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What is the Christian Responsibility of Police Officers Who are Ordered to Arrest Christians who oppose Homosexuality?

Unfortunately, the United States of America is becoming Babylon, as it protects killing of innocent unborn children (Roe vs. Wade guarantee to abortion).

The United States of America is proving to be an Evil Empire by aggressing pushing Gay Rights and Transgender Rights, which the Holy Bible condemns unequivocally.

Thus, the Evil Empire that opposes the Holy Bible can and will arrest Christians who follow the Holy Bible, as it was clearly shown in the case of Kim Davis, who is a Christian who opposed Gay Marriage.

What should Christian police officers do when they are ordered by their superiors of “the government” to arrest Christians who oppose homosexuality?

It is necessary according to Christian ethics and morality for Christian police officers to disobey the Civil Authorities (or their superiors who order them to arrest Christians).

When police officers follow their orders and arrest Christians on behalf of the Evil Anti-Christian Empire of the United States of America, these police officers are doing evil in the sight of God of the Holy Bible and they will be judged by God for their actions.

Resisting evil orders of an evil empire, like Babylon, is necessary for all police officers in all 50 states and US territories.

Is it Necessary for Parents of Public School Districts to Oppose Pro-Gay Agenda in their Local Public Schools?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary for parents of public school children to oppose pro-gay agenda of their local public school districts.

Unfortunately, too many educators, today, in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc. have abandoned the Holy Bible and intentionally oppose Bible-based morality.

The Holy Bible is very clear in identifying homosexuality not only as immoral but also as a crime against humanity that must be illegalized.

It is absolutely necessary for Christian churches to push aggressively to illegalize homosexuality by national and state laws.

It is necessary for Christian parents to push to oppose pro-gay agenda in public schools, because Satan is trying to conquer to public school system in America as a way to control America’s children and lead them to eternal damnation in Hell.

In other words, fighting pro-gay trends in the public school districts in your area is fighting for Christ the King.

Are you loyal to Christ the King or are you just giving lip service to how you love Jesus Christ and serve Him as King?

Are you a liar or are you a faithful servant of Christ the King?

Gay Agenda in the public schools must be stopped by all means necessary!

Does God hold Christians responsible for who they vote for?

The United States of America, like many western democracies, is a democracy.  This means that the power to govern rests with the citizens.

In this sense, the citizens are ultimately responsible for what their government does.

Elections are held so that those who disagree can vote against a politician, a party, or laws that they disagree with.

In a sense, it is a way to express your own responsibility before God.

Thus, it is a way to show God that you support God and God’s Will, by voting for a person who will govern the United States of America in the way that God wants the politician to govern the nation.

So, the answer to your question is “YES.”

God does hold you responsible for who you vote for.

If you vote intentionally for those who will push homosexuality onto your children and the population (such as Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders), then you are guilty before God in the way you voted.

You can always write in a political candidate’s name who you think should be voted in, if you do not like any of the politicians.