a Protestant?

Yes, the majority of the US citizens are Protestant Christians.

Many Protestant Christians in the USA believe that the US government is against them.

The fact that there is not a single Protestant Christian in the US Supreme Court is proof positive for many Protestant Christians that US government is out to get Bible-believing Christians.

If Donald Trump nominates a non-Protestant Christian to the US Supreme Court, then Trump will have a lot of problems in the next four years.  Protestant Christians will believe that Donald Trump is a part of the anti-Christian Washington DC establishment.

Many Protestant Christians in America are willing to fight and die for Christ to defend the true Gospel of Jesus Christ against all earthly powers.  If Trump nominates anyone other than a Bible-believing Protestant Christian to the US Supreme Court, then US government will face exponential growth in resistance among “law-abiding” US citizens.

It is important for Donald Trump to show that he is not a puppet for Atheists or Jews or Muslims.  It is important for Donald Trump to show that he will stand with America’s Protestant Christian majority.  This is the way he will be a true leader of America’s majority.  Democracy is majority rule.


Is WikiLeaks a hero for exposing Hillary Clinton to America’s Christians?

Hillary Clinton will hurt America’s Christians.  But Clinton is sly and try to present herself as good for America.  Hillary Clinton will hurt America and American Christians because of her way of looking at the world.

Hillary Clinton wants to stomp on America’s poor and working class, as it has been happening in the last 8 plus years.  WikiLeaks exposes what Hillary Clinton really stands for.

WikiLeaks is a hero for the American people because WikiLeaks is doing what news reporters should be doing – revealing truth and holding politicians accountable.