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Does the Tolerance of homosexuality Offend God?

Yes, the tolerance of homosexuality offends God, since the Holy Bible requires Christians to be intolerance of homosexuality. This is very clear in Romans 1.

Acceptance of the rights of homosexuals to be homosexuals is opposed by the Holy Bible.

Every evangelical Christian who tolerates homosexuality in priniciple in society are sinning against God, because sinning is opposing what God wants in society.

When Adam and Eve ate the “forbidden fruit”, they sinned, because God did not want them to.

To say that tolerating homosexuality is NOT sin is to be an unrepentant sinner, which means that you will go to eternal damnation in Hell, because you are refusing to repent (which is defined as turning away from sin to God!).

Many evangelical Christians in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and other countries will go to eternal damnation in Hell, because they refuse to repent of their sin of tolerating homosexuality.

It is the very tolerance of homosexuality among so-called evangelical Christians that is proliferating homosexuality in society.

In other words, God blames evangelical Christian toleration of homosexuality for proliferation of homosexuality in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and other countries. These evangelical Christians will go to eternal damnation in Hell.

Loving gay people is sin because loving gay people is worse than tolerating gay people. God requires Christians to hate gay people and to ostracize them from society and arrest them by national laws that illegalize homosexuality.

Every evangelical Christian pastor who preaches that Christians should love gay people will go to eternal damnation in Hell because they stand directly against the Holy Bible, which is the Will of God!

Homosexuality is growing like wildfire among evanegelical churches because there are evangelical Christian pastors who have gone away from the Holy Bible, which requires hatred of homosexuals and pushing for Capital Punishment for all homosexuals enforced by national and state laws.

Christians only have to worry about after-life, right?


God gives disease and illness as punishment for sins committed on earth.

The Holy Bible clearly shows that even though God forgave King David for his sins of committing adultery with Bathsheba, his son (love child) was killed by God as divine punishment.

Also, God took peace away from King David and allowed his son to rise up against him, so that even though King David was king, he had to run from the law.  King David feared for his life as he ran.

God punishes on this earth for the sins you commit on this earth, even though you are forgiven for your sins.

God is fair.  God is just.  God always punishes for sin, even though He forgives you for them.

Otherwise, God will not be fair.

If a girl remains a virgin all her life until marriage and has sex only with her husband until she dies, it would be unfair for her if God does not punish women who have lots of pre-marital sex, even though God will forgive them for their sins.

God forgives, but every sin will be punished on this earth by God.  God is just, and God will give the punishment He sees fit.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of wrong teachings there that is not based on the Bible.  See the video below:

This is a good example of a lot of human thoughts to change the literal meaning of the Bible.  Human ideology (theology) trying to make things sound logical, unfortunately, often go away from the Bible.

Bible says that God punishes for sin, and the Bible is right.

No amount of human mumble-jumble will change that.