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Is it possible for Jesus Christ to Kill 1/3 (34%) of the Christian population in Divine Judgment for opposing the Holy Bible as He did during the Middle Ages with the Black Plague?

Anything is possible with God. And everything is possible with God.

It is clear that God killed 1/3 (34%) of the European population (everyone was baptized and professed to be Christian) in the Middle Ages with the Black Plague.

In other words, God chose to kill 34% of the “Christian” population during the Middle Ages, even though they went to church every Sunday and worshipped God.

God is God of history, which means that history testifies about the Work of God, who is actively engaged in history.

This means that it was God’s Free Will to kill 34% of the Christians in Divine Judgment, because that is what God wanted to do, when Christians went away from the Holy Bible.

It is not very difficult for God the Father to kill 34% of all Christians in the world in Divine Punishment, because all God has to do is mutate one virus, and that can and will kill 34% of the world’s population, such as altered form of a FLU VIRUS.

God controls every virus in the world, and God can choose to kill 34% of all Christians who go to church by using an altered virus for tolerating homosexuality in society.

Read the Bible! God has NO PROBLEM killing believers who oppose God’s Law.

Should Christians be aggressive about forcing out homosexuals from their towns and cities?

Yes, there is a reason why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

God decided to destroy every living thing, including those who toleratated homosexuality, although they did not practice homosexuality themselves.

God hates homosexuals so much that God is willing to punish believers who tolerated homosexuality.

When Lot’s wife looked back at Sodom and Gomorrah, God turned her into a pillar of salt.

God hates homosexuals so much that God does not even want you to look back in pity at God’s destruction of homosexuals in the Acts of God.

Christians in every city and every town in the United States must be very aggressive about pressuring gays, bisexuals, and transgender people out of their towns and cities. lest God’s wrath rains down on them and their children.

Do state politicians who do not stand gainst gay marriage, transgender rights, and homosexuality proliferation anger God?

Yes, God becomes angry at state politicians in state legislatures who do not openly stand against gay marriage, transgender rights, and homosexuality proliferation.

God punishes state legislatures who refuse to oppose gay marriage, transgender rights, and homosexuality proliferation.

It is important for Virginia’s residents to vote against Ralph Northam  (Democrat) who supports gay marriage, transgender rights, and homosexuality proliferation.

Do you think that the death of 4 University of South Carolina athletes in a car wreck is punishment from God?


As you can read from the previous blog posts, God is angry is with South Carolina for several reasons.

Confederate Flag

(1) God does not consider slavery sin, but South Carolina has used slavery to take down the Confederate Flag, and this angers God.  When God calls slavery not sin, all South Carolinians are expected to submit to this New Testament teaching or face the judgment of God.

(2) God does not like the fact that South Carolina does not fight more aggressively against gay marriage laws at the federal level and at the state level.  Silence is guilt, and God will punish South Carolina’s evangelical Christians for their silence or permissiveness about gay marriage laws by killing South Carolina’s evangelical Christians in divine judgment through weather (floods), illnesses (cancer), car accidents, terrorist attacks, mentally deranged criminal acts, etc.  Just read the Bible to see all the ways God punishes those who do not respect God’s Word and God’s Law.  It’s about respect for God.  Respect!

(3) South Caroina’s politicians are publicly standing against the Word of God and this angers God.  God will strike South Carolina’s citizens, until South Carolinians extinguish the politicians who disrespect God and God Word.  Vote them out!  Get them impeached.  Do something!

God killed the four athletes in a car accident (of course, God could have protected their lives!  He is God, after all!), because South Carolina insults God through their silence on homosexuality and gay marriage.

Homosexuals must be arrested and executed.  That is the will of God as explicitly stated in the Word of God.

Until South Carolina complies with God’s Law, expect God to enforce God’s Laws and execute South Carolina’s evangelical Christians and their children in the way God sees fit.

Read the Bible to see the ways God will do this in South Carolina.