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Why are Jews trying to paint US President Donald Trump as crazy?

Jews are trying to paint US President Donald Trump as crazy.

Jill Stein, who ran for US President through the Green Party against Donald Trump, has parents who were descended from Russian Jews.  Jill Stein grew up in Reform Judaism household, and she considers herself an agnostic Jew, now.

Jill Stein claims that Donald Trump has a mental problem.  She is a medical doctor with a MD degree from Harvard University Medical School, so she can claim that it is her professional medical opinion regarding Donald Trump.  In the real world, Jill Stein could probably have Donald Trump committed through medical channels….

Al Franken also grew up in Reform Judaism household and is a Jew.  Franken is a Democratic Senator from Minnesota.  And Franken also tries to paint Donald Trump as crazy, but Franken does so in an underhanded way, trying to make it sound like Republican Senators think Donald Trump is crazy.  Such is the gossip mill.

Now, Kentucky’s first Jewish Congressman, John Yarmuth (Democrat) is claiming that Donald Trump is mentally ill.

Claiming that Donald Trump has mental problems is a below-the-belt attack that many conservative Christians in the USA suffer at the hands of liberals.

Many Jews in the New Testament thought that Jesus Christ was crazy and dangerous.

Jesus Christ was hated because He spoke the Truth.  Many people who speak the Truth were hated throughout history.  And this is the case with Donald Trump.

It is because US President Donald Trump speaks the truth about the Muslim problem, you have people in New York saying, “I am a Muslim!”

See the New York City mayor say, “I am a Muslim!”  Is this what you want for your children?  Do you want people to follow the New York Mayor and start saying, “I am a Muslim!”?  Is this the kind of America you want for yourself and your kids?

So, Christianity should be silenced in American public places and Islam voices raised in America’s public places?  Is this what you want for yourself and your children?  Is this the America that you love?



Is it wrong to allow abortion to be legal when you personally think it is murder?

Abortion is either murder or it is not.  It cannot be both.

Abortion is murder.  Abortion is killing babies.

Killing babies cannot be “human rights”.  But unfortunately, many people in the United States of America throw the words “human rights” around for all kinds of things, which really have nothing to do with “human rights”.

Abortion is killing of babies.  Abortion is murder.  Abortion is not human rights.

There are people, even politicians, who say, “I believe abortion is murder, but I don’t want to illegalize it.”

Sometimes, women politicians (even Republicans) do not want to illegalize abortion, because they themselves had abortion before or because they are weak, due to influence by secular feminism.

But true Christian women must support illegalization of abortion because it is murder.  You cannot justify killing of babies with the phrase, “human rights for women”.  Is it okay for women to kill babies because they committed the sin of adultery and had sex before marriage?

If you use that argument, society’s crime rates will proliferate.

And that is what is happening.  Crime rates are rising in the USA.  When people throw around words like “human rights” to justify abortion (killing babies), then that sets a bad example for society.  Others can justify murder for their own reasons in their mind. This is wrong.

It is important to illegalize abortion by law.

Unfortunately, there are women in America, who want to continue to have sex outside of marriage and want to have the option of killing the “unwanted” baby, so that they can have more sex outside of marriage with multiple sex partners.  They call it, “reproductive rights.”

Murder is murder.

Just because you don’t want your own baby, it does not give you the right to kill your own baby.  The daughter that you have now could have been killed by you, if it were inconvenient for your sex life.  How can you face your daughter and say, “I want to have abortion and protect my own reproductive rights”?

A woman who wants to kill her own child has a mental health issue (mental problems).  A woman who kills her child through abortion is capable of killing her children, given the “stressors”.  Women who kill their own children through abortion should be examined for mental illness.