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Is there a place of actual physical suffering where people of non-Christian religions go after death?

Yes, Hell is a physical place.  And people of all non-Christian religions are sent to Hell after death, forever.

Matthew 13:42 clearly states as a fact that there will be crying out from sorrow and gnashing of teeth due to pain in Hell, where there will be eternal hellfire.  Because all humans, dead and alive, are given resurrected bodies at The Judgment Day, they can burn forever without burning up.  The resurrected bodies allow physical pain but are eternal in nature and are incorruptible.

Every Jew who does not accept Jesus Christ as their personal LORD and Savior God will go to eternal damnation in Hell and suffer wailing and gnashing of teeth forever.

It does not matter if the Jew gave billions to charity and helped poor people with all his time and energy.  Only believing in Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior can save a Jew.  Doing good works will not save a Jew.  Jews who do a lot of philanthropy work who do not believe in Jesus will go to eternal damnation in Hell.

All Muslims go to eternal damnation in Hell.  It does not matter how nice or kind a Muslim is.  It does not matter how much peaceful or self-giving a Muslim is.  All Muslims go to eternal damnation in Hell, because the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ.

People of all non-Christian religions in the United States of America will go to a place of physical suffering for ever.  It is a fact.  It does not matter whether they are offended by this or not.  A fact is a fact.  This is what will happen, if Jews and Muslims and people of other religions do not convert to Christianity.  This is simply a fact, like earth is round.

Should Christian millionaires and billionaires run for a political office?

Yes, to them more has been given, more is expected.  Wealthy Christians who love Jesus Christ should deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Jesus Christ.  They should run for a political office to function as an effective disciple of Christ who leads America in the direction of Christ and the Holy Bible.

Jesus Christ was a highly political figure and commented on the politics of His day through His preaching.  Jesus Christ constantly talked about the Kingdom of Christ.  Christ wants wealthy Christians to become involved in politics and direct America back to God and back to the Holy Bible.

Christians should strive to become wealthy for the glory of Christ.  And wealthy Christians should use their money to advance Christ and the Holy Bible in the American society and politics.

It is a duty of Christian millionaires and billionaires to use their money to fight homosexuality in society and to overturn pro-gay marriage laws.

Should Christian retired police officers apply for jobs in the Department of Homeland Security?

It is important for senior police officers to hire Bible-believing young people into the police department.

It is important for experienced Christian police officers to apply for US Department of Homeland Security jobs to ensure that there are Bible-believing Christians in leadership positions in the US Department of Homeland Security.

American Bible-believing Christians have to pull their weight for Christ and dedicate their time and energy to making sure that there is a strong Bible-believing Christian presence in the US Department of Homeland Security.

Being a faithful disciple of Christ Jesus is not just going to church on Sunday morning.  Being a true disciple of Jesus Christ is being the salt and the light of the world.  What does this mean?  It means that you as a true disciple of Christ provide a Christian presence in the world.  This includes important US government agencies, such as the US Department of Homeland Security.  In other words, your working for the US Department of Homeland Security as a Christian is being a witness for Christ.

Voting for a Christian elected official is important.  But Christ Jesus needs more than your votes.  Christ Jesus needs your loyalty and willingness to sacrifice yourself to provide a strong Christian presence within the US Government agencies.  This is the part you can play in being the salt and light in the United States of America.

Is Jesus Christ really your “All in All”?  Then, prove it.  Apply for jobs in US Department of Homeland Security and other US Government agencies and provide a strong Christian presence for the glory of God.  Are you all words?  Or, do you really mean it, when you say that you love Jesus Christ and that you will give your life to Christ?

Is loving God more important than loving people?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day, people often think about loving other human beings.  But, sometimes, people forget that the most important love that Christians are supposed to have is for God.  In fact, loving God is far more important than loving other human beings.

Loving God is the greatest commandment.  Loving others is the second great commandment.  Loving God trumps loving humans, including your wife, children, parents, friends, etc.

It is important to be loyal to Christ.

Should my love of Jesus cause me to vote a certain way in elections?

Love is important.

Love can conquer all.

For someone who has experienced the love of Jesus, it is important to show gratitude for that love.

One way that a true Christians shows his or her love for Jesus is by voting for a politician who respects Jesus Christ and is willing to follow Jesus Christ in his or her political decisions.

Bible is the Word of God that politicians should follow.  Donald Trump wants to honor Jesus and the Word of God.  Therefore, you should vote for Donald Trump.


Will African-American pastors who tell their church members to vote Democrat go to Hell?

What do you think?

What does the Democratic Party stand for?

What do Democratic politicians emphasize?

Democratic politicians are abandoning the Bible for their “Democratic Party” ideology of supporting homosexuals.

Tim Kaine is a good example of how so-called Christians in the Democratic Party are flipping over to the Dark Side and opposing the Bible.

If Tim Kaine becomes the Vice President, then you can be sure that he will use his office to make sure that the Christian church kneels at the foot of the Democratic Party ideology pushing homosexuality.  His own words….

Do other democracies pay for Christianity in society?


Every European country (England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Holland, etc.) use tax dollars from their citizens to pay for Christian programs.

This is because the majority of the citizens are Christians.  So, logically, taxes paid for by the majority of the citizens should pay for programs that the majority are involved with and value.

Should Christians boycott and besmear musicians who support gay rights?


If Musicians want to attack Christian morality and boycott states that support God’s morality and the Bible, then Christians are obligated to boycott those musicians and music groups and bad-mouth those music groups in social media.

Christian youth should work to destroy music groups that support homosexuality so much that they will make a public statement or boycott Christian-majority states that oppose homosexuality.

The Power of the People can stand against pro-homosexual musicians and music groups and destroy them.

Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world!

If young Christians love Jesus Christ and the Bible, then they must pro-actively work to destroy musicians and music groups that support homosexuality and transgender people.

This is the will of God in Christ for you and your future.

God chose you to be loyal to Him and the Bible.  You owe God!

Should taxes be used to provide Christian culture for children of USA?


In a democracy, the majority rules.  The majority of American citizens are Christians.  African-American Christians.  Hispanic Christians. Asian Christians.  Asian Christians.  Christians of all ethnicity and backgrounds.

Thus, taxes paid to the US government should be used to maintain and promote Christian culture in the United States of America.

Democracy is that the majority rules.

People have the power.  People should rule.  Not a few elitist politicians who keep using the excuse of “separation of church and state” to disenfranchise the majority of the American people, who are Christians.  The Founding Fathers never intended for Christianity to be disenfranchised and destroyed by the US government.  This is clear in the Christian language that each of the Founding Fathers used.

It is important for Christians in the USA, who are the majority, to assert their right to direct US government and US policies.

Christians in America must take back the power that was stolen by corrupt politicians bent on de-Christianizing America.

Will Hispanics in America be punished by God if they support pro-Gay Marriage politicians?

Hispanics are the largest minority in the United States of America – far greater in number than African-Americans.

Two of the top presidential candidates in the Republican Party are Hispanics:  Cruz and Rubio.

God is beginning to bless Hispanics, because many Hispanics have left the Roman Catholic Church and became “born-again” Christians. In fact, in every city in the United States of America, Spanish-speaking evangelical Christian Hispanic churches are abundant.

Hispanic evangelical Christian churches are decided anti-homosexuality and anti-gay marriage.  Sermons against homosexuality can be widely heard in Spanish-speaking churches.

Thus, God has blessed the Hispanics.  There is a real possibility that the next president can be Hispanic.  Right now, Cruz and Trump are tied in some states.

Anti-homosexuality movements in the cities may rise most strongly from Hispanic evangelical churches.  It is possible that God wants to use evangelical Hispanics to overturn the liberalism of American cities and the liberalism of the Irish and Jewish Democratic circles that push gay marriage laws and abortion in cities.

Pro-Gay Marriage Laws have made many Hispanic Christians and Christians who have been Democrats to reconsider supporting the Democratic Party.

It is possible that Black Christians and Hispanic Christians will surprise everyone in 2016 and vote for Cruz or Trump, BECAUSE they oppose gay marriage and want to submit to the Bible.

Bible is clear that homosexuality should be illegalized and homosexuals should be arrested by national law and executed under capital punishment.

When you see white preachers like Joel Osteen being weak on homosexuality and gay marriage, you can see why Houston, Texas, has a homosexual mayor (Houston is where Osteen’s church is).

Joel Osteen needs to submit to the Word of God and be bold and brave for Christ.  Joel Osteen needs to preach against homosexuality as St. Paul did.

Bible is the Word of God, and it is important for followers of Christ to submit to the Word of God.

Until white preachers become more bold on preaching against homosexuality and gay marriage laws from the pulpit, God will continue to take jobs away from white Christians and decrease the health and well-being of white Christians.

White Christians will become slaves of others if they do not submit to the authority of the Bible and call for illegalization of homosexuality and arrest of homosexuals as criminals.

According to the Bible, homosexuals must be excommunicated and not allowed in Christian worship services.

Homosexuals must be arrested and executed by capital punishment and national law.  This is the will of God.