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Will God punish Christians who financially support divorced women and men who married divorced women who are in leadership positions in Christian organizations?

Yes, God will punish those who financially support remarried divorced women or men who married divorced women who are in leadership positions of a Christian organization.

No remarried divorced women and no men who married a divorced woman can serve in leadership positions in the Christian church or in Christian organizations.  They must find another kind of job.

Those who donate money to remarried divorced women or men who married a divorced woman (who serve in leadership positions in Christian organizations) are standing against the Kingdom of Christ and His Righteousness, because Jesus Christ explicitly forbade marrying a divorced woman.

Christ will personally punish every Christian who knowingly contributes money to remarried divorced women and men who married divorced women who refuse to step down from Christian organization leadership positions.

Do you really want to suffer a financial loss or early death through health complications (divine punishment!) because you refuse to submit to the rule of Christ the King, who is the Creator of this world and who controls the activity of every bacteria in the world?

Christ Jesus Himself forbade marrying a divorced woman in the New Testament!  There is no ambiguity for what Christ expects of you!

Is it important to purge Christian churches and Christian organizations of leadership by divorced women and men who married divorced women?

It is absolutely important to purge every Christian organization, including Christian welfare organizations, Christian social services organizations, Christian schools, Christian colleges, Christian psychological services, Christian counseling services, Christian humanitarian services, and Christian churches of leaders who are divorced or married a divorced women.

For Christ Jesus, marrying a divorced woman is sexual immorality (“adultery”), so those who married divorced women cannot serve in leadership position in any Christian organization!

It is important for Christian church members and Christians in any Christian organizations to purge from leadership anyone who is divorced or has married a divorced women.

This is expected by Jesus Christ in the Age of Grace, who provided the New Testament church with the explicit instruction!

Not purging Christian organizations of divorced women leadership and male leaders who married divorced woman represents sexual immorality (“adultery”) prolferation that angers God.  God will act and punish such “Christian” organizations who are “stiff-necked” and oppose the specific and explicit instructions of Jesus Christ for the Age of Grace!

Should evangelical Christians make alliances with Jews in America?

No.  Absolutely, not!  Jews killed Jesus Christ.  The New Testament is emphatic on this point.  Every Gospel book emphasizes that Jews are guilty of plotting to kill Jesus Christ and also having succeeded in killing Jesus Christ.

Why would every book in the Gospels emphasize that Jews killed Jesus Christ if it were not the truth?  It is a fact that Jews killed Jesus Christ.  This fact is so important to God that He emphasized this point in every single Gospel.

The Gospels emphasize that Jews intentionally killed Jesus Christ, and it was not only intentional, but also planned in a very sophisticated way by Jews in religion, politics, the court system, and societal leadership.

Jews are not only guilty of murder of Jesus Christ, Jews are also guilty of conspiracy to commit murder of Jesus Christ.  In fact, Jewish priests of the Jerusalem Temple paid off Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus Christ.

The Gospels of the New Testament emphasize that Jews killed Jesus Christ, so that Christians will not make alliances with Jews.  The Gospel of John is especially emphatic in its warning about Jews.

Christians who make alliance with Jews in America are guilty in the eyes of God, who has made it clear in the New Testament that Jews are murderers of Jesus Christ.  No Christian in America should make alliance with any Jews under any circumstances.

Christians must heed the warning of the Gospels because the Christian Gospel emphasizes what is important for Christians to remember as Gospel Truth.  Read the Gospels for yourself and let God speak to you through the Word of God, which is the New Testament.

Do you think Hurricane Matthew’s flooding of North Carolina is a punishment by God because of tolerance for homosexuality?

Hurricane Matthew has sent flood waters rising in North Carolina.

The name Matthew is significant because it is the first name of the three Synoptic Gospels in the New Testament.  Matthew, in fact, is the first book of the New Testament.

Gospel of Matthew is used to emphasize the love of God for those sinners who accept Jesus Christ.

But some have tainted the Gospel of Jesus Christ by saying that homosexuals should be loved.  The Holy Bible considers homosexuality as unnatural and a result of God delivering people over to Satan (Romans 1).  The New Testament commands excommunication for homosexuals.  In other words, homosexuals should not be “loved” and Christian worship must be forbidden for homosexuals.  Gays are not allowed to worship Jesus Christ in the Christian church.  Churches must do all they must to exclude all homosexuals from worshiping in God’s House.

But when some people say that gays must be loved. They are violating God’s Law.  And some preachers in North Carolina have offended God by trying to “love” homosexuals.  God does not want true Christians to love homosexuals.  Homosexuality must not be tolerated.

God will punish those who want to “love” homosexuals and share the Gospel with homosexuals.  North Carolina Christians must submit to the Word of God and prevent the Gospel from being shared with homosexuals.  Homosexuality must be illegalized by law and homosexuals arrested and executed under capital punishment of North Carolina state law and the law of the United States of America.  This is the Will of God in Heaven.

Every church in North Carolina must preach against gay marriage laws and homosexuality from the Sunday pulpit.  God wants the Word of God preached.  Preaching against homosexuality and gay marriage laws from the pulpit is a Christian duty for Christian clergy.  Non-compliance will be severely punished by God.

God controls the floods.

Blessings belong to the LORD Jesus … as well as punishments.

Vote for Hillary Clinton and her support of gay rights, and see what the God of the Holy Bible will do to your community and family.

Why are so many so-called evangelical preachers insistent of loving gays and sharing Gospel with them?

America’s evangelical Christians are highly compromised.  This is clear in that some so-called evangelical preachers insist on “loving gays” and sharing Gospel with homosexuals, even though the Bible is clear that God does not want them to.

Romans 1 clearly states that homosexuality is not only a crime against God and nature, but also that it is the PUNISHMENT of God.  God “delivered them” unto it.

Thus, no one is allowed by the Holy Bible to preach the Gospel to homosexuals.  The New Testament rule for homosexuals is that every church of Christ must excommunicate (expel) homosexuals from their church and forbid them from fellowship in the church.

Having homosexuals in the church will corrupt the Body of Christ, which Christ does NOT want.

Defiance by some so-called evangelical preachers show that they have actively or passively bowed down to Satan’s rule in America.

For, if they truly were servants of Christ, then they would follow the New Testament and expel homosexuals from their churches and encourage other churches to do the same.

In other words, you can know for sure that someone is not a true servant of Christ if he insists on sharing the Gospels with homosexuals, in defiance of God’s Word.

Does God punish a ethnic group as a people for opposing the Bible?


This is clear.

God completely destroyed the Jewish nation of Israel, because Jews killed Jesus Christ.  This is clear in the New Testament.

Gospels emphasize that Jews killed Jesus Christ, and that God would punish them.

Jesus Christ Himself prophesied that Jews will be killed by God for killing God’s Only Begotten Son.

This prophecy was fulfilled in 70 AD.

God always keeps His promises.

How do you explain American people’s support of Donald Trump from a Christian angle?

American people have a distinctive characteristic.

When people tell them that they can’t do it, then they will do it.

So, when the media tells people not to vote for Donald Trump, the American people will vote for Donald Trump, just because the media told them not to.  This is a way that American people assert their identity.

Some Americans vote for Donald Trump, just to spite the media and media attack of Donald Trump.

Such defiance can be found in Christian history.

Jews of Jesus Christ’s time told Him that He cannot claim to be the Messiah or the Son of God, because it is blasphemy.

Jesus Christ constantly rubbed it in the faces of Jewish religious leaders, just to spite them.

America has a lot of Christians who want to imitate Jesus Christ, so it is not surprising that many of America’s Christians are following the tactics set by Jesus Christ Himself.

Is it necessary to preach from the pulpit that Jews killed Jesus Christ?


The Bible emphasizes this fact.

In fact, it is an integral part of the Gospel.

No Gospel preaching is complete without preaching the emphasis in the Gospels that Jews killed Christ.

This emphasis is constantly reiterated in the Book of Acts and Book of Galatians.

It is necessary (or required by God) for preachers to preach from the pulpit that Jews killed Jesus Christ.

Anyone refusing to preach this Gospel truth from the pulpit is not a true servant of Jesus Christ.

Is there an active Islamicization of the American society?

Go to your nearest mall in your city, and see if there are Christmas decorations.  Is there Christmas tree in the mall?  Is there a Santa to take photos with?  Is there Christmas music playing?

If not, then most likely that mall is owned by a Muslim oil magnet, who is interested in Islamicization of America.  Remember, Osama  bin Ladin was a billionaire from Saudi Arabia (oil money).

Every segment of American society is being subjugated to Islamicization and Judaization, because there are American establishment politicians (both in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party) dedicated to what they call “Religious Tolerance”.

In fact, “Religious Tolerance” has become a byword to give the green light to Islamicization and Judaization of America and America’s public spheres.

America’s Christian churches must be blamed, at least in part, for allowing such Islamicization and Judaization of America to occur.

Does your Methodist preacher preach religious tolerance instead of evangelization and Christian missions?

You see, that’s the problem!

You should replace your pro-Islam, pro-Jewish pastor with someone who is pro-Jesus Christ and pro-Christian America.

Many Christian seminaries in the United States, such as Fuller Theological Seminary and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, are engaged in interfaith dialogue with Muslims and Jews.  These seminaries actively participate in Islamicization and Judaization of America.  Letters must be written to seminary president to protest such participation in Islamicization and Judaization of America.

Politicians, like Marco Rubio, want to allow Muslim terrorists in as “Refugees” because it is the “American thing” to do.  Such politicians, both on the Republican and the Democratic sides, endanger American lives and the lives of your children.  They are participating in the Islamicization of America.

Jesus Christ was not religiously tolerant.  Jesus Christ constantly attacked Judaism as a religion in the New Testament.  Jesus Christ called for the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple and Jewish cities.  Jesus Christ’s prophecies came true in 70 AD.  Jesus Christ is God!

Jesus Christ does not want America to take in Muslim refugees and help increase the number of Muslims in America.  This dilutes Christian America, and that is not want God wants for America.

Any church that supports taking in Muslim refugees are not true churches of Jesus Christ.  You must leave such a church and join a Christian church that supports world Christian missions and Christianization of America.

You don’t go to heaven because you are an “evangelical Christian”.  You go to heaven because you accept Jesus Christ as Savior and LORD.  Jesus Christ was opposed to religious tolerance, so should you be!