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Is it necessary to deploy armed US military personnel to the southern border in order to secure it?

Yes, it is necessary to send armed US Army soldiers to the southern border in order to secure the southern border.

Illegal aliens are entering the United States of America illegally in the southern border, and that is creating serious national security problems for the United States of America.

It is the duty of the US Congress to authorize and send US Army soldiers to the southern border for the purpose of security of the southern border and ensuring that no illegal aliens enter the United States of America, illegally, from the southern border.

If the US Congress beaches its duty to secure the southern border of the United States of America by using US Military soldiers, then the US Congress breaches its duty to US citizens who deserve due diligence to secure the nation’s borders against those who seek to enter the country illegally.

Is opening America’s doors to Muslim immigration an anti-Christian thing to do?

African-Americans in the United States of America are suffering abject poverty in some cities.

It is irresponsible to keep an open door policy to immigration, when the problem of African-American poverty has not been solved.

Many of America’s college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed.

America has a serious problem.  And a part of the reason is that America has an open door immigration policy.  Immigration must be blocked, so that American citizens with college degrees can find jobs.  Bringing foreigner in hurts American citizens.

It is important for America’s courts to block immigration to America, so that the poor, the unemployed, and the underemployed American citizens can live a dignified life.

Do new immigrants threaten jobs for existing American Christians?

Innercities have suffered poverty for decades.  African-Americans and poor whites continue to suffer poverty.

Unfortunately, more people enter the poverty line, every year, as new immigrants flood America’s cities, taking jobs away from poor African-Americans and poor whites.

World has limited resources.

There are limited jobs in cities and towns.

With Free Trade, many of American jobs are going over to China or India, further depriving American citizens of jobs.

The influx of new immigrants is adding to the continued impoverishment of American citizens.

New immigrants come to America’s cities and compete for low-level jobs that many African-Americans need to support themselves financially.

In other words, because of new immigrants, many African-Americans will not have jobs.

There just aren’t jobs for everyone.

Welcoming in Muslims, Hindus, and Jews to new cities in order to “help” them, while allowing descendants of African slaves in the USA to continue to wallow in poverty is irresponsible.

Furthermore, more and more American citizens are entering the poverty line and homelessness as many new immigrants take jobs away from African-American poor and poor whites.

From the Christian perspective, it is a duty of the United States of America government to close immigration in order to help African-American poor and white American citizens on the verge of homelessness.

Helping Muslims, Hindus, and Jews, while neglecting black Christians and white Christians will anger God in heaven.

It is important to block immigration in order to help America’s poor.  This is responsible government that takes care of its citizens.