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Why is God sending “Bomb Cyclone” as an Act of God upon the East Coast of America?

There is a reason for everything…

God is in control, so God knows what He is doing.

God is certainly angry at the United States of America, because the US government continues to tolerate gay marriage and homosexuality, which God hates.

God had killed all living organism in Sodom and Gomorrah because God hates homosexuals and those who tolerate homoexuals.

Bomb Cyclone being experienced in East Coast USA, today, is the result of God showing God’s anger against homosexuality and tolerance for homosexuality.

The Holy Bible shows that God shows anger through weather conditions.

It is important for people to remember that God can always raise up storm or other weather conditions to punish people who do not submit to God’s Law and the Holy Bible.

Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

It is NOT the love of Jesus that is the beginning of wisdom, but rather, it is the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom.

You can love Jesus all you want, but that won’t make you wise.

Fearing Jesus, who is God, will make you wise, according to the Bible.

It is important to remember that God killed many believers in the Holy Bible for not following God’s Law or tolerating homosexuality.

God is same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

It is important to fear the LORD God, because that is what the Holy Bible tells you to do.

Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, not the love of God.

Fear God, because that is what God wants.

God is also sending storms in the East Coast to show His sharing of grief and sadness with Christian believers who are remembering Rev. Billy Graham through his funeral, today.

Why should US President-Elect Donald Trump not pick Mitt Romney for the position of US Secretary of State?

Mitt Romney is a loser.

All of the United States of America knows that Mitt Romney is a loser.  The whole world knows that Mitt Romney is a loser.  Such a loser should not represent the United States of America in the world.  That is simply very embarrassing.  More importantly, Mitt Romney will be ineffective in the world because of his loss to Barack Obama.

MItt Romney is a loser.  That is why it is embarrassing that Trump is even considering Mitt Romney.

Gingrich understands the feelings of those who voted for Trump.

Conway also understands how Trump supporters feel.

Choosing Romney is a betrayal of those who voted for Trump.  That is certain.  And Trump cannot afford to lose his core supporters, who hate Romney.

If Trump picks Romney, then Trump supporters will think of Trump as a loser.

It is important to appoint a Protestant Christian to the US Secretary of State position, because America’s majority is Protestant Christian.

Protestant Christians voted for Trump and expect Trump to put a Protestant Christian in the position of US Secretary of State.

America’s Protestant Christians to represent them.

Protestant Christianity is the strongest unifier in America.

Choosing Romney, who is a Mormon, will anger (literally) American Protestant Christians.

Protestant Christians in the United States of America are united in their anger against disenfranchisement of Protestant Christians from positions of power in America.  Choosing Romney will make America’s Protestant Christians absolutely angry.

Who should be considered to be US Secretary of State?

Former US Senator Frist from Tennessee is a good option.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a good option for the position of US Secretary of State.

There are a lot of Protestant Christians who can be chosen for the position of US Secretary of State.  Choosing a Mormon is an insult to every Christian in America.

All Mormons are going to eternal damnation in Hell, because they reject Jesus Christ as the only God of the world.

Mormonism is a cult and Mormonism must be opposed with a passion by true Bible-believing Christians.  It is important to oppose Mormon rise to power in America.

Mormons are a serious threat to a Christian America.  Mormons want to destroy Bible Christianity.

Choosing a Mormon is a personal insult to all Bible-believing Protestant Christians.