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Should Christians attack Jews in media, like Charlie Rose, and push them out of positions of influence?

Yes, Jews in media use their title of journalists to try to destroy Christianity in America.

Jewish journalists have declared a very public war on Christianity and the Holy Bible in America.

Jewish journalists push gay marriage, transgender rights, and attack the Holy Bible.

It is time that true Christians in America attack these hypocritical Jewish journalists who are dedicated to destroying Christianity and acting as if they are righteous.

Jews in media constantly attack Christians, Christianity, and Jesus Christ.  It is shameful that Christians in America do not show loyalty to Christ and attack back.

Is that what you would do if your wife or child were attacked?

Obviously, you do not love Jesus Christ that much and that is why you do nothing when Jews attack Christianity and good Christians, like Roy Moore.

It is important for Christians all over America in every industry and every walk of life to expose Jews for what they are:  hypocrits who want to destroy Christians and Christianity in America.

Prominent Jews like Charlie Rose attack Christians while acting like they are self-righteous.

This is like the Pharisees and the Sadducees attacking Jesus Christ in the New Testament!  Nothing has changed!

When Jews talk about “social justice”, they mean “destroy Christianity!”

That explains the hypocritical attacks on good Christian Roy Moore, who is running to become a US Senator in the state of Alabama.  The journalists accusing Roy Moore are hypocrits!

Christians must stand up for Jesus and followers of Jesus who want to make Jesus known in America.

Is the liberal, pro-Muslim media financed by oil-rich Muslims?

Money talks.

Did you ever ask why CNN is so pro-Islam and pro-Muslim?

There is a reason for everything.  Isn’t it strange that in light of all the Muslim immigrants to the USA (legal immigrants) attacking America’s cities and Christian Americans through Islamic terrorism that CNN and other TV channels protect Islam and Muslim immigration?

What is causing this irrational behavior on the part of the media?

That is because Arab Oil Money (AOM) owns large stocks of America’s wealthy companies, so that Arabs can pressure these “American” companies to be pro-Muslim in their policies and push pro-Muslim immigration.

In other words, money talks.

Arab Oil Money (AOM) has corrupted American politicians and American companies to protect Muslim interests around the world and Muslim interests in the USA.

Megyn Kelly of FOX News is a proof of what is wrong with America’s media.

A lot of people in positions of power are corrupted by Muslim oil money, including some so-called church leaders.

Here’s a rap commentary on Arab money:

Arab money is controlling many of America’s institutions, such as the media (which is private company owned by many Arab oil wealthy Muslims).

Unfortunately, CNN and Fox News are bought and paid for, and they will push the interests of the people who own them (who are their bosses!)

Arab oil money is influencing all 50 United States, right now, and certainly has a strong hold of Establishment Politicians (EP), both in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.  That is why everyone is so pro-Islam!

Money talks.