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Does the existence of even one self-declared homosexual child mean that God is taking His blessing away from that community?

Yes, Romans 1 clearly shows that homosexuality is a judgment of God, in which God abandons an individual to Satan’s control.

Romans 1 proves that all homosexuals go to eternal damnation in Hell.

All Christians are forbidden to “love gays” or to share the Gospel with homosexuals.

Romans 1 is clear on God’s position against gays and homosexuals.  God hates homosexuals.

Christians who “love gays” are standing in opposition to Romans 1 and the rest of the Holy Bible.

The Word of God is clear that homosexuality is a crime that must be punished with a death penalty issued by a court of law after the criminal (every homosexual) is arrested by the police.

Churches of Jesus Christ must not allow self-declared homosexuals to worship in the sanctuary.

Homosexuals must be excommunicated from the church, which is the House of God.  The Holy Bible is Truth.


Should Christians in the Secret Service and US Federal Agencies be loyal to Christ the King?


The loyalty to Christ the King trumps every other human loyalty.

Every FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, Black Ops, Navy Seals, Special Forces, DEA, local police, state police, Military Police, every other law enforcement agencies on local, state, and federal levels must declare their loyalty to Christ the King and the Holy Bible.

Every Christian must be willing to die of their own free will for Christ and the Kingdom of Christ.