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Should Christians attack pro-Gay pastors in Social Media?

Yes, see it as God’s Work to attack false teachers and false prophets who encourage loving gay people, when the Holy Bible wants the believers to hate gay people.

Read Romans 1. It is clear from reading the Bible that God hates all homosexuals.

But there are false teachers and false prophets in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, etc. who say that you have to love gay people.

It is important for you to attack on social media every so-called evangelical preacher or Catholic priest who says that you should love gay people, because they are false teachers who oppose Romans 1.

It is important to understand it God wants Christians to use the media to further the Kingdom of Christ.

Should Republican politicians running for office publicly call for expelling illegal immigrants?

If Republican politicians want to win midterm elections, they need to follow the Trump playbook, and attack illegal immigration publicly and aggressively in their campaign ads and campaing speeches.

You cannot please everyone.  American citizens are angry at illegal immigration and what it has done to destroy American economy, family finances, the US Healthcare system, and personal employment.

American citizens, whether black or white, want jobs for themselves and for their children.

American citizens see illegals as a threat to jobs for American citizens.

Many American citizens blame illegals for the economic woes that their families are experiencing.

American citizens, whether Republican or Democrat, will support politicians who fight against illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration hurts American public schools and destroys the bright future of American citizens and their children.

Americans care about the future of their children, because they love them.

Americans who are registered as Democrats love their children far more than illegal immigrants or social justice.

American citizens know that they have to vote against the Democratic Party in order to make the future of their children bright and beautiful.  This is true for both whites and blacks in America.  American united against illegal immigration….

American citizens cannot do God’s work effectively if they are suffering under poverty due to illegal immigration, so this is a very Christian issue.

Is it wrong for a government to force the majority to submit to the will of the few educated?

In a democracy, the majority should rule.

Unfortunately, in the United States of America and other western democracies, a troubling evolution has taken place.  The educated elite (university professors and the media) are forcing the majority of the population to do what they want – which is a liberal policy and liberal laws that attack the Holy Bible.

These educated individuals use their education to bully the majority of the people to submission and use the police force to enforce their liberal laws, such as pro-homosexuality and pro-gay marriage laws.

The reason that the people of the United States of America are supporting Donald Trump is that Mr. Trump is exposing the media and the educated elites for what they are – tyrants bent on enslaving the majority of the nation by law and police enforcement.

For Christians, what is important is the Holy Bible.  The Christians should follow the Bible and Bible’s morality, such as opposing homosexuality and gay marriage.

The United States Constitution clearly emphasizes that the rule of the nation must be by the people.  People can assert their will through votes or through a revolution (like the American Revolution against Great Britain).  The US Constitution clearly gives the majority of the American people the right to rule the United States of America, regardless of what liberal elites and educated elites want.